Elton John - Tell Me When The Whistle Blows Lyrics

There's a dusty old gutter he's lying in now
He's blind and he's old
And there's a bottle that rolls down the road
Me I'm young and I'm so wild
And I still feel the need
Of your apron strings once in a while
For there's taxi cabs hooting
But I can't be foot-loose forever
My suitcase it's a cheap one
My darling she's a dear one
My head's feeling light as a feather

Take my ears and tell me when the whistle blows
Wake me up and tell me when the whistle blows
Long lost and lonely boy
you're just a black sheep going home
I want to feel your wheels of steel
Underneath my itching heels
Take my money
Tell me when the whistle blows

Part of me asked the young man for the time
With a cool vacant stare of undue concern
He said nine
It's not so bad but I really do love the land
And rather all this than those diamante lovers
In Hyde Park holding hands
Blowing heat through my fingers
Trying to kill off this cold
Will the street kids remember
Can I still shoot a fast cue
Has this country kid still got his soul

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Elton John Tell Me When The Whistle Blows Comments
  1. Dirk Diggler

    This Track is The beginning of one of my films ,
    " Rogers Todger" 🌭😋

  2. chironapolonio

    Pure blues

  3. Dan LaCourse

    I think this is perhaps Nigel's best work. If anyone doubts his chops, check out what he's up to on the instrumental fade-out section from 3:36 on. Effortless grooving.

  4. Delia Griemsman

    Great great song

  5. Emily KM

    I Wanna feel the wheels of steel
    Underneath my itching heels

  6. Bill Durling

    If you want to hear a gospel rave-up of this song listen to Brian and Brenda Russel's version - with Elton and the Band doing back-up!

  7. Bill Durling

    Whenever I hear this song I think back to Drexel University fall 1976 and a black dorm-mate (don't recall his name) singing along to it while heating up his canned Sunday dinner in the dorm kitchen. I always wondered how much he personally related to the lyrics - as they seemed to parallel his situation at the time...away from family making a cheap TV dinner.

  8. TCBTT

    Tell me when this fucked up life is over. Thank you to all corporate commies for fucking up everyone's lives with their primitive centurion greed, lust and non stop competition. The corporate commies got no problem with taking all your money.

  9. ekim nemo

    played the hell out of this album even named a car after it super album start to finish thanks

  10. Michael Iveson

    eltons voice is better tha a lpt in the charts now

  11. sbcruiser2

    Jason Silva is an atheist, transhumanism cultist.



  12. Precious One Designs Sherri Ewing

    Take my monay!!!!
    Classic Elton

  13. Michael Iveson

    One of your nicest songs

  14. Terrence Wade

    My first album...$2 at modells in Commack N.Y.
    Wish I still had the poster it came with☺✌💗🍕

    Lenny Burton

    Mine too.

    Perry Chang

    The booklet by itself was worth the price of the album, although there is a part of the album that is fundamentally dishonest . . .

  15. Tomkat 56

    I loved this album when it first came out and I have never stopped loving it.

  16. Starsk25

    This song brings back memories of a carefree childhood.

  17. randall scott burress

    It's a little bit cheezy,but when you go to bed?I'll eat all your cheese and eat your bread???????????????????

  18. kamerongroup

    Would've loved to hear a duet with BB King on this.

  19. Kiwanis Hinton

    Legendary song from a legendary album

    Precious One Designs Sherri Ewing

    Kiwanis Hinton indeed

  20. Anthony LaRusso

    This has been my favorite EltonJohn album since its release. In fact, it is my all-time favorite album of any artist. I Grew up listening to and loving Elton John and he was my favorite artist..

  21. James Daniels

    That Fender Rhodes is fantastic next to Davey's guitar and the Gene Page orchestral arrangement.

    Daniel Weiner

    Totally R&B-esque

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    Davies fuzz guitar just killer on here.
    many people don't know Jean page was the string arranger for all of Barry White's great Classics with the Love unlimited orchestra.. up until his passing he became a very in demand string arranger

  22. Abdennacer Aissaoui

    along "yellow break road" this is his best work ever!!

    Kiwanis Hinton

    ABDENNACER, Without question his best 2 albums,

    jamie wesson

    @Kiwanis Hinton imo madman and dont shoot are best but everybody has there favourite and blue moves is great too

  23. Raymond Monares

    Bernie and Elton wrote so great songs together. This is they're best.The band was tight, Elton John, Davey Johnstone, Dee Murray,Ray Cooper.

    Joey Knight

    Then Elton made the worst move of his career and fired Nigel and Dee. Never understood that and the band was never that good again.

  24. Dark Matter Melanin

    One of my favorite Elton John albums.

