Elton John - You Can Make History (Young Again) Lyrics

I can feel the time closing in
I can feel the years crawling through my skin
And if I doubt myself I can count on the rain
To cover the tears of this aging game

But I can count on you to play your part
I don't miss a beat of your animal heart
And when you push from behind I know I can
Cover a mountain with the palm of my hand

And oh babe, you can make history young again
You could rewrite, you could decide
The things that should or shouldn't have been
You could look at me in the scheme of things
Oh babe, you could make history young again

I can watch the weeks sweeping by
I can recollect the hearts hanging out to dry
When the world shuts down I can touch my fears
I can hear lost youth ringing in my ears

But I lost nothing when I gained you
You just blew me away with yesterdays news
When you run your fingers down my spine
It's like throwing a switch on the hands of time

Ancient minds, ancient lives
Got a way of coming around
If I knew then what I know now
I'd make it back to you somehow

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Elton John You Can Make History (Young Again) Comments
  1. Priscilla Amâncio

    São Paulo

  2. Mounia Kmm'

    My favorite ❤


    Yea to me do incredible and sentimental

  4. Renata Junqueira

    Elton John, linda canção. 😍🤩

  5. VoyageOne1

    My FAVOURITE 90's song from Elton.

  6. Karel Nicek

    text I do not speak english (((

  7. Cristina Rafaela De Souza

    This songs makes me calm Elton John for Samuel it's all he need

  8. Jimmy Gross

    I remember buying the Love Songs album on CD back in 1996

    cano rolon

    Jimmy Gross i broght a CD per $50.00 double of the success i had about 10 CD of him

  9. Mack Sarnie

    This was his best look

  10. terry tuna

    the sound track of my life

  11. Cristina Rafaela De Souza

    It's coming the time for us too

  12. Crazy organist

    Beautiful absolutely beautiful

  13. Luke Freedom


  14. Gilmara Guedes

    Amo essa música 🔊🎶🎤

  15. david Chiodi

    King of pop music

  16. Gilmara Guedes

    2018 🔊🎤

  17. Keith Webb

    A great light and breezy song.

  18. EY Live

    He looks so refreshingly happy in this video.

    Crazy organist

    He we being his true self .

  19. gloiven andersson

    a smile is camoflauge for heartbroken. we all know he has a good pacemaker.

  20. Christoph Roman

    excellent song, excellent video

  21. redthorn 2000

    He still sings 2018

  22. Darren Bethell

    Fantastic song

  23. Greg Lima

    Baby, I'M Y O U R I'm your man

  24. Frank Collins

    It isn't often enough that we get to see Elton dance!

  25. terry tuna

    man i love this

  26. Alex Almeida

    sem o piano? kkk.primeira vez que vejo .

    Elaine Costa Barbosa

    Alex Almeida hahah até que tem bastante vídeo no YouTube dele sem o piano, mas ele nunca sabe o que fazer, tadinho rsrsr

    Tania Miranda

    @Elaine Costa Barbosa e verdade ele fica sem jeito

    Elaine Costa Barbosa

    Tão fofinho <3

  27. Guilty Pleasure

    What a clean voice.

  28. Pushin Tin Charters

    Great music....#easylistening

  29. SugahShy

    Won't the right one turn the clock back on a heart? Man. On point, RD.

  30. sara galindorivera

    Amo su música, su piano, es un gran músico.

  31. Mariella Benavente

    Una de mis favoritas!

  32. Daniel Reyes

    *Al fin la encuentro, tanto tiempo que me pase buscándola shale*

  33. John White

    One of my favorite things to do is to second-guess what the lyrics should or shouldn't have been haha like for instance here he could have said could or should have been instead of trying to fit shouldn't in there where you really can't hear it at all anyway. it sounds like should or should have been. anyway, that's what I like

  34. John White

    No bridge

  35. Jezz Max

    Great song..Love it

  36. Camilla Sanches Lira

    o melhor !

  37. Inaldo Silva

    Magnífica canção

  38. Alan Alvarez

    I Love You Elton!!

    Daniele Clauzel

    I love Elton, too, so much

  39. Maxim Sukhanov

    This song sounds like true Reg - sincere, tender, loving and openhearted. Thank you for being with us so long Elton! I can't stop loving you!

