Elvis Presley - It's A Sin Lyrics

It's a sin, my darling, how I love you
Because I know our love could never be
It's a sin to keep this memory of you
When silence proves that you've forgotten me

The dreams I built for us has tumbled
Each promise broken like my heart
It's a sin, my darling, how I love you
So much in love and yet so far apart

I'm sure you're happy with another
Who shares the love I could not win
Why pretend that I can live without you
When deep inside I know that it's a sin

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Elvis Presley It's A Sin Comments
  1. Banjo Paul

    Simply Beautiful...

  2. john buckley

    Fantastic song by a fantastic man,miss you Elvis.

  3. Claudia parish

    Who is on the piano?
    Is that Floyd Cramer?

  4. Blue Moon

    It's a sin Elvis my darling how i love you...

  5. Walter geldof

    This remastered song of the King is unbeatably Amazing !!!

  6. Alan

    A really great song beautifully sung. Taken from the Something for Everybody album, recorded on March 12th 1961 in Nashville.
    Elvis never sounded better than this throughout his entire career.

  7. Anna-Lill Brundin Bogren

    Thank you Love,Love.

  8. Joseph Kane

    Just A Real Beautiful song by Elvis as it does sound so majestic & Beautiful

  9. Daniella דניאלה

    so nice !

  10. TheAmity1234

    Why pretend that I can live without you....

  11. Belmiro Rodrigues

    Excellente, thank you!

  12. June Dobson

    I can't believe what fame did to ELVIS ,it broke my heart when watched is life story ,devil really got hold of him ,when he got fame, it wasn't. What he really wanted ,
    Satan tried to wipe out is spiritual. side but deep down it was their all time , he found to true GOD JEHOVAH, he knows nowJESUS is the SON, thank GOD he's changed, he's putting things right now, 👍🏻💁❤️

  13. TheBestDron

    ит сен!

  14. Alan Dominguez

    Ideal para una velada romantica con mi esposita.

  15. Three'sCompany 9

    a classic twist on the Famous eddy arnold song...wow!

  16. Mary Whicker

    the king will never loose his crown

  17. H Reed