  25. Joe Smith

    Not too pretty bagdad. Really good!

  26. roger blackburn

    MCA did not have much then, but this was enough.


    The Who? Lynyrd Skynyrd? Not much?

    Gregory Hunter

    Plus Golden Earring, Jimmy Buffett, Steely Dan, Neil Diamond, Tom Petty (RIP) And The Heartbreakers.

  27. roger blackburn

    Pretty much fabulous!

  28. Viabeat

    Had a chance to talk to Davey Johnstone"s guitar tech before an EJ concert about 7 or 8 years when I worked at the local area. As we were talking Davey came up and asked what we were chatting about..
    I had the chance to actually say thank you for all the hard work over the years he's put in, and that I had grown up a few miles away from the venue. I said I would be listening over and over to the guitar parts, learned them and just loved the production. Funny I said that now I'm standing in front of him and its 30 years later....such a mind blower! He was such a nice down to earth person, he told me he recorded back in the day with Mesa Boogie Amps etc... that night he had a Matchless DC40 and of course a bunch of guitars...my favorite being his black Les Paul Custom. Also had an amazing sound from his acoustic Takamine...awesome show.


    I have to give it up for either Elton John, Gus Dudgeon or whomever insisted on the kind of guitar work turned in by Davey Johnstone, Caleb Quaye, and anyone else who performed on Elton's albums. The musicianship across the board was excellent, the recordings of the highest sonic quality, and as a guitar player, I'd commend Johnstone for his really tasty solo's, fill-in's, and embellishments throughout this track and many others. Elton's song-writing, vocals, keyboards were a big part of the success obviously but the backup band was impeccable at the time. Don't understand why they got fired and what instigated the change. Something was lost in the translation.

  29. Maria Cardenas

    love you elton youre the greatest maria

  30. Kenneth Krueger

    Just before dawn...just before the coffee is available...consider this.

  31. MaccWeisbberg(teasers)

    So luck those guys who lived the good times where talent spoke more than crazy acts on tv. This time asks to get a gun and acts some Cobain away!

  32. Roy Crawford

    Superb arrangement. Flawless.

    Marc Codispoti

    +Roy Crawford , that's the late, great Gene Page...he also arranged Philadelphia Freedom

    Martin Smith

    Gene Page on strings.

  33. Bronco Bart

    has too be one of best songs i ever heard

    Dirk Diggler

    You obviously haven't heard much music Amigo,
    Sounds like the beginning of an old Porno's I used to do. 😂🤣😭

  34. Carl Pallini

    Probably my favorite Elton album.The band was tight such excellent musicians-especially the guitar playing on this song.

  35. Solid Asian Gold

    To paraphrase the infamous words of one 'Nancy Pelosi' regarding the Socialist Medicine Bill:

    "I couldn't wait to buy it, so I could hear what was in it"

    That was exactly how I felt before purchasing "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy" out of Caribou Ranch, Colorado some years ago.

    And so it was, it went on & on, a full "two years" without missing a single day.
    It was a compulsive album to me--an electrifying melodic compulsion within Pop Music I had never experienced before unto the very day.

    ~"I used to know this old scarecrow
    He was my song, my joy and sorrow
    Cast alone between the furrows
    Of a field no longer sown by anyone"  


    Back in the days of record players you could leave the arm up on the record player and the album would play over and over. This album side 2 and Stevie Wonder's Songs In The Key Of Life side 4 got played over and over countless times . . . . both burned into my consciousness forever!!

    Robert Stolle

    Solid Asian Gold ...That was priceless...so refreshing to hear someone who uses their brain...to bad more can't see thru the fog.

    Kevin Chouinard

    I knew somebody somewhere was going to insert a political comment. But I'm glad it was you. Great line

  36. Otto Lund

    Nice :)
    abeldanger net

  37. Jim Martinez

    The best song on Captain Fantastic,bar none..

  38. danny hay

    eltons music got me through the 70s got this album for my 16th birthday in 1975 got in on my mp3 now im 50 years old now still love it

  39. best11228

    And I Still Feel The Need.....

  40. heapbigtalk

    effin jam ~

  41. OrisLover

    @jemimakahn I hear ya bro.


    a 21st birthday present in 1975!!

  43. EricDB007

    @muskokan59 hardly left mine during the summer of '11! :D

  44. Laura Sircher

    one of my Faves from Captain Fantastic! YES!!!

  45. NoSheep2

    @P2000Camaro hang in there sweet pea. You're in it with the best of us :-)



  47. P2000Camaro

    I'm 25.. The chorus of this is my ringtone.lol. This is my favorite album of all time. In fact I'm listening to it because I just poured my heart out to my ex girlfriend, and she totally rejected me, so I had to listen to We All Fall In Love Sometimes on repeat.. Then Curtains of course.. Now I'm trying to bring my mood back up a bit with the rest of the album.

