Elvis Presley - Gently Lyrics

Gently your eyes met mine
Tender, trusting, true
Gently your hand took mine
Thrilled me through and through

Gently, oh so gently
Gentle as the dawn
Gently, oh so gently
Our true love was born

Gently your lips kissed mine
As we strolled along
Gently your heart touched mine
Young and warm and strong

Gently the hour is near
When true loves have to part
Gently we'll meet again
One more kiss, sweetheart

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Elvis Presley Gently Comments
  1. Cathy Chamberlain

    This is the song I walked down the aisle to on my wedding day!

  2. collette bellpainter

    Still got the LP

  3. kelly wallace

    How does he sing in such a way that you almost melt lol. Every time I go all gooey when Elvis sings songs like this.

  4. singh 99

    As an Elvis fan , I wrongly thought I had listened to all his songs . I came to hear Gently only
    a week ago . I was astounded with the depth of his emotion .
    It is another gem .

  5. Tracey Hayward

    Oh so gently sang .thanks for a lovley share and pics .

  6. ssteph123

    Beautiful song and great video

  7. litriark

    Thanks .this song Elvis Always ,carry in my heart .

  8. motomichi okura

    One of my 429 favourites. This is in my old LP SHP-5008 Something For Everybody.  So I am old at 72.

  9. Amarildo Oliveira

    Esta musica marcou o meu coraçao

  10. KK Productions

    This is just like me and billy. Our love is so sweet and gentle and we love each other with all our hearts

  11. MsMoodyBlue

    Beautiful Such a sweet song!

  12. pattarasila kantamara

    Elvis beautiful song. One of my faves. Great video too. Thanks for this great share my friend.

  13. RuthTCB

    Love this wonderful Elvis song and your video is fabulous! :) Many stars & Faved. Hugs, Ruth

  14. Mr. A.P

    Great song Elvis & upload *********

  15. Raffi Arto