Elvis Presley - Hard Headed Woman Lyrics

Well a hard headed woman,
a soft hearted man
been the cause of trouble
ever since the world began.
Oh yeah, ever since the world began
a hard headed woman been
a thorn in the side of man.

Now Adam told to Eve,
"Listen here to me,
don't you let me catch you
messin' round that apple tree."
Oh yeah, ever since the world began
a hard headed woman been
a thorn in the side of man.

Now Samson told Delilah
loud and clear,
"Keep your cotton pickin' fingers
out my curly hair."
Oh yeah, ever since the world began
a hard headed woman been
a thorn in the side of man.

I heard about a king
who was doin' swell
till he started playing
with that evil Jezebel.
Oh yeah, ever since the world began
a hard headed woman been a thorn in the side of man.

I got a woman,
a head like a rock.
If she ever went away
I'd cry around the clock.
Oh yeah, ever since the world began
a hard headed woman been
a thorn in the side of man.

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Elvis Presley Hard Headed Woman Comments
  1. Steve McCormick

    You have the last two or three verses out of order on this video. Please fix it.

  2. Amoss amos

    Poor my Boy From Tupelo

  3. Adilson Rocha

    Elvis O melhor de todos os tempos...


    women are cunts 😂😂

  5. mavie terre

    Vive le KING !!!!!!!

  6. Tagataro Lian

    what the fuck is this shitsong

  7. VOIP Portland

    MGTOW theme song and so true :)

  8. wild chavy

    Why has it taken me this long to hear this song...one of his best imo ,its got energy fuckin love it. Chucks still the king though

  9. clinxt rblx

    92 heartless people. (People who disliked)

  10. ༺༒ 1999 ༒༻

    โย้ววๆ Thailand yo yo..

  11. Robert Nieten

    Just think within ten years we had Elvis then the Beatles, WOW!

  12. Praveen Bharatwaj

    So much energy!!!! Can't believe they recorded this song more than half a century ago!!!

  13. Vanessa Roberta

    Muito legal 😎😎😎

  14. arthur marshall

    same melody n chords as  blue suede shoes

  15. Alex D

    Breh this is Hardcore

  16. Mattheo B

    I know that joint since I was a kid..thx 4 the lyrics. From France ✌

  17. James

    Upload the whole song, untampered with, or don't bother, POS.

  18. Thou Swell

    great song, but it was tampered with quite a bit here.

  19. Alexander Blau

    This song sounds like blue suede shoes

  20. Grainy Gaming Or

    King don't give a fuck!

  21. Arthur pierval


  22. arif koc

    Elvis lebt

  23. Lümmelmann

    Thanks, I'm from Germany and never really understood the lyrics of this great song ;)

  24. jeb stuart

    great song,elvis is king!

  25. Annika Jansen

    “Keep your cotton picking fingers out of my curly hair” I believe is a reference to a story in the Bible since a lot of these lyrics are also from the Bible.

    Master Kota

    Annika Jansen Yeah it is. 1. Adam and Eve 2. Samson and Delilah 3. King Ahab and Jezebel. It’s pretty obvious especially when he starts with Adam and Eve.

  26. Tina Houlihan

    he's aliiiiive

  27. alex arolas garcia

    Esta buena canción de ELVIS PRESLEY la canto en el año 1958

  28. ForTruth NotError

    I love the Adam and Eve and the Samson and Delilah part

    Thou Swell

    hey women have been the thorn in the side of man since time immemorial   lol

  29. Anastasija

    long live rock n' roll

  30. KROSY 8

    Yes yes best rockenrol

  31. Monishka Agrawal

    why am I dancing?

  32. patrick odell

    long tall Sally?

    Luan Neres

    patrick odell nada a ver pqp

  33. ElvisFanFreak #ElvisRoxx

    This is catchy I love this

  34. Justine Born

    *** "Hard Headed Woman?"
    It does exist? Ça existe?
    Ya ! I know ONE ! Wi ! J'en connais UNE !

  35. steve craven

    simply the best rock on elvis

  36. TheSmithChannel

    great song just to good love this song awesome sounds good

  37. thepuma2012

    somethings wrong with this version. short parts missing

  38. פיקס פון 054-9490940


  39. hasna hasna

    The king still the king and he will still allways thé king

  40. Laura Merétei

    elveszett a botom igen :D

  41. Zen O'Fobe

    So where's the last verse, hmm?

