Eluveitie - From Darkness Lyrics

Is it not ironic
How your favorite dread
Is the matrix in which you were formed
The unfathomable dark
Of a realm arcane and burrowed far below

The grain sprouts from deep 'neath the soil
Where sunlight will never ever reach

From darkness we come
That shelter where all life is formed
To darkness we sail
Eternal refuge of the soul

The darkness of night goes out
When dawn befalls in the time between the times
And the grain in the soil, buried deep
Shall not bear fruit unless it dies
In the dark of Antumnos
The Awen waves and life is conceived

The day is born from the night
In the three night of Samon the year is born
So the song has been sung
Let him hear it who will

Is it not ironic
How you cling so hard
To all evidence of all there is
As you maintain your unbroken urge
To explain what you can't

The child grows in its mother's womb
Enshrouded and concealed

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Eluveitie From Darkness Comments
  1. Voidragon Gaming

    This Song is as Awesome as it is Profound.

  2. Sound Leader

    Currently listening to: Eluveitie - From Darkness

  3. Tomek Wodowski

    Ooo kuuurwaaa ;D

  4. HilalBilal

    this music make me addicted for 2 months, its beautiful and heroic.

  5. Yesマツー

    Lyrics plz?

  6. Tibo

    I don't exaclty know why, but this song feels unique in a way out of all their other songs.

  7. Adam Safade

    Thanks to hound of tara

  8. Octavian Vână Stîncel

    This is the best of You !!! I love you and i wish to see you in Romania very soon,this year...or maybe next year! Best regards from your fans to Romania

  9. Den Greenwich


  10. Aize

    shoutout to Hound of Tara

    George Dorokhov

    Ace lol

  11. Dawid Kacprzak

    ISN'T THIS IRONIC !!!! how some people click dislike ...

    Anders Midnatt

    They're soulless motherfuckers to do that. Eluveitie rules, pop shit sucks.

  12. Alessand282

    This song needs official video!!!!!... Ah ok, now it's impossible :/

  13. James McCrea

    I love the song, but I always felt the bass drum was a little much. It pulls too much focus and drowns the other instruments.

  14. damaron

    this nummer help me sleep wen i not Come asleep

  15. damaron

    this nummer help me sleep web i bot Come asleep

  16. Luis Fernandez

    27 people have shit in their mind

  17. Tommy Wiseau

    The Golden One

  18. Poltergeist Official

    the Golden One brought me here and got me into Eluveitie


    Hopefully he got you into training as well. He's a great motivator

    Fríða Adora Decker

    Hound of Tara brought me to quoth the raven which got me into Eluveitie and now I'm at this amazing song of theirs

    A lost man

    Hound of Tara also brought me here. Also, The Golden One is an excellent motivator and an inspiration to us all. Take care my fellow brothers.


    Whats The Golden One?

  19. Felix Ohlig

    can't get enough of eluveitie and this song <3

  20. _ ErzaTheLight _

    Indeed. One can simply not dislike Eluveitie.

  21. Catherine McClain

    It works as a great morning alarm.

    Marcel Adrian Munteanu

    I was thinking the same! :)

  22. ytsersius

    i think i found my favourite song to headbang to

  23. JeanSerge Versteegh

    Don't you forget about Christ ...
    satan you've bin conquered
    don't you forget

  24. Miroslav Hudák

    Best music <3

  25. Hadar Moshe

    this song is elite!!

  26. Alex


    Felipe Alegría Gaete

    Make European companies to move from my country, because Latin America is ours too then ;)


    No one likes your shitty country

  27. FatalRights

    amazing song. been listening to this band for awhile now cant believe i never knew about them before!! they are amazing one of the very few bands where i enjoy just about every single one of their songs. besides call of the mountains and rose for epona this is my favorite song by them

  28. Tomcio Paluch

    I dancing in eternity

    Juri Nacciarriti

    are you a dream theatre fan?

    Tomcio Paluch

    Now no, but in future? Who know:)

  29. Fatih Aytug


  30. Jacob Stannah

    yay I'm a toaster now :D

  31. Lady of Anthrazil

    I love it<3


    \,,/ yeahhhh...


    mah nigga


    mah nigga

    Haldarion Winged

    pala pa papa #Macdo

    Ok i'm already out

    Bozz SG

    And i love you 😘

  32. Transylvania Vampires

    Nice song!
    It would be even more nice if they would have decided to keep just the folk without drums and electric guitars but still nice :)


    +Transylvania Vampires But then it wouldn't be metal


    Mixing the two is genius though. Otherwise it's just some flute solo.

  33. Anders Midnatt

    And for now we're 1069 Celts vs. 9 petty outcasts.


    But like, Gaulish is an ancient Celtic language. so technically calling them Celts is Correct.

    The Gauls were Celtic peoples inhabiting Gaul in the Iron Age and the Roman period (roughly from the 5th century BC to the 5th century AD). Their Gaulish language forms the main branch of the Continental Celtic languages.

