Elvis Presley - Give Me The Right Lyrics

Give me the right
To hold you tonight
The tears that I've cried over you
Give me the right

You can't say no
When I need you so
I want you back in my arms
Give me the right

If you looked deep in your heart
Like I looked into mine
You'll find that nothing has changed
Our love was there all the time

Why make me plead
For something you need
I want to bring back the thrill
Give me the right
Give me the right

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Elvis Presley Give Me The Right Comments
  1. Greg Amerson

    Man ok ELVIS could b red hot n blue when he wanted to couldn't he my boy was something else

  2. Norman Moss

    So versatile, so different - no one can get anywhere near to his magic. The girls swoon over this man and men respect him without any jealousy of fear, as near to perfection as one can get!

  3. bernadette primault

    un vrai régal la voix d'Elvis magnifique

  4. Yolanda Montes

    WOW this song is sexy❤❤

  5. Charles Honig

    Great Blues Ballad from The King.

  6. Gunvor Ejergård

    excellent, superb and outstanding

  7. Bile Trajkovska


  8. Yolanda Montes

    WOW this song is sexy I'm sure glad my parents took me to see him in Person I got a kiss and a Scarf, WOW what a kiss I'll never forget❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Susan K Burrow

    Pure Gold What A Voice what a man

  10. Ehdh Hdsj

    Elvis e unico cantante che ti stucc quando cante

  11. Susan K Burrow

    What A Song What A Man

  12. Paul Joseph

    Smoking hot. Love blues tune. Not a hit?

  13. wickedfirefly13

    Ooohhh, pretty Elvis, pretty voice.. best! I love Elvis Presley! Nice video, thank u!

  14. Ethna Mccallion

    Wow what a sexy voice elvis had he was so gorgeous love looking at him ☓ 💜 ❤️ 2019 still listening to this beautiful man forever x ☓ 💜 ❤️

  15. Anna-Lill Brundin Bogren

    Thank you for nice sång.

  16. Brian Vetter

    Yoooooouu cant say nooooo!! I want you back iiinn my arms!!

  17. Diane Hayse

    Nope I couldn't say,no. Because I love you Mr. Voice. You are so very awesome. They said,I was trying to win you with compliments. Why wouldn't I tell you how great you are,love does that. Just so you know.....

  18. bonnie benini

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm babydoll... love you....

  19. stephen stone

    His voice was amazing during this era, he sang with feeling, emotion and passion. Incredible vocalist and entertainer. Brilliant😎

  20. Brian Vetter

    My new fav elvis song!!gimme the right .to to cool

  21. Brian Vetter

    Give me the right dam ,just melts me ! All the sounds are a1. Blues sexy, just killin here!

    bonnie benini

    yes oh god....would rape him ..lol.....

  22. bonnie benini

    Must of been awful to love him ...and have to let go.....

  23. carolyn adkins

    Great Song / He knocks all music out of the park.Never will be another Elvis.

  24. bonnie benini


  25. Sherri Owens

    I like this one

  26. Yolanda Montes

    WOW that voice wish I could've been with him❤❤

  27. Yvonne Mcwilliams

    This song is a masterpiece perfection all the way he could sing the bluesy ones standing on his head he was born to sing like that and wow he was out standing the man that made a difference and he did . Elvis for ever and always love him and miss him the King of music 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢👑👑👑👑💔💔💔💔💔💔💓💞💘💘💘💔💔👑👑🎸🕯

    Greg Amerson

    Yvonne that was one helluva tribute cool on u baby

  28. Mona Gaw

    Elvis knows how to sing every word so beautifully with the soft touch voice, high pitch voice and the strong voice he delivers it all perfectly

  29. Yvonne Mcwilliams

    How this wasn't a hit I will never know it's perfect fantastic song by Elvis there's a few more I think should have been hit s for him .He definitely was something Special . His singing was breathtaking and so was he such an adorable person he had the world at his feet Iam so glad I lived through the Elvis years he was magnificent I will never forget him the man that changed the world over night. The King forever and always 👑👑👑😢😢😢❤️❤️❤️💘💘🌏🌏💔💔

    Greg Amerson

    N I thought yr other post was awesome

  30. Sherri Owens

    I want to slow dance

  31. michael payne

    only elvis could deliver it this way and no one can sing blues as good as he at that time in the early sixties. he was dynamite singing this type of material.

  32. Mona Gaw

    The king at work wow love his voice and the backup and video thank you so much

  33. Yvonne Mcwilliams

    Elvis was the most handsomest man I have ever seen in my life stunning ♥️♥️♥️♥️💘💘

  34. Yvonne Mcwilliams

    Wonderful video and song I love it The King forever and always love you and miss you always 👑👑👑♥️♥️💔💔


    Thank you Yvonne...Elvis forever !

  35. Yolanda Montes

    WOW that voice is so dam sexy♡♡

  36. Mona Gaw

    One of my favorite song Elvis is the very best of ALL.

  37. Dawn Lovett

    The best long live the King

  38. Anna Vismara

    Mi spiace di non aver potuto vedere i tuoi video prima di ora Sono bellissimi a che la scelta delle canzoni e' perfetta Ciaoooo


    Ciao Anna, benvenuta sul mio canale....sei molto gentile e le tue parole mi hanno fatto tanto piacere....sai, è una soddisfazione perché a fare questi video ci vogliono molto tempo e pazienza....grazie mille e buona serata !

