Elvis Costello - Almost Blue Lyrics

Almost blue
Almost doing things we used to do
There's a girl here and she's almost you
Almost all the things that your eyes once promised
I see in hers too
Now your eyes are red from crying

Almost blue
Flirting with this disaster became me
It named me as the fool who only aimed to be

Almost blue
It's almost touching it will almost do
There's a part of me that's always true...always
Not all good things come to an end now it is only a chosen few
I've seen such an unhappy couple

Almost me
Almost you
Almost blue

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Elvis Costello Almost Blue Comments
  1. Angelos Bourdakis

    πολυ ωραιοσ ελβι αντε

  2. NothingMaster

    I’m a big fan of Elvis Costello, and I know he wrote this song, but Chet owned this song. This one is Chet’s and will always be.

  3. Benjamin Budd

    Classic example of an extraordinary composer... for other musicians. Like Leonard Cohen. Chet Baker rocked this like no one can.

  4. TomTom35645

    The timeless signature piece for Elvis Costello.

  5. Lara O'neal

    Elvis Costello does an amazing job on this. I know he wrote this but no idea he recorded it.

  6. Fujoshi Yaoi

    Vengo por lover boy 😍

  7. Chaitanya Senapathi

    The writing of this song was inspired by Chet Baker.....and then Chet BAker covers it and totally nails it......hahaha

  8. Domenico

    God, this is poetry... Wonderful lyrics.

  9. caleb rush


  10. Mati Ziomuś

    Team Chet Baker.

  11. G Hill

    Thank you so much for introducing me and my generation to Chet Baker, Elvis.

  12. Dr. killpatient

    I can imagine Sam playing this for Rick once Ilsa left him again. Play it again, Sam. I can see Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, & Jane Greer downing one from some film-noir set when I hear this. Directed by Jacques Tourneir.

  13. Dr. killpatient

    Without a doubt a master-piece. Costello's "Yesterday."

  14. ipsurvivor

    Just noticed that the color changes throughout hovering around blue.

  15. Tammy

    Lover Boy!!!! And "like" this ;) if you know what I mean...

  16. 1chumley1

    Elvis wrote it, but he admits that it was for Chet.

  17. CmoneyPlayz

    I don't know.. He looks pretty blue in the thumbnail

  18. Thomas Roche

    This and beyond belief are easily his best songs.

    Shaun Goldsmith

    and I hope You're Happy Now

  19. Jack Shelley

    It is such a deep, weird song.

  20. Kimberly Alison

    Wow. Just discovered this song. The Chet version too. Incredible. Thanks for posting.

  21. Vegan Vocalist

    What a gorgeous voice oooowh shivers ; )

  22. Hope Fearchild

    The comments were full of fans of the music until hyung ....until hyung...

  23. Hope Fearchild

    lover boy brought me here

  24. dncloud 000

    Lover boy

  25. Rogério Rodrigues

    Não tem como parar de ouvir. Só quando o whisky e o cigarro acabam.

    Allyne Gonçalves de Oliveira

    Exato rs

  26. Try Thinking For a change

    Great tune, made even greater by Chet Baker.

    Chet makes this version seem pretty week.

    Lee Constable

    Exactly !

    eden express

    Compltely disagree! Costello's version is much more moving.

  27. Rogério Rodrigues

    Caralho. Que música forte!

  28. AlyssaQ420

    If I didn't hear Jennifer Jason Leigh sing this in that movie Georgia, I would've never heard of this song. This is such a good one.

  29. David Castle

    Thank you Elvis......beautiful

  30. desmoface

    As good as Chet does it - Elvis does it better.

  31. meh ಠ_ಠ

    Anyone here because of "Lover Boy"?

    linda hernandez


    Hope Fearchild

    😏😏😏😏 guilty as charged

  32. charly mart

    just perfect

  33. Rafael Botella Sanjuan

    recover soon Elvis

  34. Joseph Sullivan

    Master song writer.

  35. Tyler McCoy

    Only better version is Chets

  36. Mandy Khoo

    Costello annoys me... he's Been annoying me for 40 years....keep it up!!! .....

  37. Edna obenschain

    the girl with promise who never had a chance? Sweet, but neither did the great singer/trumpet player chet baker. Yet if were talking about movies, yes the women always play the wounded but these day in life itself its men that seem to suffer more. because its a different story now

  38. Lory Bhu

    «3 fantastic!

