Eluveitie - Celtos Lyrics

Ueuone drucorigin
Auios auiettos, auios auiei
Mantrat-io ulatin
Auios auiettos, auios auiei

Doaxte in bretannoi rigion
Auios auiettos, auios auiei
Belorigos argantios

Comanxte mercin rigos
Auios auiettos, auios auiei
Siraxta gabesse

Sin cecantont uidlui
Tre panpe aisson

In the west he rose
The high king from Antumnos
With a high queen
Noble daughter of Bretannos
Their first born son, lo, the sovereign Celtos
The world marveled at the offspring of the Antumnos

Uiors benape bisiomos
Auios auiettos, auios auiei
Bie matir mouon mapon

Gegnetro eobon mapos
Auios auiettos, auios auiei
Iaccousassos aurios

Bou uassoi anuan Celtos
Auios auiettos, auios auiei
Doaxte neruos caros
Maras boudas doaxte eu

Eddi-jo atir cenetli
Auios auiettos, auios auiei

Sin cecantont uidlui
In cantlobi senauon

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Eluveitie Celtos Comments
  1. Omar Aseery

    the witcher OST on steroids

  2. epic chad alpha IV

    Does anyone have any information on the meaning of this song or translation?

  3. Bryan S.

    Umm... The on-beat?? Holy Christ, someone grab the crown... There be kings amongst us 😍👍

  4. Uiros Rios

    Some rough translation;
    Doaxte in bretannoi rigion (Doughter of Bretannoi)
    Auios (Grandson)
    Mapon (Son)

    I think Gaulish ones are similar to English.

    Winter's King

    Rigion means queen. It's the female form of ri which means king.

  5. Lilou Eugénie

    Gaulish ? 😊

    Lyrics Mania

    Lilou helvète 😉

    Lilou Eugénie

    LyricsMania Ok thank you 😙

    Stefan Bi.

    Is nice 👍👍👍

  6. Evan Adler

    0:56 Tri Martolod <3

  7. Devil Shoez

    Heard on Storming The Ramparts show tonight on 89.5 WSOU Seton Hall Pirate radio.

  8. Yann Leglise

    Ahaha, it is a nice mix between the original versions from Tri Yann :) https://youtu.be/3-M7HBsV1RA and Alan Stivell https://youtu.be/wMQbcGNs9kg

  9. caim

    this song fits ulfric stormcloack

    Winter's King

    But windhelm is in the east...

  10. Fouad Banomar afallah tamssint

    Tri Yan botón

  11. ViviH Martiins

    Ai que música boa <3

  12. Mattéo Vivies

    Auios Auiei

  13. Bexith Bluewing

    Makes me shiver...

  14. Tommy Wiseau

    The Golden One


    The paradise hotel nationalist kek


    @Albin lmao, was he really on?


    No actually not, but he would fit right in.


    Anyhow support the Nordic resistance movement www.nordfront.se

  15. Cardouille

    3 use of the same trad music by Eluvetie damn ! :o

  16. Bobby Hill

    Real Shit

  17. Mac Kent



    Dave J

    Mac Kent Gaul (Latin: Gallia) was a region of Western Europe during the Iron Age that was inhabited by Celtic tribes, encompassing present day France, Luxembourg, Belgium, most of Switzerland, Northern Italy, as well as the parts of the Netherlands and Germany on the west bank of the Rhine

    Dave J

    Mac Kent this also sounds nothing like Gaelic...nid yw'n swnio'n Gymraeg,chan eil e fuaim, ní fuaimeann sé irish

  18. Kizu no Otoko

    Chorus reminds me in some way of "Wanderer" by Ensiferum. Marvelous song!


    For me, too. Heard this song live at Rockharz and thought a little bit it was Ensiferum :D

  19. Zack

    This song very much reminds me of Luxtos. That being said, this is probably my favorite song from the album!

  20. wishuhadmyname

    3:30 most glorious key change in all of music

    Jeffrey Morneau

    truth has been spoken

  21. E C

    who is "Io"?


    Esther C "Lo" is an archaic way of saying "behold." Behold the sovereign Celtos

  22. Emilie Brooks

    Wow! So powerful and heroic! I need to see the English translation! I bet it tells an epic legend! The music is so adventures and beautiful!

  23. Alper Rahmanoğlu

    the solo that begins in 2:15 is killing me. Flutegasm.


    But a total Tri Yann ripoff

    Uiros Rios

    @Killian it is not a fucking 'ripoff". Also it is not just tri yann's song. It is originally a breton folk song.

