Elvis Presley - (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care Lyrics

You don't like crazy music.
You don't like rockin' bands.
You just wanna go to a movie show,
And sit there holdin' hands.
You're so square.
Baby, I don't care.

You don't like hotrod racin'
Or drivin' late at night.
You just wanna park where it's nice and dark.
You just wanna hold me tight.
You're so square.
Baby, I don't care.

You don't know any dance steps that are new,
But no one else could love me like you do, do, do, do.

I don't know why my heart flips.
I only know it does.
I wonder why I love you, baby.
I guess it's just because
You're so square.
Baby, I don't care.

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Elvis Presley (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care Comments
  1. J D

    King ♔ of 😎. Cool

  2. Don Buck

    Why did Elvis have a sweater on at this pool party, because he was so cool and it kept him warm.LOL. It didn't last too long 4 him, 10yrs later his record was Clambake, which I have. The movie is even worse. I think people from the 60s didn't like Elvis because he sucked after 1958 but he was cool 4 about 5 years.Then it went all downhill. No matter, this is cool stuff

  3. Robert Schmitt

    Come on girls, move a little!

  4. Alberte Thomsen

    gjdpc du du isy sky kdu kWh osu osu osu lwy osu ø Lau oaytkvshyeoh ædhWuglryxo

  5. 10 Hammers

    he had it all... gorgeous to boot

  6. Dan63


  7. judi Luik

    God... nö comment

  8. Isabel Mencos

    que grande era único que talento el rey si cantaba con todo el corazón

    Isabel Mencos

    bello Elvis bello bello bello

  9. fineartist

    ...The epitome of......Cool.

  10. Cookie Ceo

    Watching these Elvis videos he still has the same effect on me he had 60 yrs ago. I feel like I am 15 again.

  11. David Banos

    60 years later and still awesome, my favorite Elvis song. I remember this being in rotation during the MTV hey day for some reason

  12. joetake holly

    its very good but buddy hollys version knocks spots off him

  13. Laurel Dreaver

    Love elvis and his songs ❤️❤️

  14. Mara Angelica


  15. Lars Hansson

    This is one of the very best songs by Elvis with his grand trio, Billy, D.J., and Scotty strengthend by Mike Stoller on the piano. Oh how great you were.

  16. Noris Velazquez

    y dont care he was mi ,Elvis, Presley

  17. Joseph Agnello

    This is Elvis at his best.Pure smooth;pure cool.

  18. Michael Dominici

    It's all about what's happening at 1:00

  19. Jose Carlos NASCIMENTO.

    só sucesso

  20. Lydia Vassallo

    My darling Elvis, may he rest in peace a fabulous singer and entertainer, the best ever xxx miss you

  21. judi Luik

    People... this guy... his Voice... Looks... be for real 😍😍😍

  22. Mathew Reilly

    This fella would remind you of shakin Stevens wouldn't he

  23. Lily Ana

    Smile.... I always smile when I watch this film as some other films of him, he is so cool, love to watch it. Thanks for sharing to us.

  24. Lovella5

    Queen and Freddie Mercury brought me here !

  25. พิทัก แซ่กัง


  26. Theo Ardon

    ELVIS op zijn best

  27. Tofan Danela

    the best

  28. The Don

    That ain't Elvis. It's a stand in. And it's been proven too.

  29. Sarwar Naqvi

    Elvis has ALWAYS been one of the best during his time. Too bad he died before his time. Dr. Sarwar Naqvi

  30. gerard couvidoux

    super elvis

  31. Frank St-Denis

    elvis at his best

  32. Joan Matthews

    OMG. He looked gorgeous in that sweater . Just love his moves too!! The handsomest guy ever

  33. Joe Jan

    Elvis was great but don`t forget what we have now!!!! yo moe toe hao fo toe moe moe how bro... such greatness huh??????????????????????

  34. theworstnightmare

    1:10 parece que le dio una descarga electrica

  35. JellyrollHorton

    Elvis didn't feel the music. He didn't pretend to feel the music. He WAS the music.

  36. theworstnightmare

    me encanta la cancion y como se mueve 😍😍

  37. Lucy Iris Moreno

    El más grande,el Rey del rock

  38. lyn ells

    Ahhh Elvis !

  39. SmallChildLaci

    His daughter and his granddaughter look exactly like him!

  40. Casey Manuel

    Just a beautiful man. I've never again seen handsome like this.

  41. judi Luik

    Still the best Song ever.....Love it

  42. Brandon Vandine

    what a great song and a great voice. I just love how he had that ability to stretch is voice its what made him have the black rhythm to his voice. you can certainly see how blues music influenced him. No doubt

  43. Chencho Juárez


  44. Rick Knight

    do u know if elvis was part indian?

  45. Geoff Putland

    the word superstar was created for him

  46. robert colucci

    under rated tune

  47. EvelynLove Fosu-Duah

    Who is watching in 2017

  48. tony wilson

    elvis was great

  49. rodney alvarez

    dale like si viniste por Queen y tu gusta mas la versión de Queen 😂😂

  50. Motar Bok

    Michael Jackson with the Moonwalk and Elvis with the Sidewalk.

