Eluveitie - Nothing Lyrics

So many lives faded, withered away. And many were born.
Much that was great and significant sank into irrelevance.
Today became history, history became legend,
And fell into oblivion.
Yet nothing vanishes without a trace.
Everything that is sprang from what was.

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Eluveitie Nothing Comments
  1. AngryKhan

    "Everything that is sprang from what was."

  2. Arslan

    çok güzel ya' :D

  3. Wulfrik, the Berserker

    This is best to listen just before call of the mountains, it feels like it's intro tho.

  4. MultiFLASH2

    Have you (Eleuveitie) composed the poem -track 06 "Nothing" or is it have been taken from elsewhere? Thanks! I love it and "The call of the mountains" song aswell!