  24. Dana Bremner

    anyone that can understand this song from canada can i hire you too teach me the language?

    Igor Solić

    @Doctor Horse
     I say descendant because it is. Latin was mixed with gaulish and so it was made new language, later on the Franks came and brought up their way of speaking, there we can see so many similarities with french today. After language evolved on it's own and that's how we have modern french, and nobody can say that in 500 years from now it will stay the same. Language is a living thing, and latin is not dead, nor gaulish, their DNA is just passed on some new generations. :)

    Doctor Horse

    Igor Solić for example the word go in french ils aller in gaulish if you say I go you say allu

    Igor Solić

    That just proofs how similar indicative of verb is, I don't get your point.
    And it is Ils vont, conjugated.

    Doctor Horse

    Igor Solić that va vas vont part comes from latin but somehow the language was able to preserve old gaulish word in allons allez or in imparfait etc.


    They've reconstructed the language (experts helped). Gaulish is a dead lang.

  25. Tina Adams

    this song is the best for an epic boss battle x3

  26. Ángela Gaviria


  27. Weozet

    Eluveitie is the Best Celtic Folk Metalband

    Lilou Eugénie

    Weozet yeah ! 💜

    Kevin Murillo

    Fuck yeah!

  28. グリッチ

    This is probably the only band that sings in a language I cannot understand and it doesn't bother me. Usually I just can't do it for some reason.

    Winter's King

    That language has been dead nearly 1900 years now so. Yeah there are translations but not much.

  29. Co já vim Tyvole

    This song is about Slavia Prague football club...thats why they sing " adios Slavieee "

    Dominik Cerman

    +Co já vim Tyvole Trapný -_-

  30. Damian Damian


  31. Qxyz Zyxq

    Ueuone drucorigin
    Auios auiettos, auios auiei !!!?

    Anders Midnatt

    +Qxyz Zyxq this 'u' between vowels is actually 'w', 'cause ancient gaulish scripts use latin letters where v, w and u are written v, or ancient greek letters, where for 'w' was used a digamma (ϝ)

  32. Rafael Augusto

    which language for that song?


    gaulish and english

    Mac Kent

    It's called gælic not Gaulish, the Gauls arnt Celtic, the Celtic tribes of Scandinavia, Scotland, Ireland Cornwall and wales spoke gælic, google still have scot gælic on translation and Welsh 😉


    Mac Kent celtic tribes from scandinavia???


    Actually it is called Gaulish, although the Gauls have more claim to being 'Celtic' than do the British or Irish.

    Lilou Eugénie

    Mac Kent The gauls are actually The celts...

  33. Γιώργος Τρίμπαλης

    HAIL to Celtic Metal!

    Yvonne Geffert


    Ailín Ó'S

    +Yvonne Geffert Yes, they're Celtic.

  34. Ioana Vintilă

    One of my favourite songs ever!

    Cezara R. Dulce

    Mineeee toooo!

  35. hvvryijjzdkk

    Ich kann dieses Lied mir ewig reinziehen ^-^ Es bleibt einfach endgeil ♪ Eluveitie <3 Yeah! :3

  36. Patrick Mooney

    is it me, or does this sound similar to Santiano? The name of the song escapes me at the moment, but one of Santiano's songs sounds pretty much like this =D minus the metal-ness

    The Nightingale

    Many folk songs have similarities.

  37. Traagst

    Instant classic! Can't wait to see this song live :D

  38. Nathan Houston

    I might die if no one knows what Auios auiettos, auios auiei means...

    Aaron Dyer

    +Nathan Houston What does it mean, i cant find anything about it anywhere. I do truly wish to know.

    Uiros Rios

    Auios means grandson.
    Auiettos means scarce , probably.
    And auiei means "from+(somewhere)" , but not sure about that one.
    Gaulish lyrics are similar to English ones.
    Gaulish lyrics are similar to

  39. Siranta Koirala

    Eluveitie is the best!!! Celtos, From Darkness, King and Silver Sister make the perfect album.

    Atheist American

    @Siranta Koirala Rose for Epona and Call of the Mountains!

    Karen Sullivan

    @Siranta Koirala that's right I love them


    And Slania's Song, Luxtos and Uis Elveti ☆

  40. Alex

    The chorus describes my girlfriend and I... She's a "Breton" because she was born in Ireland, I was born in the US..aka the west. And we both to have a son...

