Elvenking - Under The Sign Of A Black Star Lyrics

Raised in the company of snakes
The parlance of a serpent
Born from the caring of a crow
The acuity of a bird of prey

"All appearances they fall when the soul is shattered
And dear reason... back she crawls when the heart is battered"

A sad, sad song is tuned for me
A mess of words surrounded by dust
Conceived under the sign of a black star
Hurt and misery

Disruptive, ill-willed, inhumane
The look on all their faces
A freak of nature, soul condemned
And damned by the Almighty

"Enamoured by the likelihood of absolution
Eye lids opened just in time for execution"

A sad, sad song is tuned for me
A mess of words surrounded by dust
Conceived under the sign of a black star
Ruin and grime is all you'll see

"The first rune shows me life
The second love
The third rune is for mockery
The fourth for malice
And the fifth rune is... death"

"Look away don't hold your breath, they are deceiving
Look away don't hold your sighs, unleash your anguish"

A sad, sad song is tuned for me
A mess of words surrounded by dust
Conceived under the sign of a black star
Ruin and grime is all you'll see

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Elvenking Under The Sign Of A Black Star Comments
  1. Marco zuodar

    one of my favourite song of the new album. elvenking always create masterpieces since the time of heatenreel (first album).

  2. Vic Rattlehead

    Doom on bastards!!

  3. Corina from Germany

    I really like the song, but for me the volume of the voice is not high enough. Instruments are louder, so the lyrics are hard to understand. :-(

    Xenone None

    I think that's because of the accent.

    Corina from Germany

    @Xenone None I don´t think it is the accent of him. If the volume is not set to a higher level in the studio, when they mix everything together, then thats what it makes him hard to understand.

  4. Chuong Nguyen

    Still my favorite band since highschool

  5. Mr. Sulfasin

    Отменный фолк метал. Good band.

  6. Rodrigo Gómez

    Great song amazing band. Hope a new tour soon!

  7. RottenWings

    Orgoglio del metal italiano, a mani basse proprio.

  8. Debbie Mate

    Cracking song

  9. TheEhion


  10. Bernd Pfefferer

    Discovered this band lately and I'm excited. This is True metal, carry on Elvenking. I definitely looking forward to hear more :-)

  11. Cabbage Lord

    Elvenking is back!! hell yeahh

  12. monstermoose89

    Fantastic band, singer he always reminds me of the the band hell in the club voice sounds very alike.

    Somebody Else

    not sure if this was sarcastic or not, but just in case it's not sarcastic: the singer of hell in the club IS the singer of elvenking. Same person.


    @Somebody Else I thought it was, wasn't sure, saw him with hell the club few years ago

  13. Luca Caro

    Neanche italiani sembrano..

  14. Casey Pilarczyk

    My favorite song

  15. Debbie Mate

    Love it!

  16. Erno Ballai

    Listening to the song every freakin day, and can't wait to see you again tomorrow ❤️

  17. Enrico Bustaffa

    Sempre enormi, spero che venga fuori un disco sul livello degli ultimi due

  18. ISupposeThis IsMyNmw

    Rad track, elvenking still has it all these years later, I'm optimistic that this will be a good record.

  19. Gspell Gaming

    they've learned nothing from the fiasco that was The Scythe, have they

    Michael B

    What do you mean? Neither has this song much to do with The Scythe nor would it be a shame. Every Elvenking album is different and has a unique sound that is hard to compare to any other band. And this is only one song, so at least you should wait until the whole album is out.

  20. True Glory Metal Channel

    Elvenking is great Ever .. Wait for this new album

  21. Senythril

    I absolutely have always loved this band elvenking has really stepped up their games these last few albums ive really found me myself headbagning any time a tune of theirs comes on.

  22. eric Heinke

    North America Tour please!!

    ISupposeThis IsMyNmw

    That would be sick.

    Micah Baker

    Please lmao we're dying over here

  23. Uncle Jo

    The sixth rune is .. my playlist!

    Michael B

    Best rune!

  24. Amy Kendrick

    I enjoyed it. 🤘

  25. cuiccm


  26. Miss Azul Music

    Love the rhythmic guitar / video... Sweet!

  27. Micah Baker

    Man this is excellent can't wait for the whole album

  28. maiden4 greece

    sounds good...

  29. leonardo hobstadter

    never clicked so fast!

  30. Hilson S. Ritta

    Keep pagan, keep runereader, keep Elvenking!
    Love you guys! Anxious for the new album

  31. Michael B

    To all who criticize the Lyrics: I dont think they make no sense.. i dont get every detail, but basically it's about the dissolving of the body during the time of death and that the Soul will search for new manifestations. And maybe also that the human soul will never be able to find salvation because of negative longings so that your existence on earth is kind of a curse or at least you have to struggle with the problems that your ego set into the world.