    The Celtic people were very Nomadic, the people in which language Eluveitie sings in (Gaulish) were Celts that lived in Gaul, which got taken over by the Romans forcing the Gaulish language to become extinct, whereas Celtic/Gaelic/Irish stuck around because of their traditions of moving from place to place being Nomadic and everything.

    Anders Midnatt

    Yes, Gaulish language is Celtic, and exhibit some similarity with Gaelic (Irish), they both are called 'P-Celtic' along with Celtiberian (whose speakers were inhabiting Spain except northeast, where were - and are - Basque people, and southwest, where were the Iberic peoples of Tartessus and some Phoenician colonies.

  34. Postermaestro

    I can't help it, but I just cringe when they are doing the growling.. Overall pretty nice song though


    You don't like metal or just this guy?


    @Pocahontas Well if all metal contains growling, I guess I don't like metal. I don't see how it is pleasant to listen to at all


    @Postermaestro it's just a preference. I can't stand country or rap and I don't see the appeal but others like it.


    I agree, I'm not a fan of growling/screaming vocals either. The music is great though.


    Not sure if anyone likes it at first. It's definitely an acquired taste - one listens for the instrumentation, becomes familiar with the subtleties in each guttural vocalist, and develops a taste for it. Once you've heard the really bad gutturals (omnium gatherum - the unknowing, for example, though grey havens was pretty great) the people who can do it well (chrigel glanzmann, johan hegg, mikael stanne, etc) sound that much better

  35. seancsnm

    It took 10 seconds to start getting chills.

    I must be getting numb.

  36. lazerbeam134

    Is it not Ironic that your favorite dread is the matrix in which you are formed?

  37. MrDon

    666... aaand 667 now! :D sorry...

  38. Simone Tarenzi

    Just look at the number of likes and dislikes lol

  39. Alexandr Andriychuk

    Класно, Я УКРАЇНЕЦЬ І Я ТАЩУСЬ. Класна співанка.

  40. Kilian M

    Awsome, they're from my city and i get to see 'em often also in the city or the only metal bar there ^^

  41. baba jaga

    woodstock waiting for you see ya in 2015!!

  42. Balazs Ferenczi

    Hmm.....the refrain kind of reminds me of Iced Earth's Watching Over Me :P

    Lord Kiborg

    thank vou to writed this 'cause I got to know this song and it's awesome :D

  43. Aritra Roy

    Love you!!!!!! \m/\m/\m/

  44. Marcos Summers

    Eluveitie no Brasil em 2015! Great!!

  45. Tarek Youssef

    I must learn this and make a cover..


    Did you

  46. chris Dailakis

    What album is this? I can't remember the name :/

    Ben Kerry

    +Arsany Osama "Kinda" :D

    Arsany Osama

    @Ben Kerry

    An arrow in the knee

    Arsany Osama is it too late to reply in your comments?

    Loan Wauthion

    i know its really fucking late but the album's cover and name are right there XD

    Loan Wauthion

    i know its really fucking late but the album's cover and name are right there XD

  47. exlibrisas

    I can`t believe my radio stations never play metal.


    That's cuz the radio sucks. Just unoriginal cash grabbing crap that appeals to the masses. Mostly.


    You could say that's "pop-culture".

  48. xPloSiVgT

    Wow that intro

  49. Luc Wetherbee

    Superior intro. Nothing more must be said, more horns must be put up. \m/

  50. guardianro

    I cannot fathom how exactly one can dislike this, probably lack of soul...

    Quinn A.

    @Turin Dagnir​ by the way, I didn't even say a single word against your friend. I just intended to say that Metal critisizers are stupid because they speak before thinking (listening in that case). So please spread your flame elsewhere.


    +guardianro SFANTA NASCATOARE DATATOARE DE VIATA !!!!!!!!111 one one

    Gerwin van der Linden

    +Turin Dagnir Actually, Christianity is ALL about being gentle to every other person.


    +Gerwin van der Linden Except the slaves ofc, which you can beat as much as you want, unless you kill them Exodus 21:20-21 etc.


    +QuickStrike0065 rofl why would you remove it? Let people see how stupid it is instead

  51. andreosterlindh

    This take the cake :) If someone asks me to show them Celtic/Folk metal, It's this somg!!


    andreosterlindh Uis Elveti

  52. Saanjt

    What melody or beat are they are using in the song? What's the name on the start music before the drums and singing? Really want / need to know!!


    what do you mean? It's all original. 


    It's called "from darkness" by eluveitie. Nothing more.


    Eluveitie pays homage to historical tunes in some of their songs, like Inis Mona (Tri Martolod) and Luxtos (La jument de Michao), but AFAIK not in this one.

  53. Thomas Guiblain

    Just ... :O m'y favorite, w/ King.

    Arsany Osama

    +Thomas Guiblain Same here :p


    +Thomas Guiblain Exactly.. sadly that's the good part about the song though 0:33 I mean seriously wtf..

  54. HardMusical ActivityChannel

    Wonderful ! The begining is exceptionnel