Eluveitie - The Silver Sister Lyrics

The silvern light - a stannite glow
The primal night - of the darkened vault

Under the welkin dark
Solemn chants will soar
The immemorial
Songs of the wise

To declare the rise
Of the night-born
Of glinting dew
And susurrant winds
Of a vibrant dawn
Long foreshown

And your pristine face
Pours down crystal rays

Caressed by your velvet touch
As we dance through the night
One last silver kiss
As the ancient song falls silent

The wolves from Antumnos
Come bearing heritage divine

In stannic pearls - the light pours
Over the rock-grey coats of the proud

Your radiance crystalline
Heralds the ancient words
Resounding high and clear
From the Otherworld

In this night we dance
Glory to the nameless one
Atir aissom atir imon

One last silver kiss before the last string decays...

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Eluveitie The Silver Sister Comments
  1. Akhihito Chakma

    So many years have passed still listening to it

  2. Tim Sørensen

    I was nº 500.000 viewer...yeeee ! ^_º
    Besides that: Eluveitie rules !
    (And me, being Scandinavian, says and means a lot ! )

  3. kappeler50

    Ou ffs why did i not know that this song existet until today ? I think its a great song !

  4. Jaffar Naqvi

    Best band after lamb of god

  5. Luis Fernandez

    am I the only one who thinks that the new Eluveitie's album is a completely shit? I mean, this song transports your mind to unknow places and particulary feelings, and everything that they were doing until Origins was excellent. Now I feel the band is another. Fabienne is a good singer, but the melody, the inspiring music now isn't whit them. I don't know what happen and how to explain but they are different since Anna's departure.

  6. TheGankerer

    This is one of my favorite Eluveitie songs!

  7. Charls Space

    I really love that you're mixing melodic celtic music with heavy. This is awesome! Pushing the music industry forward!

  8. Sierra Chapel

    Reminds me a lot of the album War Eternal by Arch Enemy... Fucking awesome.

  9. David Koughler

    Just found this band love everything I've heard so far

  10. Swarna Bhattacharjee

    The flute solo 😭😭😭 If they sum up all their songs' flute solo, Gosh that will be magnificent 😍😭

    Akhihito Chakma

    Heyyyy right

  11. CriticalHilt

    Still sounds good guys its just one album give them a chance.

  12. Kyle Mouttet

    everyone who follows any band ever, always says they've gone downhill. they've got a phrase for this human tendency.. rose colored glasses

  13. jdjfmvöcşdldkfmcö jfkvöcşdlfmvödşd

    Das ist total KUNST

  14. BotniaMkGod

    I want the beginning to continue endlessly... i need that.

    Lilou Eugénie

    Ketunloikka Me too ! 😝

  15. Lannister

    The max volume is just SO LOOOOOOW.... :D

  16. GraveDigger388

    I don't get how the fuck this even remotely sound POP...

    For fuck's sake music listeners these days are always so whiney over little changes..

  17. John David king

    i love Eluveitie.

  18. Dwellerß

    instead of metal fans, can't you all just be music fans??
    Every genre has it's hidden gems if one is willing to look for them! If something doesn't carry the name of your "style" of music, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it!
    ffs :d

    Boba Fett

    True. There are genres I don't like, but that is something I say because I listened to these genres. All music is great, but everybody has his own favorite


    3:05 - 3:30 reminds me of Mass Effect.

  20. Wildan Ramadhan

    80 dislike? people without culture..and shame to accept their own culture

  21. Froilan Alegre

    A rose for Anna🌹

  22. John Kenedy

    Banda foda!! folk metal \m/

  23. Felipe Souza

    Aplicando o Selo BR aqui, banda muito foda, gosto muito também de Ensiferum é uma banda ótima, quem não conhece mas curte Eluveitie, vai gostar muito também...

  24. Plati

    This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard!!!

  25. Matt Ishida

    epic song xD

  26. Paul DM

    Origins is their best release yet IMO. :) one of my fave songs in the album along with "Carry The Torch".

  27. ultimate pirate

    i fucking wish they make a new album that would the best thing that happened in this century XD

  28. Metal Addicted


  29. To Draw

    o que dizer do Eluveitie cara? Sem adjetivos para essa banda cara, na moral!

