Elton John - The Drover’s Ballad Lyrics

From the sunburned plains of far-off North Australia
Came a fella born to ride the wide, brown land
Oh, he grew up runnin' wild
But soon, by all, was styled
As the country's greatest-ever drovin' man

Oh, his legend rode the winds from Broome to Darwin
They loved and loathed him right from end to end
For when the drover gave his heart
To a girl whose skin was dark
From that day on, he was no white man's friend

So goes The Drover's story, you'll hear it near and far
And in the end, it's all he'll ever own
It says, "The outcast is a free man
If he sleeps under the stars
Makes the blanket of the southern skies his home"

Then they called him up to fight for Mother England
In a far-off war that spilled his brothers' blood
Inside the jaws of Hell
Where both his brothers fell
He just watched his faith in man die in the mud

There was no hero's welcome for The Drover
Just a country that had turned its back on him
When he came home from the war
His sick wife, they were not pure
They let her die for the colour of her skin

So goes The Drover's story, you'll hear it near and far
And in the end, it's all he'll ever own
It says, "The outcast is a free man
If he sleeps under the stars
Makes the blanket of the southern skies his home"

The Drover is a man of constant shadows
Haunted by his pain, his past, and name
For every mile he rides
What he cannot hide
Is the longing in his heart to love again

So goes The Drover's story, you'll hear it near and far
And in the end, it's all he'll ever own
It says, "The outcast is a free man
If he sleeps under the stars
Makes the blanket of the southern skies his home"

Makes the blanket of the southern skies his home
His home

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Elton John The Drover’s Ballad Comments
  1. juri jansons

    the outcast is like a hunting guide in the Yukon territory

  2. Alex Z

    Великая песня для великого Фильма.

  3. GingerNinja

    Jackman was 110% edible in this movie. Cor!

  4. Alex Zakhvatoff

    The Great Movie !

  5. Stanley Hendrix

    I loved the movie. and love that Elton Jon song

  6. Daniel Lee

    Beautiful song.

  7. Tye Guthrie

    Well i will enlighten you all Sir Eton John , is pure genius , he got this song perfect the lyrics and music were perfect , both of the actors Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman played better roles than i thought possible , I believe i am right in saying the movie is BASED on
    fact not copied from facts , so bound to be discrepancy what the true dates , times costume and dialogue , putting all that aside i as a 57 yr old English man will admit i shed quite a few tears while watching the movie .
    So to all you haters etc , with every T/V set sold or any other modern day devices around today the ALL HAVE AN OFF BUTTON try using them , then you wont be offended by the bad story or the actors then , just save yourself from commenting all your nasty vile comments on here This movie in my book deserved 5 stars minimum .
    Only one bad thing in my opinion is that Sir Elton John never released The Drovers Ballad as a single or even on compilation album ,but we can live in hope that someday he will release it to his fans

    Sandra Jones

    Tye, thanks for your support of the film which was very under-rated in America where it flopped. I think that is the reason it was never made into a CD. However the soundtrack including the Drover's Ballad is available on iTunes. Here is the link: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/australia-music-from-the-movie/319866025

    Tye Guthrie

    Thank you for the info and link Sandra , you can be sure i will be buying it ASAP once again thank you

  8. 김고은

    Does anyone know what instruments are used for this song???????

  9. Tim Dowling

    How could 16 viewers dislike this song?

    Libertarian Socialist

    Tim Dowling We can't say their names.

  10. Eddie J

    I worked at amc theatres in the 2000s, and while I never seen this movie, always loved cleaning it, because they played during the credits, a nice song.

  11. HM Y

    What kind of genre is this song? I would love to hear some more of this kind.


    Elton John's albums "Songs From The West Coast" and "The Captain And The Kid" are full of such songs.Give them a listen.

  12. Tim Dowling

    I have watched the movie several times and always enjoy it.  The "Drovers Ballad" is certainly on my list of Top 10 Songs ever written.

  13. Violet Thatcher

    Love all the music,Movie was great

  14. Jason Carpp

    I love this song! One of Sir Reggie's (Elton John's) best songs to date. It's a damn unforgivable shame that it's not available on CD. That's how I listen to my music. :)


    Bernie Taupin has Satanic art all over his walls....fact !

