Eluveitie - Virunus Lyrics

North of the yew grove
One mountain was crowned
With glory and steel

Shining beacon of wealth
Home of the prosperous
High Princess of Noreia

One man
To fight on the blood-red mountainside
One man
To vanquish the rapacious beast
Once man
to end the age of distress
One man
To fulfill the prophecy enthean

One fateful day it appeared
That colossal and furious boar
To feed on our sacred lands
A swath of destruction
Was all that remained

Iron swords were raised in vain
Asunder burst our lightning spears
Oppressed and stricken we languished in fear
Until he rose...

Vir! Vir! Vir! Vir!

North of the yew grove
One man stepped forth
To challenge the beast

The father of this town,
Home of the prosperous
High Princess of Noreia

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Eluveitie Virunus Comments
  1. camilo valencia


  2. NoxAurea

    Melodic folk death metal, that's all I need!

  3. vetboy627

    What is the tune at 4:04 on? I recognize it but forget what it's called.


    Eluveitie - Isara

    Il Grigio

    swallowtail jig

  4. Metalhead Girl


  5. Patrick Reijersen

    i hear some Alestorm things in it:)

  6. Nicholas Scott

    this song brings tears of sheer amazement and happiness every time i hear it. the story telling that this band has achieved is just so bewildering.

  7. Julien Lemonnier

    Un super groupe !!

    who up cuz im up

    Un français !

    Julien Lemonnier

    Ouai on existe :)

    Logan Vervicos

    Neorn Murlocsson non un Gaulois... d'où ?

  8. Dean Rodman

    the song so awesome it caused my spotify to crash multiple times

  9. Perret Laurent

    Am I the only one to have an orgasm every time that I hear this song ?

    Jarrad Pearman

    +Perret Laurent I believe so

    Ángela Gaviria



    +Jarrad Pearman Savage lol

  10. Antonella Burton

    Es una tremenda bandasa =)

  11. Severus Piton

    Where is the folk? :(

  12. madDdog67

    It's hard to pick a "best" song on this CD--it crushes you with epicness :) from start to finish.  If I had to pick a top 5 though, this song would certainly be in it.  

    Father Of The Wolf

    My favorite is Sucellos

  13. ZanyDivine737

    Kinda remind of ( on the back of angels by dream theatre ) love it :D


    Where did you see that ? You really don't see your point :O.

  14. Markov D

    A little bit of Death metal! Awesome


    with an irish jig at the end 

  15. Jo GTP

    What's the lyrics between 2:25 and 2:40 ?

    Wise Hodor

    Flanked by the gods, the conqueror stepped forth. As it was also told in the legend of Calydon, he laid the boar around his shoulders, and the people proclaimed... "Virunus".

    There ya go. A fuckin' epic speech, which by rights should be transcribed in EVERY iteration of lyrics, but isn't.

  16. TheGentleMen

    i know there is a name for the song they play at the end of the song, whats it called? its at 3:45, i played this song in my guitar class, way back in grad 10 and forgot the name of the song, can someone help me out here?

    Anej Ivanuša

    It's called Swallotail's jig, it's a traditional irish jig.

    Kamil Paris

    @Anej Ivanuša
    Oh thanks a lot buddy!!!


    np, it was that catchy lol

    Ángela Gaviria

    I've heard it in a video game :P

    Andrew Lawgar

    Goddamn man! Where are you? I am going to buy you a beer!