  30. Leara Vespera

    I honestly like all their albums. Does it matter that they have changed up their sound abit? No not really. They still have very good lyrics, a complex sound, beautiful underlying melod and a meaning to each song. Seriously, like do you hear some of the newer metal that's out there??? What this band writes is so much more than what most mainstream bands put out! I'm not saying all mainstream metal is bad but a lot of bands now adays are so repetitive that it's sickening! I applause this band for keeping to their originality.

    Mark Francis

    well put, I hear the changes in their history, but it's a small thing compared to the many weaker bands

  31. Florin Sandu


  32. John Carlson

    Metal is not going pop... pop is becoming metal


    +John Carlson So according to you, melodic riffage and shit = Pop?

    Have you never heard of melodeath?

  33. Matthew De-Gale

    This song..... IS FUCKING AWESOME!!

  34. Shining Sun

    God this song is so amazing. Love it!

  35. Jose Dlucca

    I like the old style, but i think that now the have their own sound. Before it sound like every folk metal band out there.

  36. Ана Стасис

    i hate the screaming

  37. hvvryijjzdkk

    Eluveitie !!! Yeah!

  38. Jonas Fornolles

    i hope eluveitie wants to concert in philipines

  39. Bebars Hosnie

    My new favorite band
    Swedish pipes flutes violin and harps along with electric guitars and screaming
    Its like listening to a zelda soundtrack but metal version

    Ángela Gaviria

    so I'll play zelda while I listen to this :)


    Switzerland *

  40. SwissBro1400

    Im am so proud to be swiss and to be from Basel just like Chrigel

  41. thefranzfrom1991

    it took several listenings to me to at last think that this song is SUPERB

  42. dungokunyet

    as we dance through the night!!

  43. dungokunyet

    always love this song!

  44. Jannik S.

    What did the people think when they said that this sounds similar to helvetios?This sounds completely others.Good song.

  45. Zak Pemberton

    I didn't like this song as much as their others.

  46. Amanda Sobral

    Amo essa banda

  47. Micheal Milton

    More of the pseudo-cool "these guys are sellouts blah blah" idiots...fuck I'm sick of them. Their musical style evolved a bit, get the fuck over it! And don't you DARE compare it to pop. Pop music has no soul, no true meaning. Eluveitie's songs ring with meaning, especially masterpieces like this song. It's about a beautiful part of ancient Celtic culture; celebrating with kith and kin under the light of the full moon, listening to the druids as they told stories...I can only imagine how beautiful that was.

    Chen Ling

    +Mikołaj Rej Good sense of humor.


    @Lenta: great comment man, cheers

  48. anna kleopatra

    Love it

  49. kaf230able

    They have their own style so chut up if you don't like ! And go away...maybe listenning to rhianna or bieber...

  50. Noel Rostohar

    1:09 shouldn't it be pours? and not poors ?

  51. ffxxmz

    Proud of my gaulish roots...

  52. Pirikko

    It's always interesting to see a band getting more popular. Up goes the popularity, up goes the hate and negativity. But that's normal, isn't it? I still enjoy the music the same way I enjoyed it when I first heard them at a concert in 2006.

  53. Ligeia Siren

    My song ^_^

  54. Chris Epperson

    I don't care how popular these guys are. When you see the live Uis Elveti? The people dance. Quantity, quality or entity? Your pick, I choose the entity Eluveitie.

  55. Paige Alice

    this is awesome :] awesome i tell you!

  56. plumbum452

    This is fuckin epic...but will you actually I would love to listen to Anna singing it *___*

  57. toxicrocker666 420

    Eluvietie didnt.sell out you elitist fucks just cause you dont like a certain song all of eluvieties music in my opinion is pure folk metal an still kicks ass yall are hating an.placing this band in genres where it has no place being get off your elitist horse an enjoy the fucking music

  58. Gabriel Sá Pinto

    So many comments here say that Eluveitie sounds more and more like pop right?
    Well of course .... I forgot how in these days all those damn pop singers growl in every song and have lyrics with deep meanings... 

    (Don't need to point out I'm being ironic right? I invite you to remove the shit inside your ears, there are some devices that suck it out like a little vaccum cleaner, try using one... And listen to the song again. Repete the process untill some acceptable words come out of your filthy mouths, You're welcome haters)

    Alistair Anderson

    +Gabriel Sá Pinto I've also noticed a lot of Gaulish lyrics in some of the bigger hits over the last couple of years.

    Gabriel Sá Pinto

    @Alistair Anderson don't even compare. I don't know which "hits" you're talking about, but they really are "hits" I'm sure it doesn't even compare to Eluveitie's writing


    +Gabriel Sá Pinto How is this pop? It just sounds like melodeath at the melodic parts.