  39. Rita Vagni

    Meravigliosi voceunicaindienticabile

  40. Dawn Lovett

    I ABSOLUTELY love Elvis presley

  41. Marie Sullivan

    Francis stop acting like your Gloria

  42. Angela Grey

    Beautiful song so romantic

  43. Suzanne Parker


  44. Jacques Labrèche

    Je suis un animateur Elvis Presley j'ai aimé cette chanson.

  45. Jacques Labrèche

    Très belle chanson Meilleur chanteur au monde

  46. Londie Montez

    this is a very sexy song I would've loved to have elvis sing it too me. Elvis sounds great he could sing any song♡♡♡


    Thank you for your nice comment !

    bonnie benini

    mmmmm yes....

  47. şebnem özfırat


  48. tommi tom

    the king forever


    +tommi tom Yes..the King forever...thanks !

  49. Michael Chacon

    The one and only King..


    +Michael Chacon Yes...thank you !

    Nunquam Non Paratus

    Yes Jesus Christ Our Lord King Of The Universe.

  50. Londie Montez

    Love this song Elvis voice is very sexy. I love the picture of him and Priscilla. always an Elvis fan♡♡♡


    +Londie Montez Thank you very much for your nice comment....Elvis forever !

  51. tommi tom

    the king forever


    +tommi tom Yessss...Tommy....forever !! Thank you !

  52. Stephen Stone

    Another mesmerising tune, this guy had it all. brilliant song, his voice during this period of 60-61 was untouchable he'd matured into a different style from the 50 's and exploded from the army with a new feeling to his music that was fresh and different to anything else at the time


    +Stephen Stone    Just read your comment. I like what you wrote. It is well said. I agree with you. Rock on.

  53. Julien Vermierdt

    Beautiful Song

  54. motomichi okura

    One of my 429 favorites.  Mine is LP.

    Ashley Gonzalez

    motomichi okura again

    Greg Amerson

    @Ashley Gonzalez oh hell yeah mr 429 himself gotta b some kind of savate

  55. chris broach

    He never lost
    that voice


    Thank you Chris for your comment....Elvis....wonderful voice !

    kevin lizotte

    And never willl lose that million dollar voice amen

    Nunquam Non Paratus

    His Voice Got Stronger As He Got Older.

  56. StevenC304

    Does anyone know who is singing the high vocals at the start of this song?  Thanks


    Hello Steven, I'm sorry, but I do not know.

    David Hambrick

    +StevenC304 Millie Kirkham. She passed away last year I believe but you can Google her name and read all about her.

  57. StevenC304

    Elvis is the best. Period.  Wonderful song and probably the best backup vocals ever.  Thanks.


    Thank you, Steven, for your nice comment...enjoy your day !


    thanks to all of you.  I love music.  I really like the love songs by Elvis.  Have a great day.

    Johann Werkmeister

    weis ich seit 60 jahren

  58. Lorenzocrown

    Beautiful song and video very enjoyable Gloria.


    Hi Lorenzo.....thank you for your beautiful comment.....enjoy your day !

  59. Willy W

    Awesome video and song 


    Thank you Willy for your beautiful comment...have a great week !

  60. Elvis Mioveni

    love it


    Thank you for your comment !

  61. Fabrizio Agostinelli

    Glorianna, questa non la conoscevo, un brano puro stile rock anni 60, come piace a me, con le terzine , il coro (sono i Jordaneires  ?). Ancora grazie per queste chicche.


    Grazie, Fabrizio, per questo tuo bel commento, mi ha fatto molto piacere.....sì, posso confermarti che il coro sono i Jordanaires, bravissimi anche loro assieme a Elvis !

  62. MsMoodyBlue

    Love this song!


    Thank you for your nice comment !

  63. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Gyönyörű ez a dal, nagyon szeretem hallgatni, csodálatosak a képek, köszönettel Klára.


    Kedves Clare, nagyon köszönöm a szép hozzászólást, engem nagyon boldog!

  64. Ana Huhn

    SUPER VIDEO... DER KING ELVIS ...Vielen Dank

    Chris Saasen



    @Ana Huhn Thank you very much, Ana ! 


    @Chris Saasen Thank you for your nice comment ! 


    Danke, Ana, für Ihren netten Kommentar ... ja, es ist wirklich Elvis der König!


    @sofiane badr- Thank you very much ! 

  65. LaraRicki Jack



    Sehr geehrte Danica, ich danke Ihnen sehr für Ihren Besuch in meinem Kanal und für Ihre netten Kommentar, ich war sehr zufrieden .... gute Woche!

  66. pietro pacini

    Questa bellissima canzone era parcheggiata in un angolo del mio cervello grazie Glorianna di averla riportata in superficie, mi ha fatto molto piacere riascoltarla e ricordare i bei tempi dell'adolescenza. La tua scelta non poteva essere migliore evidenziata anche dalle belle immagini e dagli effetti del tuo video. Two thumbs up !!!


    Che bel commento, Pietro, naturalmente mi fa molto piacere se i miei video riportano alla mente i dolci ricordi della nostra gioventù......non è facile riuscire a stupire un esperto di musica 50/60 quale sei tu....grazie mille per il tuo gradimento !

    Fabrizio Agostinelli

    eccezionale brano del grande Elvis, io che, pensavo di conoscere tutte le canzoni rock degli anni 60, chiedo venia e ringrazio Glorianna, e che bel sound puilito e nitido


    @Fabrizio Agostinelli Ancora grazie, Fabrizio, per l'attenzione che hai dedicato a questo mio video.....è sempre un grande piacere riascoltare il "Re" in tutte le sue stupende interpretazioni ! Buona serata !  

    Effie Lee

    face book

    Effie Lee

    fA ce book