    Harendran Karthik

    True reg means

  40. Jezz Max


  41. Jezz Max

    The Best👍👍👍👍

  42. Purple Melody (ColumineMiette)

    One of my favorite songs ever <3

    Crazy organist

    Mine too

  43. Valeria Khusainova

    Why did they disliked this video?

  44. Kristine B. McAnelly

    Not all songs need to be listened to in a sexual content. I'm imagining that struggle where many of us have hit the wall, cliff, or edge of reason and need that support to carry on to the top of the mountain. The courage of a Lion.

  45. Jucileia Gomes

    amo muito muito

  46. Owen Foster

    Who is he singing about to change History?...

  47. Retro Reginald

    Elton, oh my gosh, you're so handsomely beautiful!!

    Renee Hampton

    Yes he is

  48. Globalst Trekker

    Greatest entertainer of the century award

  49. Lissy Silva

    Hummmm adoro esse homem, como é gostoso escutar suas canções, cresci apreciando essa jóia 😍❤😘

  50. DO HANH

    Nice Song khakhakha 😂😂😂😁😁😁

  51. Antorcha D

    well... and now in HD.. thanks Vevo..!

  52. Antonio Sousa


  53. Tinkaluisa

    Such a lovely song, and such a great video to accompany it. Very touching, especially coming from someone with such a public history.

  54. I M

    Awesome. Feels like perfection.

  55. Marinalva Santos Pereira

    Te amo Elton John !

  56. mabura

    very deep song with deep meaning. motivated me to pick myself up again from a low point in life. truly inspirational. great song

  57. Karina de oliveira


  58. Iris Gross

    Great song. Can't believe this was 20 years ago

    Irene Brophy

    Iris Gross Me too!!!

  59. Grace Abraham

    Elton John the best my favorite 😘😘😘😙😙😙😙

  60. Juliana Santana

    Juliana Elton John lindo esse clipe de 2005

  61. Ali Kashwani

    Really grows on you, like this song a lot after several listens.

    Retro Reginald

    SAME HERE!!!!!!!!

    Daniele Clauzel

    I love this song, I love Elton so much.

  62. Furtunatamariadaconceicao Conceição

    minha paixão Jhonny🍃🍃👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍✍✍✍❤💖❤🎼❤😘😘😘😘

  63. Nina Cokolova

    Очень красивое,спокойное релаксирующее произведение-ОГРОМНОЕ спасибо за позитив! ТАЛАНТИЩЕ!!!!!!!!

  64. Como se sentirá en ser unos de los grandes en la historia musical de todos los tiempos? Grande ELTON JOHN!!! desde Chile.

  65. Rob Gleason

    when Elton says when you push from behind I know I can cover a mountain with the palm of my hand says he still has a great sex life go Elton

    Nicat B

    That made me chuckle

    Frank Collins

    You're calling him a bottom? That's a horrible thing to say.

    Sameh Strauch

    Rob Gleason Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics, so I doubt it has that disgusting meaning.

  66. Huy Tran

    what a legend...will never me matched and is one of the best gifts to the music industry. EJ forever.

  67. Alex Creation

    Элтон просто милашка!

  68. SkitHertz

    One of my favourite songs of his!

  69. Zeone Oliveira

    Grande fera da música show

  70. Renata Durisova

    Il Migliore

  71. Kenneth F. Klein

    Lookin good and soundin good as usual! Miss ya Elton

  72. Arpan Majumder


  73. Daileon dai

    Quando eu comprei o single da Princesa Diana tinha essa musica e eu todo dia a escutava quando ia pra escola.

    Priscilla Amâncio


    Minha mãe tinha

  74. jhenri moraes

    the best

  75. Frederico Louzada

    thank you very much !!!!!!!!

  76. Adriana Almeida Andrade

    amo Elton john😍😍😍😍😍

    Alejandro Matias Lofranco

    es lo mas,,

  77. Steve Lee

    This track needs to be on Spotify!!

    Crazy organist

    Steve Lee it certainly does or even amazon

    Gaetano Novielli

    It is!! Check in his compilation album entitled "Love Songs"! :)

    Po Kamnuandej

    Do you own the Candle in the Wind 1997 single? This song is on that single as the last track.


    yet it is not there, still :(

    Harendran Karthik

    Song is there in spotify

  78. AeroLamb999

    This man is a true icon.