    Gabriel Sá Pinto

    @Dylan Rose not sure if you understood my comment, or if I understood yours xD

    ice the Wizard

    G-Pop = Gaulish Pop \m/

  59. Unlimited Pictures

    Beim Refran bekomm ich Gänsehaut ::)

  60. Alex Poste

    My new favorite Eluveitie song.  Unlike (for instance) Inis Mona or A Rose For Epona, this song seems to meld melodeath and folk quite well instead of focusing just on one. 

  61. Libel

    Can't wait to see Eluveitie performing this song live in November!

  62. SouthBoston88

    I love this song!  

  63. Yesmine Hines

    Not my favorite Eluveitie album (Helvetios was epic and Slania) but its not bad, i think there wasnt enough folk too much metal (were as Helvetios and Slania were perfect middles).

  64. grim reaper

    i dont know if people are just trolling or are actually serious... why do you guys think eluveitie went downhill? i like their older songs and i like their newer songs. yeah not every song they make is perfect, but that doesnt mean theyre going downhill; it just means that song isnt for you. in addition, what band can consistantly makes a good song. its near impossible to find a band where you like every song made by them. in conclusion i love this song, its catchy and it is original, and i think that their careers have a long life, especially because they're starting to become more popular globally.

    Gabriel Sá Pinto

    Thank fucking god someone with a decent comment... My jaw dropped more and more to every comment I read. I think this is awesome folk metal, one of the best bands in the genre and the latest album is amazing!


    That moment when someone calls them a screamo band. ¥ Facepalm ¥


    grim reaper Spirit is still best elu album for me. And while i think that the quality of the songs has dropped in helvetios and origins i still enjoy them.

    Juansho Cortés

    Ok, now no cry

  65. Kaz

    Come to SWEDEN! Great band.


  66. Galians

    certin commentataire dise que ce n'est pas du metal et ben aller vous faire ***** par des romains ! et un peu de respect pour nos encêtre celte !

    Lilou Eugénie

    Galians Hihi et oui tu as complètement raison ! 😙


    Eluveitie (rendant hommage au celtes et notamment la tribut des Helvètes en suisse notamment) à toujours été comme ça avec certaines chanson brutal proche du death melodic et d'autre aux sonorités celtes sans appartenance au metal c'est ce qui fait d'eux un groupe exceptionnel dont on ne se lassera pas tant qu'ils peuvent faire des styles de musiques différent et surprenants ils ne cessent de se développer et d'évoluer (Breizh) <3

  67. Scrath

    Oh damn... The verses are awesome.
    But the refrain... I adore this refrain so much :3
    Thats way not the best song by eluveitie, but I just love the refrain, the lyrics and the story behind it.

  68. JokerFarts

    I'm seriously fucking sick of this "poser magnet" or "true metal" bullshit that assholes keep on saying in comments.

    I haven't listened to Eluveitie that much so I don't really have a saying on whether or not their old stuff is better. But even if the old stuff is better this kind of music is still good. It's still Folk Metal mixed with Melodeath and it still has lyrics based on Gallia.

    I'm tired of fucktards saying how bands like Eluveitie, Psyclon Nine, Cryptopsy, Dawn of Ashes, Metallica, Suicide Silence, all rise bands are selling out. Bullshit I say!

    If they were selling out they'd making music completely different! Moving from one Metal subgenre to another or taking a different approach is not selling out.
    Selling out is a Metal band suddenly making a stupid boy band pop song. Selling out would be them fucking performing at a Justin Beiber concert. Selling out would be them asking people who DONT like their music to buy it.

    Also while I'm at it; this is not fucking Metalcore, it may have influences but this is sticktly Folk Metal mixed with Melodeath.

    And speaking of which Metalcore and all those other core genres associated with metal are still metal! (Unless its some kind of core that has nothing to do with it). Enough with Hardcore/Metalcore/Deathcore bullshit drama!


    JokerFarts Is someone actually said that this is metalcore? xD .... oh god please stop.

  69. Amadea O'Sullivan

    WTF happened here?!?
    I'm extremely disappointed!

  70. Nerdymetalhead91

    I am going to keep it simple. I LOVE Eluveitie's music. Old and new. I am no elitist and I am no poser. If I like it, I like it, and no one is going to change it or ruin it for me.

  71. Nudelllsuppe

    I love this song!