    Sandra Jones

    But it was released on iTunes. I managed to get the whole lot. I think it wasn't released on CD because it bombed in the US. If it had done well there, it probably would have been on CD.

  15. Jerry Sutton

    It was a magnificent movie...a love story and how good people overcome evil, plus I love the song The Drover.

  16. Monique Lydia


  17. Paichan13

    Saw this movie on thanksgiving in the theatre. I don't think I've had such a connection with a movie that I wasn't planning to go see since. I love this movie, I love this song, and I think it's one of those movies that everyone needs to see at least once in their life

  18. Harold Reesor

    I love this movie it is my new favorite.It has so much love and connection.Elton Johns Drover is great!!!!

  19. PianoDisneygal10

    This song is great, and so is the movie!

  20. shadowskater11

    i love this movie and this man and the woman i love all:D and you also;)thankls for this video cowboy

  21. Bajwi

    my best movie and my best ved

  22. Sandra Jones

    It's the 2nd song in the credits at the end of the movie.

  23. Mewtoy

    aye you got that right!

  24. Klausijr

    Did a Trainee-ship in the Kimberley as a Jackeroo. It is a Lifestyle that i still remember after nearly 20 years. Now, im a Digger in the Reserves, and a Truck Driver. I can at least say to my friends in Europe that i am a Cowboy. LolOLOloLoo

    Lt Dan

    Wow a reserve truckwit

  25. MysticMagicalMayhem

    This movie always gets me sobbing, and i love elton john's music!

  26. Janet White

    @VeggieVamp762 Supposedly married when he left for war. Loved Jackman in the role, but it should have been two movies with first love and war with makeup to "youthen" him perhaps Gallipoli and Beersheba cavalry then the dying wife created the drover. A second movie as WWII. If done right they could have even done a "Little Big Man" and let him age to 106 for the Centennial in 2001. Luhrman missed an opportunity to do the whole sweep of early Australian history with iconic character.

  27. Joshua Craft

    The movie Australia should have been made in 2 movies. It was about an hour too long as one movie. the first half was a story in itself the second half was a related story that could have been put out as a sequal. I think that if it had been done that way the original movie would have been a sweeping hit.

  28. Tom

    I think Australia is a great movie. And his is coming from a 14 year old boy.

    Tim Dowling

    You are a good young boy with superlative taste.

  29. Ricardo Abapo Jr.

    @Heavymetalrulez4ever hahaha! you can say that again!!! ahhaa.. gosh!!! hahahha

  30. Ricardo Abapo Jr.

    omg, i love the movie Austrlia so much! ahha.. wish i could have "wrong sided business" with mr. Drover! WAHahahaha.. got that from "creamy!" ahaha..

  31. CB Fall

    Superb Elton John song!

  32. Elisa Pajer

    I just watched this film but I have to rewatch it...during all the film my only thought was "OMG Hugh Jackman's sooo sexy!" so I didn't understand all the storyline ;D

  33. antho debruyn

    soryy but fucking terrible song love the movie but this song is a massive letdown.

  34. bluereflektor

    Super! Really super music! Excellent video clip!

  35. jrsinnett

    I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. I constantly heard it referred to as the quintessential chick flick and it was simply a very good story. I think it's downfall was that it was too similar to many other stories. Even still after seeing it I'm surprised it only received 2 stars.

  36. Sam Corsan

    i need to know what the name of the song is before they first kiss by the tree when the guy is playing guitar

  37. OurGodReigns

    @OldRottenDingo It's my favourite film ever!! Oh yeah everyone should definately watch it at least once in their life!!

  38. OurGodReigns

    @aussiepassenger It's called The Boab Lullaby :)

  39. Joel Guyt

    Does anyone know the name of the tune that the Chinese guy plays on guitar in the movie?
    It is also the first tune that plays during the end credits.

  40. MrJiraya69

    good lyrics

  41. tammyeltonfan

    Wonderful song, written and sung by a true genius!!

  42. LuckyCat

    i friggin love this movie and song! :) good video

  43. verticalsmurf

    Yet again, Tasmania has been left off. Tasmania is part of Australia.

  44. Janet White

    For the history buffs, Jackman was too young for the drover. Gallipoli was 1915. That means earliest Drover b'day 1895.