  48. SteelHorseRiders

    Awesome !!

  49. Rebecca Arnold

    WOW!!!!!! I love this song.

  50. BadErnest

    me I'm young and I'm so wild....and I still feel the need of your apron strings once in a while

  51. Jim Martinez

    "Not so bad but i really do love the land..." frigging classic!!

  52. blackcougar1959

    @inthenameoflove61 I was in LOVE with Dee Murray...Tall, Cool, Lean and a Sexy Bad-Ass, Bass Playing Machine! I WILL ALWAYS remember him!... Elton had THE BEST line -up in ROCK history when he found Davey Johnstone, Dee Murray, Nigel Olson, and Ray Cooper!

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    what a great comment.. Dee definitely checked out too soon fucking cancer bad enough and then you get felled by a fatal stroke..😢

  53. blackcougar1959

    @muskokan59 I was given this L.P as a graduation gift from a fellow 8th grade student, and by the beginning of Fall, my ENTIRE family was" brainwashed" because like you, I played this album from dusk til dawn,

  54. Greg Robertson

    man, I wanna hear, like, Barry white , or some one do this soul song . . bad ass . .

    Daniel Weiner

    Greg Robertson Maybe some Stevie Wonder, Teddy Pendergrass, The Temptations and Marvin Gaye

  55. muskokan59

    @inthenameoflove61 lol....those headphones were sure something,eh? Now we've got the ear buds which are quite awesome : )

  56. Ronald E. Childs

    Elton, Dee, Davey and Nigel: The original Elton John Band. Pound-for-pound the best and tightest rock ensemble ever assembled. Their break-up, to me, was a greater loss than when the Beatles split.

    Richard Fairlamb

    Very true, and Dee's inventive bass lines always amaze me.


    As a young kid i remember it well. The end of a short but meteoric run 71-75. Brilliant it was and unprecedented through today. Rock of the Westies, while a strong album was the fall off and just like that it was over for me.

    Christine Pyke

    I agree. What an amazing group

    Whip McCord

    I thought his original line-up were the guys from Hookfoot.

    Cory Allen

    Or like when Curly left the stooges.

  57. mizofan

    @weedhaven Elton's still going strong!

  58. mizofan

    An album i've never tired of, probably my favourite Elton, pipping Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Tumbleweed Connection. At first i thought this song the weakest but after countless plays it was coming on strong, and seems ideal lead into the great Someone Saved my Life Tonight. Elton's new album The Union, with Leon Russell, is superb; rightly 5 stars in Rolling Stone

  59. Leandro martins

    Um dos melhores discos do Elton...não há canção fraca, todas são boas.





  62. degregrio

    I had a OBE to this song, OBE, meaning Out Of Body Experience to this song, its effect on me was totally celestial or extraterrestrial to me back in the mid 70s as well as today, 2010, the entire Album was out of this world.....

  63. Alden21

    1975 was a great year, I remember buying this and Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here a few weeks later. Great time for music.

    Perry Chang

    70s = high point of American culture . . .

  64. Scott T

    I like this album and it reminds me of the completion of my first year at college. Yikes! I do think Elton's music began to decline during and after this album. To me there were some good songs but it seems to sound a little tired. I think Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was his peak. One of the best musicians ever!

  65. KCCAT5

    OMG MEMORIES....I was 14.....Summer love ( crush on a life guard @ Orchard beach in the Bx.

  66. LWOPP

    I just moved to a small North Carolina town where you can tell the time by the Amtrak passenger and CSX freights that rumble through day and night. There is one crossing where you can see the trains ease slowly around a long, easy curve in the rails on their way south... I never fail to hear the dying last chord of this song as the last car disappears around that bend.

  67. gerry welch

    wow what a track i love it it lifts me up and takes me back to my young years ime in my 50s it makes me feel like dancing around the room again far out elton

  68. Kiki Reina

    I hated when the album was over ... i shoulda had TWO copies so i wouldnt have to get up to flip it over lol!

  69. muskokan59

    I doubt this ever left my turntable during the summer of 1975.

  70. unbeatableenergy

    Give me a name and a new door opens. Thanks for the name reference.

  71. Darryl Massey

    The strings were arranged by Gene Page who did the orchestartions for Barry White's hits. He also did Philly Freedom. Sweet indeed!

  72. unbeatableenergy

    Mmmmmmm! Sweet strings! Heeyyy!

  73. weottertalk

    Love this. There's taxi cabs a hootin.

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    my very favorite part of that is there's a couple of real low sounding horns that sound like a car horn going off