  72. Jason F

    To everyone hating on Eluveitie. You do not understand that they can not control their success, and once their fanbase grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to please everyone. They have had to deal with disembarking band members on every one of their albums, and have adapted very well each time. They discovered a sound with Helvetios and decided to continue with it. You can't fault them for trying what their creativity desires. This is Folk Metal, it is a very diverse genre, but one thing that is common throughout Eluveitie's history is the historical influence in their lyrics; which is very prevalent in Origins. They are a young band, and they have years to impress all you elitists out there. But for now, just let the people who appreciate origins enjoy their music without having to defend it.

  73. Rhapsody Of Fire

    I like the female vocalist..not this one. the way they play different instrument is great but the vocal is full of junk shit.

  74. Alejandrod N-E

    haters gonna hate

  75. Frozen Tomb

    Metalcore song with flute ,it all goes downhill from there,although it doesn't sound  bad at all ,it still isn't what I would expect from eluveitie and as @warchief ultradeath conan barbarian terminator....  said ,this band is truly a poser magnet,all my fancy ass hair friends listen to this and slipknot thinking they are very metal because of that

    Túlio Alves de Paula

    I bet you think you're "very metal"... Are you like 12 or what?

    Frozen Tomb

    ^You have no ideea how wrong you are,i'm actually 7

    Siggi Tiggi

    @beyondR Edemption What no-one told you? Metal is a competition now. It doesn't matter if this has been the music you've been listening for as long as you remember yourself. If you don't listen to underground kvlt black metal you aren't metal enough and will be deemed a poser..

    On another note yes this is a strange side note for Eluveitie, but every band has to experiment in their own way, that keyboard/synth sound is annoying the shit out of me tho.

    Túlio Alves de Paula

    @Siggi Tiggi LOL I completely agree, but having certain aspects of the band's new music annoy you is one thing. Saying that they're "not metal enough" is just immature... I think it's poisonous to the scene.

    Siggi Tiggi

    I couldn't agree more to it being poisonous to the scene. However sometimes it does unfortunately apply. So many former metal bands are starting to go towards rock based music. This however remains metal, as shown by the distortion, drums and so on and so forth.

  76. Roman RIANN Pausch

    This is the worst lyric video,which I see in my life O.o ... Sorry, but Eluvetie deserve more better lyric video from proffesional :) ..

  77. Daniel Avram

    We love,big hug !!!

  78. misuzu84gao

    I dont know why I even read Youtube comments. All I find is hate, everytime, with every band. You can go anywhere else on the internet and most people will love Eluveitie or express their opinion in a respectful way.
    Personally, I dont like this song that much but the new album is in general very good.

  79. ConnectionGhost

    ...che creazione....

  80. Hummelwalker

    One of my favs from Origins!

  81. Hanice Gutierrez

    This is TOTAL crap

  82. Fraktal Abyss

    boring stuff...

  83. SilentRider

    I've listened to the album a thousand times and my favorite song is still Celtos :)

    Gabriel Sá Pinto

    Makes you want to dance and sing along doesn't it? Somehow reminds me of Luxtos from the previous album although I'm aware the meaning of the lyrics is completely different.


    it's my favorite too , but they don't perform it live :(

  84. karaouq

    This band is amazing

  85. Branos Nygaard

    You know, it might be lighter then what I prefer, but this is still one of my favorite songs from Origins, and I'm glad it got a lyric vid.

  86. himelodykek

    the song is amazing .. so is the album ... fucking retarded haters, gtfo if you don't like it don't tarnish this song's beauty with your stupidity, thx :)

  87. Elias Ramirez

    Omg! is good c':

  88. Mark Thomas Cleary

    Awesome as always

  89. Eric Lueck

    Excellent! Metal doesn't have to be a contest of heavy brutality though it can, but melodic instrumentation is hardly a bad thing, just an esthetic choice. This band is awesome for combining melodeath and great Celtic melodies, some of my favorite things. Not only that, but a rare metal band that has really good dynamics. Hell, you can hear the fiddles and drums perfectly, giving them a bit more warmth and vibrancy than most metal bands.

    Luke Walker

    plus they put and a damn killer live show


    Well said Eric if people shared the same attitude as you this world would be a better place..


    Hell yeah man! This bad rocks! Cheers!

  90. Clement Gaillard

    So much shitty comments ! "He who has ears to hear, let him hear", for fuck's sake, were are yours, raging people ???

