Elvis Costello - Tears Before Bedtime Lyrics

I know the name on the tip of your tongue
And I know that accusing look
Everybody knows I've been so wrong
That's the problem and here's the hook

Tears before bedtime
There'll be trouble tonight
I don't want to talk about it anymore
I don't want to have another fight
I don't want to talk I don't want to fight
How wrong can I be before I am right

For the tears that you boo hoo hoo hoo
There can be no defence
You say you'll forgive and forget
But it's only a pretence

Either you can leave the past behind
Or give me something to disconnect my mind
I sleep with my fists clenched tight
When I don't lie awake all night
I guess time gave up the ghost too late
And the balance of our love
Very soon turns to hate

Darling your suspiciousness
Tortures me at night
But I can't excuse the cruel words
That I use whenever we fight


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Elvis Costello Tears Before Bedtime Comments
  1. William Gibson

    You can talk about the incredible lyrics as much as you like but they must be backed up by incredible melodies. Happily this is the case with Elvis Costello.

  2. Dr. killpatient

    When I first heard this album I was KNOCKED OFF MY ASS!!!! It must have been similar to the way the hippies were thrown for one when the Beatles released, " Sgt. Peppers," or the community was thrown when they first heard Stevie Wonders, " Songs in the key of life."

  3. Dr. killpatient

    I don't wanna talk/ I don't wanna fight/ how wrong can I be before I am right ????

  4. Ali Riley

    My first live-in Boyfriend, we listened to this constantly, and we drank Tanqueary gin with the punk rock royalty of our stoopid town

    Ali Riley

    and in this almost empty gin palace

  5. Dr. killpatient

    Every body knows I've been so wrong, that' s the story, here's the hook

  6. Alex Stockwell

    I was just watching an interview with Liv Tyler, when it hit me: Her mother is part of the reason this album exists.

  7. tim feleppa

    The best record except for some Neatles. Heartbreaking good.

  8. lochlee

    His Masterpiece!

  9. John Lakeland

    His most underrated album, every track on the album is listenable, very few artists have that in there inventory. I too caught his imperial bedroom tour in Orlando 1982, Elvis was good but his whole show was one big song with no pause between each song seemed rushed. And the opening act talk talk was crap.

  10. EIE3577

    I love m1k3rules he's a legend


    sploon shalthy


    He sure has a solid taste in music <3.

  11. Eric Hulbert

    I saw this in concert ... " Imperial Bedroom Tour " !982 ....Cleveland music hall... Best concert I have ever seen or will ever see... eat your heart out everyone!

    J. Timmons Roberts

    Eric Hulbert he's on an Imperial Bedroom tour and coming here in two weeks !


    Saw the tour in Sunrise Fla.

  12. Leslie Sperry


  13. Kathy Decker

    musician, par for the course

  14. Kathy Decker

    Is! Not one song on there I don't like. It's pure genius, the whole of it. Perfection. This is one of his best, I agree.

  15. Mike Mcguinness

    Agreed Ryan ! It's got to be the ..best ?

  16. Ryan Brink

    Imperial Bedroom is one of his best albums, and this song is proof positive

  17. dogsbolls

    Written for his then wife about an affair he was having, bad Elvis

  18. gerdenshed

    I love Elvis Costello Karen ;o)