  51. Fanny Arriaga

    Elvis Presley, canta con su cuerpo y baila con su voz, y a mi me fascina

  52. Carl Bannon

    Elvis was just crazy and vicious with his music and his moves! He was a legend of music! I give him credit! Never will be another like him. 😊

  53. MIKELIN8

    That is actually Elvis' band behind him in the scene...Scotty Moore on guitar, Bill Black on stand-up bass, DJ Fontana on drums and Shorty Long on piano. IIRC, Buddy Holly did the original version of this song.

  54. jennifur sun

    thanks to Leiber and Stoller. like this tune, from a Square

  55. Thomas Fink

    Elvis is the King, but Shakin Stevens is ok

  56. Arty Davies

    close ups Scotty Moore, no glasses long shots sunglasses

  57. Joe Knipp

    I always smile when I see this clip... on the normal shot, Scotty Moore (lead guitar) is not wearing any sunglasses, but on the distant shot, with the sun shining in, he has them on.

  58. Cleiton Da Cas



    durante la grabacion del tema Bill Black no lograba el sonido deseado y enojado abandono el estudio, entonces Presley decidio seguir co la grabacion, tomo el bajo y mejoró el sonido que es el que se grabo. En la pelicula aparece Bill Black actuando con el bajo.

  60. Nancy Dachouff

    elvis i love you

  61. Kim Thompson


  62. colin tapp

    Mike stoller on piano and dark glasses in the long shots.

  63. Monte Lee My P.O.V

    What's wrong with those people!? If I was there I would have been jiving big time! Nobody is even bopping their heads to the beat? He was playing for L7's man!

  64. youssoupha fall

    Superbe Cool Classe

  65. Charlie Wolfgang von Goethe

    When I see Elvis smile it makes me think in a guy who you cannot avoid to be friend with.

  66. RONALD511

    A god in our time.

  67. Michael Stavri

    Gifted,natural born entertainer of all time . Heaven-sent.

  68. Michael Stavri

    Totally natural and gifted from above !

  69. Tony T

    So cool

  70. Swake Bosmans

    Waar is die tijd naartoe babe I don't care.......waw

  71. marie-rose Bakker

    tof leuk xxx

  72. wolfmanrick

    I got to see him in concert in 77 with my mom.and always be a ELVIS FAN

  73. John

    was a teen in the 50s ,just a great time for this old Elvis stuff . Learnt to play all his old sun stuff . Still jam along to his u tube songs . Play Cochrane /Buddy . Wonderful memories of local jive clubs .

  74. mary mcdaniel


  75. Glenda Metivier

    Love it

  76. Jaw Tooth

    I was in Graceland a couple weeks ago.  thumbs up!

  77. Anthony Killingsworth


  78. Anthony Killingsworth


  79. Patrick O'Riley

    The sweater he's wearing here is blue not green.

  80. Irv Meese

    Love the shoes!

  81. Huỳnh Đưc

    8-10.... i love this guy.. elvis... special voice,,.....

  82. Charles Martin

    Elvis himself plays the rockin' bass line here.

  83. Jose Mungaray

    Shouldn't his sweater be blue not green

  84. Antonya Mont

    Cool Elvis! Great look and awersom guy! ,, GREAT ELVIS Forever!

  85. Deborah Jenkins

    nobody here on Earth will ever take his place and I pray I go to heaven so I can see him again thank you so much beautiful video I love them

  86. Mona Gaw

    Amazing moves, I love everything about Elvis xx

  87. elijahsnan

    I saw this when I was 13 fell in love and loved him ever since. Born in post war England where everything was grey and dull until Rock'n'Roll, almost overnight, changed our teenage lives from dour to fabulous.

  88. Robert Baxter

    I was good

  89. Marilyn Richter

    this song is so catchy

  90. Anne Mott

    this is one of the few times that one of his films let him just be himself while singing... you know? His delish dance moves, etc.

  91. trfesok

    Shortly covered next by Buddy Holly, then by Joni Mitchell in 1982, aodn then by Cee Lo Green. So, I put all 4 in my Joni playlist. Thanks for the upload!

  92. Elvis Gal

    Now this is what the REAL man looks and sounds like.. NO ONE CAN COME CLOSE TO THE REAL THING EXCEPT, THE REAL MAN, HIMSELF....

  93. Eric-Scott Bloom

    alien from another solar system

  94. Richard Bain

    My Top 10 Elvis Movies
    10. Girls Girls Girls
    9. Fun In Acapulco
    8. Love Me Tender
    7. Roustabout
    6. Kid Galahad
    5. G.I Blues
    4. Viva Las Vegas
    3. Blue Hawaii
    2. King Creole
    1. Jailhouse Rock

  95. John Wall

    There has never been anyone even close to this guy.