  41. Uncle Dolan

    Is it just me or the chorus sounds really similar to Ensiferum - Wanderer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5tZB1RVh7M

  42. Ilaria Pergola

    I love this song, and I know that the transaltion of the Gaulish lytics can't be found anywhere, but I'd like to understand what the English part is about; who is the king from Antumnos, who is his wife, and who is Io "sovereign Celtos"? I searched everywhere for legends regarding Io, or a King from Antumnos, but I could not find anything.

    Carlos Aragón

    @Alphard Killjoy Hard to find, refer to books about celts, I could find this: http://www.ldolphin.org/cooper/ch8.html but there are many stories kept within the local folk, myself not being a local, have problems locating this information

    Miah Josephson

    Relatively certain lo isnt the name since people use it in phrases
    I.e. lo and behold, your champion


    +Alphard Killjoy Antumnos is a derivation of the phrase ande-dubnos, a phrase found on a Gaulish curse tablet that literally translates as 'underworld'. The 'noble daughter of Bretannos' is a reference to a first century poet, Parthenius of Nicaea, who stated that Celtus was the son of Heracles (the Greek form of Hercules) and Keltine, daughter of Bretannus.  

    Antumnos was identified as a place of delights and eternal youth, not too dissimilar from the modern ideas of Heaven, or somewhere where the gods would live. Extending that argument, and taking the account of Parthenius, then Heracles, as the son of Zeus, could be held to be a king of men, hence the 'high king of Antumnos'.

    The Celtos thing is a little more convoluted so bear with me - the word Celt comes from the Latin Celtae, which itself derived from the word keltoi (no-one is entirely sure if the word actually has Greek roots, or comes instead from the Indo-European roots meaning to hide, to heat or to impel) and we get the root of Celt from Celtus, the son of Keltine, 'noble daughter of Bretannos' and Heracles. This became the eponym for the assorted peoples of Western Europe (Celts) so we get 'their first born son, lo the sovereign Celtos'

    From a linguistic perspective, it can be argued that the Celts became Celts from that word Celtus, who was born of Antumnos, thus themselves were the 'offspring of Antumnos'.

    Miah Josephson

    That is very informative, i thank you

  43. Josh Bouwens

    I can't find a translation of this and I really wish I could... if anyone out there knows the translation it would be very helpful!


    @Jonathanimator Best rough translation ever.

    Louis Psn

    @Jonathanimator Do you know what "Auios Auiettos" means please ? Because it's so catchy, I really want to know what it means ^^

    Louis Psn

    Thanks a lot mate, where did you learn so much about Gaulish ?


    Okay, so I was on Spotify, and on there is the bonus commentary stuff on the Origins CD. Apparently this is actually a retelling of how the ancient Celts believed they came into existence: by descending from the God of Antumnos (the Otherworld). So, it's basically the story of the souls of the Celts being created in the Otherworld and coming into this world and stuff.

    Thus, this song is not actually about a new king taking over.

  44. Lucas Lejeune

    what is the language in this song? :D


    The language is Helvetic (as spoken by the Helvetii tribe, historically located in Switzerland) Gaulish.

  45. irish0dragon0warrior

    Hey, did anybody catch that the tune of the chorus is the same tune as the chorus of their song "Inis Mona?" The actual tune is from the old Breton song 'Tri Martolod.'

  46. Yuna Blackmoon

    sounds similar to a song from saltatio mortis^^

  47. learwen

    Hanter-dro très ancienne de la région nantaise
    Hanter-dro is a type of song and this is a cover of an old Hanter-dro from the Nantes area in French Brittany. It was already covered by Tri Yann: Tri Yann - Maluron Lurette

  48. TetsuProductions

    The rhythm for the lyrics is from an old Breton song or verse.  Does anyone know what that particular piece is called, and maybe what it is about?

    Lyrics Mania

    This is the song ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-M7HBsV1RA


    Thanks a ton!


    LyricsMania damn dude thats neat!

    Lilou Eugénie

    TetsuProductions Tri martolod

  49. Blade of Ashtaroth

    Can't seem to find a translation for the lyrics anywhere.....Help!

    Snazzy Jovial Wyrm

    It's a dead Celtic language, so you're most likely not going to find it easily.

    Mac Kent

    NightshadeTS it's Celtic but there's no translation for it unless you find a native Celtic speaker, I'm native scot Celtic, we talk English as are language faided years ago but some like this band still talk Native Celtic

    Unomi Koshari

    It's Gælic, an ancient dead Celtic language. The band got help writing in this language from scientists. You're unlikely to find a translation anywhere


    Gaelic refers specifically to the Subgroup of the Celtic family found in Ireland and later in Western Scotland. This is in Gaulish, which is, as you say, dead, however it significantly different from Gaelic. This language retains case ending in nouns for example

    1983 A mermaid I should turn to be

    Gaelic is definitely not dead yet, I'm learning it right now. It is dying though. Help keep it from going the way of Gaulish!