    Great movie anyway,.

  45. Janet White

    This was a wonderful movie sold as some sort of cinematic historical epic in the ads that should have been promoted for what it was ... an old fashioned adventure romance made better by great acting. I like it more every time I watch it.

  46. Kianna's Creaties

    And it's not even the complete soundtrack, only 5 tracks.

  47. bex88299

    They are singing 'Ave Maria', a very old church song...Nullah is playing 'Somerwhere over the rainbow', but the kids don't sing it...

  48. kim han neo

    The outcast is the free man

  49. Linda Schiller-Hanna

    No, they are singing Somewhere over
    the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz.

  50. Becky Brett

    It's been out for ages. Where are you from?

  51. Piet Offermans

    thank you, but i don't mean this song.
    i mean the song where the children are singing, just after when they were rescued.

  52. Piet Offermans

    what's the name of the song, what the children are singing in the boat, after they haved saved?
    i can't find it anywere :(

  53. wertlos24

    only on iTunes. :(

  54. Julian Slobe

    I live in Western Australia.. best place on earth :)

  55. 007koko007

    I also noticed that, but nobody made a comment about that when I mentioned it on Elton's board. That first part before chorus has almost the same melody structure like Billy The Kid song, yet it leaves completely different impression than Billy The Kid.

  56. Jazz X

    in my comment before i mean david wenham is a great actor too not two

  57. Jazz X

    I love this movie
    Hugh jackman as the drover is fantastic i love this man he is a great actor
    Nicole Kidman is beautiful she is my favourite actress and Neil Fletcher no one shows Mr Fletcher i know he is the evil one but David wenham is a great actor two and i love him as neil flether as same as the other actors

  58. wildheart19

    I will. I have always been fascinated by Australia. Ever sense I did a report on it when I was in 4th grade I've always liked it. I think the land is so beautiful.

  59. Madeleine .okelly

    i highly suggest going to australia first, coming from someone who has been to both places, and though i love ireland especially since i lived there and my family still does, australia is truly unique and unlike any other place i been in the world i want to go back for more time there!

  60. Word

    all class mate

  61. Fabienne H

    I don't care if it was even longer! I was never bored, it was soo beautiful!

  62. wildheart19

    I always loved Australia. This movie just made that love deeper. Now I want to see it as bad as I want to see Ireland.

  63. Bobsuruncle Mum

    yay! elton john + this movie = me very happy
    this movie was great. pisses me off that it got so many agressive/bad reviews :(

  64. MissStanwyck

    it's on iTunes. The whole soundtrack is.

  65. spiritshy

    I love this movie, I love everything about Australia...<3

  66. livstar93

    this is a good song...

  67. NabS

    mmmm I agree!! lol...and he makes an excellen Wolverine as well =)

  68. Sérgio Alvarez

    Muito bom mesmo Sir Elton John is Fantastics wonderful

  69. mrjintheuk

    Yeah, it does sound rather like "I Must Have Lost It On The Wind" - love that track btw and "The Captain and The Kid Album".

  70. dglamor

    SIR ELTON JOHN is always incredible with the piano playing!!!Great singer !!!!!! I bow to the ground!!!!!!!! HERE , i`m out of any WORDS!!!!!!!!!!MASTERPIECE!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!

  71. b3thym


    i loved the movie. especially hugh jackman. he can drove his cattle into my street any day : )

    and despite what the media/the world said. i liked nicole kidman's performance. she did an amazing job. it's not easy to play a character where the setting is long before your time and i think she did an amazing job.

    but the best performance would have to be by the little boy (i can never remember his name).

  72. evgeny2000

    It is not that I do not believe you. I DO believe some can REALLY like the song. That's what's bothering me, actually :)

    I do not think this conversation can lead anywhere, so please, enjoy the song. I will not desacrate this masterpiece by listening to it. I will rather go listen to "Writing" or anything equally boring and unimaginative.


  73. 007koko007

    Yes, and it is only that- your OPINION and nothing more. If you don't like the song, that doesn't mean that some of us can't really like the song. This song is for sure better than boring "Writing" from CFATBDC. It seems to me that you also have problems with ears.