  42. Asia Granberry

    this is my favorite song

  43. Mari260798

    Amo esta música ❤️

  44. ?d? ?

    wow ...super.

  45. D GOldman

    Jennie Larsson I was crazy bout you Hard headed woman........ singing this every home room since 7th grade!!!!

  46. Dan D. Dirges

    do we have a live version anywhere?


    +Dan D. Dirges unfortunately, no

  47. W103WWRW

    Elvis did Wanda Jackson proud !


    who is that?

    ruben paiz

    ...and they inturn did Claude_DeMetrius good.

    Master Kota

    W103WWRW Elvis’s version came out first... so I think you mean “Wanda did Elvis Presley proud!”

  48. Tanapat Khamwan

    YeaHHH !!!!

  49. Ary M

    Anyway you look at it, badass Elvis sings it just perfectly.

    I do not even know anything

    I never knew he sang rap as well...

  50. Wacey Preston

    happy birthday king of rock

  51. Laila Visesio


  52. weetjes over alles

    good old times but exually i am 13 so i like this music pritty weird but dont carre i love it

  53. Joseph Reyes


  54. skalongaable

    Even though the lyrics are sexist, I still love the song.

    Jade A

    Er, because it says that women are the downfall of men? :/

    ElvisFanFreak #ElvisRoxx

    It's a song, deal with it 😆

    Jade A

    I have no need to "deal with it". It's just a fact that it's got sexist themes. A lot of art does. I'm not losing sleep over it, and in fact I like the song.

    ElvisFanFreak #ElvisRoxx

    Mhm, good for you

    Thou Swell

    just cause it's sexist doesn't make it any less true   haha

  55. DummDieDaDumm

    Gruß aus Bayern   !!   Ich liebe  es !!!!

  56. Soulman

    All thumbs up !!!

  57. Haggis

    This is not the original hit record. The final verse is omitted (though the lyrics are printed) and instead one verse is repeated 3 times.

    David Barnett

    Yup, this song has been sliced and diced. It it NOT the original recording. Look elsewhere to find the upload of the actual song. I am disappointed.

  58. Francis Reiner

    Hi fans and friends, that's real big, bravo, ciao Francis Reiner

  59. Rinaldi Abdullah


  60. May- chan

    two times the king??

  61. Char Lower Soprano

    The Pistol Annies brought me here. :)

  62. john gibson

    thumbs up if your here because of conan

  63. john gibson

    only reason i looked this song up xD

  64. Pepito Kawazaki

    i love conan o'brien cover of this song

  65. 1wolfiesLady

    amazinnnng ! <3 the king ! <3 ROCK IT

  66. König Ludwig

    Finally found the thorn and pulled it out - :-)

  67. Bolanboogie100

    The greatest ROCK & ROLL singer EVER!!! Sorry .. The GREATEST SINGER EVER!! :))

  68. seychelles robinson lavalle

    alguien sabe como desactivar el ruido molesto de los dados o un bebe llorando? gracias.

  69. Orlando Medina


  70. pickabolts Lp


  71. König Ludwig

    I'm 71 y.o. - for 50 y. married - o.m.G. - he's sooo right!
    But I love my good old woman ! And I love Elvis and his songs - he's the greatest for us !

  72. Kristofer Rose

    How are there comments from 9 months ago when it was only uploaded 2 months ago?

  73. ScottishCCRfan

    I have a request buddy!
    Can you upload some of the real good ol' swinging rock n' roll Elvis tracks similar to this and the likes of Promised Land etc?
    much appreciated!

  74. Jesterbunny

    ..JUST based on the picture, I can tell, Bruno mars is trying to copy elvis, and doing a bad job at it.

  75. Ice Cube

    oooooooooo yeah


    im not 4 rocknroll but elvis is speciel ;)

  77. zSpiidey

    @Elvis77Channel Suck a deek

  78. SweetLilith91

    I must concede I'm pretty hard-headed and I fucking love this song anyways xD

  79. Dergie14

    Song repeats self in end, soundtrack messed up.