Elvis Presley - In Your Arms Lyrics

Oh, the way I feel tonight
You better wrap me up good and tight
In your arms
In your arms

Just like a bee in a honeycomb
I'm gonna make myself right at home
In your arms
In your arms

Well, it don't take much to keep me satisfied
Just a little bit of lovin' that's bonafide
In your arms keep me tangled up all the time
Like a kitten with a ball of twine

Yeah baby, that's where I want to stay
For the rest of my natural days
In your arms
In your arms

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Elvis Presley In Your Arms Comments
  1. chris h

    Magnificent written for him by his friend Tony rydell

  2. Fabrizio Albanese

    Elvis at his best!

  3. Jude Fernandez

    Woke up at 2 am and listened to this lovely song on my headphones .

  4. Mujer Española

    Era guapisimo 💋 💋 y tenía una voz preciosa, larga vida al 🤴, VIVA Elvis 😘 😘

  5. jytte thagaard nielsen

    A very fantastic wonderful song. Elvis sings formidable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mick Crispin

    Hadn't heard this before. Great song

  7. Stephen Stone

    He had it all, frustrating cos he just oozed class without effort.

  8. Alec Subrayan

    What a wonderful song. No one can sing it like my boy Elvis !

    Jack Gauntt

    i agree