Elton John - Wicked Dreams Lyrics

It's written clear across the room
In silent words the blind could understand
I came here to relax and find
A sleep that soaks me up like surf and sand

And you appear as I descend
A soft outline all poised and feather light
I come into the darkness now
To conjure up a dream and close my eyes

Don't disturb me if you dare
Join me if you have the nerve
I'll show you where the best of me has been
Behind my eyes I'll wait for you
Imagine just what we could do
Come join me in my wicked dream

Don't send me back to real life
The daily grind just leaves me feeling numb
Leave me in my wicked dream
Where pressure cracks and beauty comes undone

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Elton John Wicked Dreams Comments
  1. Deka7X9

    Not a huge fan of this album personally, but this song’s amazing. One of his best

  2. Jim Jimmy

    So many terrific songs on this album!

    tonizuka ka

    totally true

  3. Prithvi Sindhar


  4. lb9721


  5. Matthew Todd Adcock

    One of the greatest songs of this man’s career!


    Matthew Adcock Very underrated


    @colemann76 so many of his songs are