  32. Max Violence

    that made me laugh for some reason

  33. Sszafein

    Elvenking will always be my favorite

  34. Brenda Garamond

    bellísimo aaaaaaaaaaa <3

  35. Carl Frederick

    Great as always!

  36. Heker Novoa

    How many years has passed by and Elvenking is still one of the most powerful bands in metal world

    Michael B

    Thousand years have passed and nothing gonna change :)

  37. isaid stream

    I liked it , but Michael Kiske never loose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx7EF65kzwc

  38. Lord of Polaris

    I literally cannot stop listening to this song the whole day since you released it!
    Can't wait for the album! \m/

  39. Melodic Death Metal 2019 - HITWOOD

    Finalmente siete tornati, l'album sará una bomba, me lo sento 🤟

  40. Zeratox_Omega

    Bringing back the heaviness from "The Scythe", bellissimo!


    How about no please?


    exactly what I thought!


    I think you mean emoness.

  41. TheSentinel909

    Fifth rune is.... BADASS

  42. AngelofDethMetal

    So many good releases lately! Gloryhammer, Twilight Force and now this!🤯

    Bernd Pfefferer

    True ! I bought 'legends from beyond the galactic terrorvortex' by GloryHammer lately. Some fools still scream "Metal is dead" .. they don't know :-)

    Apocalyptic LP

    @Bernd Pfefferer And I Bought Dawn of the Dragonstar :D
    Planning to Buy new Gloryhammer .... :D
    And now Ive found this ... I think this is the best metal summer!!!! :D

  43. Karen Elvenking

    You are best, I hope the whole album. I love them :*

  44. Michael B

    It sounds great! It's a very good surprise because I suddenly read about the new album although i hadnt heard any announcement. I assumed that a new album will be released in 2020 or 2021 so i am really excited for the new album and its sound!


    It's going to be released on August 30th! Amazing!

    Michael B

    @Skogarmaidur yeah i can't wait :)

  45. The Wicked Troll

    Excellent.. 🙂

  46. Toni Fuentes Tena

    Long life to folk metal!

  47. El Primer Óficial

    August 30th: shut up and take my money

  48. Dead Man with Pitchfork Arms

    Lol Damna should work better on his lipsynching lol

    SkoobieSnak Jak

    Dead Man with Pitchfork Arms I thought so too at first but I believe it's actually just his vibrato.

  49. Illuminoctave Eminentave


  50. 31313

    Fire King!

  51. Hyukko

    Very cool, it sounds like a single, but it still has some depth to it in the bridge.

  52. Billy Dee Cig

    This just BLEW ME THE EFF AWAY!😲

  53. Jacob Antony

    The lyrics are tasteless. They've peppered some lofty words here and there, but it makes no sense. It sounds pretentious. In terms of melody, they sound like a mediocre, "Harmony". But Harmony does it better.


    a mess of words surrounded by dust

  54. josivan ferreira

    \m/ super brothers ->> (AFM Records)--> super band of great musicians super vocalist beautiful music rock metal heavy \m/

  55. Rik Nel

    pretty good.

  56. Artax

    Niente male, niente male davvero!

  57. Madmaxizor

    Hmmm... great song, but I'll need some time to warm up to those lyrics...

  58. WindRider

    A band that gets better with each release.

    Filantrop z Tulczyna

    Not better but they are still according too they decent lvl

  59. Jonas filberg

    Elvenking Never dissapoints 👍

  60. Gakoth

    Sounds like a HITC's song with a little folk metal taste. Very catchy, I really enjoy it! ♡


    Funny you say that since the vocalist for HITC is also the vocalist for this band!

  61. Jumpy Bunny Rabbit

    And the fifth rune is........ death.

  62. Tyler Elliott

    Man, I've loved you guys for a long time... but the lyrics don't fit. Some lyrics just contrast terribly with the part of the song they're at. Hope the rest of the album sounds better, because I'm rooting for you guys


    Aydan told me this song is very different to the concept of the upcoming album. In his words "it will be one of the heaviest".

    Simon Evertz

    Gakoth what do you mean with " heaviest"? Zhe Song is not so heavy. Okey the part after the 2nd Chorus is cool but that was it


    @Simon Evertz Aydan said this song is a different one on the general concept of the album. This song is very Hard Rock, but the album will be more heavier than this.

    Simon Evertz

    Gakoth this explain's much

  63. Patrick C.

    Sempre sul pezzo questi ragazzi 💪🏻

  64. 1deepsixxx

    hole metal other side VII

  65. SicknessDDOEU

    Awesome song! You guys are the best.

  66. Dejan Jevtic

    Sounds great, can't wait for the album!!!