  50. XMrSurrealisticX

    I bet my wood elf wardancers have this song on their ipod! :D

    Eduard Paček

    you sir made my day ... they surely have :D


    I guess... whatever you kids are calling it these days! ;)


    My nord headbangs to this

  51. FuckTheMainstream

    Origins is definitely the strongest album from Eluveitie to date.

    Bear D

    Yo it's been a while, but have you heard Ategnatos?

  52. Ariel G. IV

    Someone can help me? 
    I want the translation of the song Celtos, but is in a dead language.
    Can they help me?


    I do believe it's gaelic.

  53. megadethman101

    what language are they singing in?

    Jack Miller

    A renewed Gallic.

    Řehoř Řehoř

    It should be Gaulish

  54. lui gomgom

    Merci l'auteur! mais sais-tu où on peut trouver la traduction celte français ? En tous cas encore un coup de génie de eluveitie ;)

    Lyrics Mania

    j'ai pas trouvé mieux que ça . http://fr.lyricsfeast.com/paroles-celtos-de-eluveitie-traduction-francais.html

    Agent Smith

    En français, gaulish = gaulois :)
    There are some words in french that come from this language

  55. Simon Nader

    When I heard this song for the first time, my 5 senses stopped moving. My heart was pounding and my jaws were wide open.

    This song... paralyzed me on how awesome it it. Just a perfect and beautiful song.

  56. anna kleopatra

    Good one, much better than silver sister. Eluveitie forever and more!!!

  57. Pedro Sousa

    For anyone interested, heres the tradicional bretonne tune that eluveitie used for this one : Tri Yann - Maluron Lurette


    Thank you 👍

  58. KitchouaTembo

    I have a feeling this song could be inspired by celtic-like songs like Inis Mona and Luxtos are, am I crazy? Maybe I heard that somewhere before and I have fragments of memories that are coming back or they are just gods at it!

    Shawn Conway

    Well Inis Mona and Luxtos are bot cover of Manau's song. Inis Mona is La vallée de Dana.


    Sorry,Inis Mona is a metal cover of "Tri Martolod", just like "La vallée de Dana" is a cover of the same song by Manau. Luxtos is a cover of "J'ai vu le loup, le renard, le lièvre" wich is an old french song.

    Quentin .Gautreau

    Luxtos is more a cover of "La Jument de Michao", "J'ai vu le loup, le renard et le lièvre" is an old song in provencal french (Ai vis lo lop).
    The song Celtos is mainly based on the melody of
    "Maluron Lurette"


    @Uldrik34 Yeah for Luxtos you might be right, I just went straight to the root of the song. I dislike saying a song is based on a cover, but I guess sometimes the cover itself is different enough to inspire another one!

    As for Celtos, I'll take a look! 


    @Uldrik34 Jesus Christ, I went to listen to Maluron Lurette and it's exactly that!! I knew I heard that somewhere. We used to sing that when I was young, I'm from Quebec!

  59. TorpedoPatX

    Allthought the whole album is great, This song, together with Vianna are my favorites. By the way I haven´t found anything about it in the CD. But the girl who is talking at the end of origins, her voice sounds a little bit like Maisie Williams (Arya Stark actor from game of thrones) to me. Could it realy be her, or are my ears betraying me a bit.

    Guntis Balodis

    I am in the same thoughts and ears - it sounds like her like it was recorded 3 years ago


    Vianna, this, and King are in a three-way tie for me. A really strong album overall, and they just seem to keep getting better.

  60. dragothica

    Has to be my favourite song from Origins. The catchiness and that chorus.. All in all the song just feels natural, like it's floating on and on.. :D

  61. Anders Midnatt

    ...auios auiei... fuck, I don't know what it means, but it's catchy and sounds like a spell.

    miguel arturo palomares ruiz

    @*****  what about auois auiettos ?

  62. dragothica

    Extremely catchy, eventhough only the chorus is in english :-)

  63. Mentiri

    My favourite song from CD :))

    Hannah M

    I don't know... I can't decide between this, From Darkness, and Call of the Mountains. Then again, Virunus, King and The Silver Sister are all pretty amazing, too... it's just such a good album, it's hard to choose