Elvis Costello - Cinco Minutos Con Vos Lyrics

I stood at the kerb trying not to disturb
The dark carnival crew and a glittering voice
Far off there said, "Rejoice"
"As the casualties are but few"

Going to tell you now
Before I forget myself
I could let you loose
But the key won't undo the lock
And the face of the clock
Seemed to merrily mock
These five minutes with you

Mi padre sabía
Y me lo susurro
Vete a Montevideo y espérame ahí
Por dónde empezar?
Escuchando siempre están
Por cinco minutos o mas
Si te atreves

La sirenas lamentan
La plaga que encuentran
Las balas caen
Y te harán desaparecer
El faro oscurece hay poca esperanza
Cinco minutos con vos

[English Version:]
My father would know
So he whispered it low
"Go to Montevideo and wait for me there"
How can I begin?
They're always listening in
For five minutes or more if you dare

Now the sirens wail
There is a fever in the winding sheets
And the bullets hail
And they pull you right off the streets
Our chances are slim but the searchlights will dim in five minutes for you

The propeller was droning, I woke up alone
They opened the door and they threw me through
And down I went down, like the twist of a screw
Down into the silver, above me the blue
And you stood there waiting but you never knew
Five Minutes With You

They can scatter the earth and find nothing of worth
Wipe out those years of triangular tears
The colours will fly
And the wild wind will cry I'm strapped to that mast
Knowing they wouldn't last for
Five Minutes With You

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Elvis Costello Cinco Minutos Con Vos Comments
  1. C. Ændino

    that girl is the singer from La Santa Cecilia, a mexican group, i heard her for the first time like 3 months ago singing old mexican songs and it was powerful her voice i just loved her.

  2. Pi Pop Sicles

    Este tema està estrechamente relacionado con "Shipbuilding".

    Gabriela Piccini

    El escribió shipbuilding en 1982 cómo reclamo ante la guerra de Malvinas. En el 2013 escribió la respuesta desde el punto de vista argentino. Le llevo tiempo

    Gabriel Díaz

    Cuál fue el tema de respuesta?

  3. Jason Rothbaum

    EC - relax your shoulders man!

  4. spiderbass65


  5. Tabe Ebangha

    Really? 1mit 18 sec just for sound
    Waooo. Even R Kelly never did that

  6. Chris Platt

    Excellent Elvis!!

  7. Lizzie Sangi

    Elvis Costello and The Roots are excellent. By far his best band and some of his best work. This tune is almost haunting - outstanding

  8. Jack Spraker

    Oliver's Army

  9. Alfred Haymond

    Elvis Costello is bananas! He is an incredible writer. This is still one of my favorites tracks from Wise Up Ghosts

  10. GreenSkyFalling

    Brilliant. Humbling.

  11. LIZZIE SANGI Sangi

    This is DEF one of his best tunes! Jerry Garcia would be proud of him! The Roots are bangin' badass!

  12. Fernando Cruces


  13. Iván PEÑA




  14. Daniela Tapia Diaz


  15. Jose Moreno

    Music the universal language and this is a master piece !

  16. MrPrytania1

    EC's voice sounds over powered by the other parts of the song to me. 

  17. sunlitwhit

    mmm mm mmmm what a groove...... costello roots crew!!!

  18. dunky bc

    tecladinho safado.. podia não estar ai. Musica sensacional. Melhores de 2013

  19. Aural A.

    Me encantó!