  74. evgeny2000

    I wasn't saying it's anyone's problem, I was sharing an opinion. If you don't like it, then guess whose problem that is.

    You think the song is good and I am "clearly brainwashed", all right, I really don't care. Tired already of zealots with plugs in their ears.

  75. 007koko007

    And you are clearly brainwashed by all that stupidity about Elton's "gold 70'es". Song is at least very good! If you don't like it, that is your problem then.

  76. Tony Davis

    me too i looked at it other night very good movie

  77. evgeny2000

    It's funny how some people are not only deaf but are blind as well. Didn't I mention I think Elton's standards are higher than those of most other musicians? Didn't I hint I have appreciation for Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Captain Fantastic? Certainly I am a big fan of Jonas Brothers (had to google the name, didn't have a clue who they were). I've been an Elton admirer for like 15 years, but I didn't suppose it implies saying that the song is good when it clearly is not.

  78. Nina

    "By the Boab Tree". You can search it on Youtube. :)

  79. evgeny2000

    Let's be honest and say that this song is mediocre by any standards, not to mention Elton's. He obviously spent like 4:19 writing it. Doesn't it remind you of a couple of other Elton's songs? Or are all you admirers just deaf? If you do not stop patting the man on the back for publishing mediocre crap you will never get another GYBR or CFATBDC. Why sweat when you can "shit bricks and people will go out and buy them".

  80. NanyRm

    What's the name of the song on the end titles??

    Daniel Oleszek

    NanyRm The Boab Tree performed by Nicole Kidman and The Drover's Ballad preformed by Sir Eleton John

  81. tom heemskerk

    I believe those people don't no what good music is I believe they only like britney and more of those fake artist I really sad that ther minds are like that but we now what music is and its not briney its elton john!!!!!!! he is a god

  82. italoluder

    It tells drovers story......

  83. Jakieś Kropki

    Very good story, very good pictures and the best movie about Australia!

  84. Emily Chan

    I agree with you!!!
    100% agree with you!

  85. 007koko007

    Before I heard this song, I read many many negative reviews about this song and after listening to it I really don't understand what is wrong with ears of those people! Overall, it is very good, inspired and really touching song. Chorus is especialy great!

  86. Diana Reinosa

    excelente pelicula!

  87. italoluder

    FInally a movie for us women again.Absolutely wonderful (that means, like real life never is, sigh). The rich bitch who bitches till the hooooooooot drover finally regulates her hormons again and the women at movies tremble in their seats....more of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. italoluder

    Endlich mal wieder ein film für uns Frauen..........so richtig schön (nämlich so, wie es im wahren Leben NIEMALs ist, leider, schnief). Die reiche Schnecke, die so lange rumzickt, bis der superheiße Rindvieh-Treiber ihre HOrmone wieder ins Gleichgewicht bringt und die WEiber im Kino vor Leidenschaft in den Sesseln beben......mann ist das geil. Mehr davon!

  89. Jaaaakko94

    beautiful song, and a fantastic movie. go hugh jackman =)

  90. StyleFisch

    Das Lied ist von Angela Little bzw. Ophelia of the Spirits.
    Angela Little is ihr richtiger Name.
    Der Song heitßt: by the boab tree

    Und ja, find denn Film auch echt super. =)

  91. ejfan3333

    The film is really wonderful, I saw it last week, you have to see it too!! Elton's song (LOVE IT TOO!!) can be heard during the final credits, not immediately, so don't walk out the cinema to early;-)
    No, I've heard Buz Luhrmann did the lyrics.

  92. Aine Flynn

    This Song Is Brilliant & So Is The Movie!

  93. kittypuss34566

    ugh you are so right!!! why can't there be more men like him??

  94. harmmac2002

    The Song is great! The movie ist great!

  95. elton1111

    Yaay Elton! PULEASE do another album. This stuff is great.

  96. snoozeyoulose19

    loved the film, fantastic! and that guy is so sexy.........!

  97. Lea

    At the moment you are only available to listen to five of the songs if you have Itunes and buy them there.
    But I am sure the Soundtrack will be available soon. I will soo buy it. :)

  98. Gigi Lee

    thanks again~

  99. Gigi Lee

    I'll try to search for the song. I think it's worth buying the whole album. Movie & the songs are great!