    Petter Christensen

    Agreed! Personally I really like their new vibe. It's not as heavy as before, but heck, it still has those melodies and funky instruments which got me hooked in the first place!

  91. alberto vergara

    check out please 
    thank you!

  92. MetalUnitesPeople

    I miss the old "Inis Mona" style :(

    Danusz .W

    @MetalUnitesPeople Yes, you're right, it's a matter of personal taste. :)


    +MetalUnitesPeople The Call of the Mountain's is arguably the worst song they've ever written.
    Not only did they turn their backs on what they usually stand for but the song is just taking the safe and boring route: Guitars low in the mix with the most basic of riffs, a melody over them and a female vocalist who is amazing usually but in that song she went full pop-mode.
    While i do agree that Inis Mona is one of their best songs, there are also many more which shame these new ones with the amount of energy, spirit and effort that was put into them.
    Gray Sublime Archon, Quoth The Raven, Of fire, wind and wisdom, Neverland, Slania's Song and Nil, just to name a few.

    Topper Harley

    +Shard Damn them for trying something different. They should just keep doing the same things for each album...


    +Topper Harley You obviously didn't read the comment through.
    Read it and try again.

    Julien Delegrange

    MetalUnitesPeople i agree

  93. centyliard

    What happened to this band...they went downhill with every album, but the newest one is complete mistake. They don't even sound like folk metal at all! They're just metalcore with hurdy-gurdy now. Just listen to Spirit, or even Slania, then you will see what I mean. This album is complete trash.


    so don't listen them if you don't like it.


    @nolbex so don't comment if you don't agree

    Chris Epperson

    @WhiteSwan Inis Mona, primordial breath and Slania are my favorite. I don't mind Havoc or the siege but Bloodstained ground is just thrash. I like heavy and epic. I can do fast like Amon Amarth's cry of the black birds. But it has to be clean with me.

    Spookyskele Bloke

    Did you just say that the shallow void that is Helvetios is better than Origins? I can definitely pick tracks from Helvetios better than The Silver Sister in particular, the title track, Luxtos, even Havoc, or the Siege, but the entire albums over all? Ya, no, Origins isn't very good (relative to Eluveitie at least) but Helvetios is worse. That being said, even Helvetios is better than most Metalcore act's albums that have released the past couple of years. Which is a further testament to how crap Pop has become over all the past couple of years, because even most Deathcore records from the past year are better than most releases under pop or hip hop. I'd be lying through my teeth if I said there aren't counter examples to this claim, however. *cough* Attila *cough*


    centyliard Spirit will always be one of my favorite albums, and its my fave Elu album. While i agree that Helvetios and Origins lacks that "atmosphere" that was in Spirit the band is still the same. I still enjoy all of them and its still celtic folk metal musically and lyrically.

  94. todd tizzod

    I laugh at all of these "miscreants" who claim to know what metal is.I suggest you start a band and try to get signed and become as popular as Eluveitie.I love this new record..!


    Thanks a lot for your motivating words, man ;)
    There are a lot of jerks around, it seems....


    @warchief ultradeath conan barbarian terminator.... BVB? Uhm... well... I think bands like Eluveitie kick BVB's ass :D
    Well, I don't like BVB, but I don't hate them. I just don't believe eluveitie is on Black Veil Brides popularity level.
    Well, maybe they are, but I think you can't compare them.


    No its never been about doing what they do, its about to many people presenting their oppinions as fact. I love this new band, but I wouldnt try to shovel that one down peoples troat... some people doesnt take that into consideration that we all can have different oppinions, and due to this they oraly rape you with their oppinion trought text untill you submit or ignore them... Thats sad actually since there can never be a great constructive discussion about the elements of the songs that are good, what doesnt sit well, what could be improved, and have these giving discussions instead of I hate this fucking shit why cant it be moore morbid dark and heavy like my other bands, it fucking sucks so hard I cant breathe because I just can sit you know the drill.... Im not saying it isnt ok to dislike something, but its never done with finess and some elaboration to what key elements that one dislike. I hope eluvetie keeps doing music, its a band close to my heart for their folk, metal mix.

    Connor Mahaffey

    @Legion12Centurion great way of putting it man

    Luis Daniel Sosa Garcia

    G TS  nice

  95. mc23243

    I love the whole album

  96. Matúš Pečit


  97. Ambar

    Unfortunately this is one of the worst songs of Eluveitie. Still one of my favorite bands. I also liked their newest album.