  39. Sara Kendidan

    Esta musica aparecio en mi manga yaoi y aparecio este nombre :v

    diego rodriguez

    X2 😂

    Chris Blood

    Que mierda, aguanté chet baker

  40. LadyLake Music

    Love this

    Lee Constable

    Chet's rendition on trumpet and then vocal is far better. https://youtu.be/z4PKzz81m5c

  41. 이솔라 elie

    a manhwa recommended me this song. all i can say is

    i did not regret to look this up.

    muan Tlau

    Same ❤

    LeenA rT


    Leeno Almasri

    Hahaha same🖤


    Lover Boy ~~~

  42. Nella Crosiglia

    great song

  43. grant young

    Does this remind anyone else of living in a glass house by Radiohead?

    Cliff Beneventi

    Except that this was recorded 20 years earlier..yes.

    Efra Caso

    holy shit, the influence is notable


    @Cliff Fuck off.

    Mark Hornsby

    Thom Yorke is a huge Elvis Costello fan .. any similarity is not purely coincidental and most likely a very deliberate tribute to Elvis Costello

  44. Becky Davis

    thank you for this beautiful melody and touching lyrics. Love this and love you Mr. Elvis Costello....

  45. jasonpp1973

    Sounds very similar to Shipbuilding.

  46. Jesse Boden Band

    Never really dug Costello, but this changes that. Respect for writing this and for singing the living daylights out of it. Great! Chet's version is the gold standard, it is otherworldly good, his voice is an instrument played by a master musician. To write a song that Chet Baker did? More respect.

  47. allidock11

    My favorite of his covers. While I love Chet Baker's, Costello's vocal range is better, even though Baker's had more emotion. I just adore Costello's voice, the powdery quality it has. I love everything he touches.

    Lucas Marinero

    this song was composed by Elvis Costello, not Chet Baker

    Private Name

    Chet is the one with the cover.

    Mark Hornsby

    As Lucas says, the Elvis Costello version is the original ... BUT he wrote it as a tribute to Chet Baker (and no doubt in the hope he would like it and perform it)

  48. Valdo Masuero

    this song is awesome.......but the version of Chet Baker......my gosh!.....i can´t describe how beautiful is


    Dr. killpatient - Not a problem... A Miles’ instrumental cover would have been cool.

    eden express

    @Daniel Dirand I agree!

    Dr. killpatient

    @eden express I'm just psyched that people are still passionate about this nearly 40 year old song, & it's wonderful creator. "Imperial Bedroom", hit me in the early 80's like a second- coming. It became ( for me) the yard that I judged all other records I listened to.


    Dr. killpatient 👍

    Ted Allnutt

    Chet's version captures the emotion of the song and I love it (and Chet too). However, no version compares to the original. Gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Costello's intimate songs (A good day for the roses, Ship Building, etc) are so emotionally charged and no other artist can capture the full spectrum.

  49. Douglas Starr

    Is there anyone cooler? Besides Chet, I mean. I think not.

    Gordon Yap

    Chet Baker is the besttttt! Not mention that Elvis is also good hahaha

    Philip Burge

    Chet and Elvis....what a team !

  50. Mellissa Cross

    +qquark99 If you make it here at my suggestion, I dare you to not listen to this more than once. It is one of those infectious songs, especially on a rainy day if you are alone or lonely or sad or reading Daniel Dennett. Okay, I'm steeping in my on moroseness. lol.

    Jon Bornholdt

    Reading Daniel Dennett? I'm genuinely curious as to what such an activity would have in common with this song.

    B T

    What does Dennett have to do with sad songs and rainy days? Or are you just being pretentious?

    Vegan Vocalist

    ha ha ;D)))

  51. Richard Stovinky. José Manuel

    "...Suburbio en mi sueño,
    diagonal perfecta
    sin ángulos que la sostenga
    porque soy esfera..."



    Hermoso. ¿Lo ha escrito usted? Me encantaría leer más.

  52. Benjamin Armstrong

    I always feel sad for the Girl with the promise in her eyes, she never had a chance.

  53. rando

    So basically he's with a girl who he doesn't think is as good but only almost as good as a past partner :/

    inch x inch life's a synch

    Erm .. he'd definitely have got his end away though.  With the second one.  ;)

    inch x inch life's a synch

    Also .. he does want to let himself be in love with the second girl and thinks he's a fool for only flirting with it ("almost blue") ... he just thinks the probability of it working out is very very low.   But that is Elvis Costello for you .. a miserable bugger!

    Spandan Madan

    +Ania D It's not about being as good as the past partner. It's about looking for the past partner in everyone. He's with her because she reminds him of the older partner. Beautifully sad, isn't it?

    Catherine Fitzpatrick

    theselector that's how I interpreted it, too.

  54. Ruth Cole

    Perfect song for VD.

  55. cashrchek

    1:27.... prettiest moment of a pretty song