Elton John - Something About The Way You Look Tonight Lyrics

There was a time
I was everything and nothing all in one
When you found me
I was feeling like a cloud across the sun

I need to tell you
How you light up every second of the day
But in the moonlight
You just shine like a beacon on the bay

And I can't explain
But it's something about the way you look tonight
Takes my breath away
It's that feeling I get about you, deep inside
And I can't describe
But it's something about the way you look tonight
Takes my breath away
The way you look tonight

With a smile
You pull the deepest secrets from my heart
In all honesty
I'm speechless and I don't know where to start

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Elton John Something About The Way You Look Tonight Comments
  1. Ágnes Gyebnár

    Nagyon jó, a klipp is. Köszi.

  2. Poljanskaja Elena

    Я этот клип просто обожаю 😍

  3. Puddins Nau-ee girl

    Batman, your forever my joker

  4. ErdeneGG

    Yolo goos ene duug sonsson mongol hun baival lile dar

  5. equelizar lee

    Still a classic since 1997...never go out of touch!

  6. Praneeth Abeysinghe

    One of my favorite songs of Sir Elton John

  7. Claudia A Perez

    Que pendejo puede ser uno cuando está enamorado jajajajaaj

  8. dmitry play

    24 december 2019

  9. joe ward

    His big picture album was one of his best 90s albums in my opinion.

  10. Ruben horacio Retamozo

    Que epocas con estos temas

  11. Adam T

    I've listened to this song at least 13 times in the last few weeks. Love his voice

  12. Blackberri Black

    Great song

  13. Bill Carmona

    Classy, as always.

  14. Ruben horacio Retamozo


  15. man in chair

    Everyone always picks 70s or 80s Elton but this is as good as any of the earlier works. Just pure emotion - love it!!

  16. Omayra Gonzalez

    I can hear this song all day, beautiful

  17. ron freeman

    This beautiful genius...makes beautiful music..

  18. The Jonny E Experience

    Wow this song is so good I will never forget the first time I heard it, blew me away!!!

  19. VidVoyeur612

    That one dude in the video looks like he LITERALLY wants to have her over for a meal.

  20. John Joyce

    Brilliant show looking at some of Elton's performances through the 70s,80s and 90s on the BBC.He just kept churning out hit after hit through the years and kept evolving.The word legend doesn't even begin to describe him

  21. melanie barrett

    Can't wait.....Gotta ticket for the O2 on 2/11/20 to see Elton.....He can take my breath away with his music......

  22. Andrea Surya

    Makkkkkkk lagu bagusss

  23. G W

    I bought this single for KIM Rogers in 1997, both so beautiful!

  24. Keith Segovia

    Such boring music zzzz

  25. Michael Burke

    Ah the 90s, where Elton John sported the Lloyd Christmas haircut lol

  26. Clara Davis


  27. neha nahid

    Made me cry

  28. Rich Lawson

    Should have been realised separately from Candle In The Wind in the UK. Two totally different songs. If this had been released a year after it would have got the praise it deserved. Now it's just a B side that is an A side.

  29. Ian Little

    Love this song one of the best songs ever 👍

  30. Zack Malkin

    Wish he came to South Africa

  31. David Doherty

    In a dedication to my close friend that.... I always think about.

  32. Ivailo Todorov

    great songs, horrible video

  33. Lalduhawma Duhtea

    This song made me cry. Since 2000 till 2019

  34. Sarita Pires

    Música incrível adoro....

  35. cecilia vera

    Me encanta esta bella canción de uno de los grandes cantantes.
    Gracias por compartirla y permitirmela en mi carpeta de mis preferidas . Saludos desde Chile

  36. Elise Taufao

    Will always be the best music to soothe the soul🥰🥰

  37. tis4657

    2:15 last time his 70s falsetto is ever recorded to my knowledge.

  38. Zach wylde

    Great tune.

  39. Sandra Molina

    Maravillosa música, artista inolvidable.

  40. c b

    eltons voice in the mid 90s were my favorite "post surgery" vocals. still had a good range and sounded great. wish it stayed like this and didn't get deeper over the 2000s lol

  41. Damians Underpants

    I only watch this clip from 00:17 till 00:21 because I love Kate.

  42. Brandon Gill

    Gotta admit. Most late-nineties music videos directed by the British directors look so modern because of the picture quality. It's pristine!

  43. Denise Hedden

    Sweet song

  44. ZieTime !

    Bernie Taupin is the best with Elton !

  45. Akai Seigo

    I like it no, I love it! But it does sound like a country song,though.The music, the lyrics.


    Монтана казырная [email protected][email protected]!

  47. kenneth cannon

    great song

  48. Weiwei Peng

    Nice song!!!!!!

  49. Gunners9911

    0:02 Robin Van Persie before he started his football career ??

  50. Martha Garcia

    Fabulous song, hubby sang to me, when I was rocking in my harms to sleep our granddaugther, I end up crying, the feelings burst to tears....
    He try to sing to our daughter on her wedding day, but got to emotional, he told me I will regret this forever but I'm not even able to speak.....

  51. marinerfan19

    My gf holly takes my breath away❤

  52. tania Mackrill

    Love this song


    In the album version, this song was length over 5 minutes.

  53. Enitur Rahman

    I am speechless I don't know what to say about this song.

  54. GuyBenedik

    when ever Bernie write a love song for Elton, it is a freaking success!!! they have such beautiful love!

  55. Nkem Okwuosa


  56. Lennon Walker

    I love this song <3

  57. G Dom

    Im miss u so much babe.. i miss the way u look at me babe. I love u so much,much babe. 12:50pm 9/16/19

  58. XXXBullseye

    1:24 Bear Grills

  59. Lili ann

    temazo!!cuanto sentimiento tiene esta canción de elton!!me encanta👌👌👌

  60. Kittipong Seatang

    Super classic!

  61. sarius

    He will not gona come to turkey so im just listening and being teary eyed because i will never gone see him


    Road trip or plane ride my friend, trust me it's so worth it :)

  62. lee hollebon

    Elton John is a legend

    Jessica Olive

    he sure is

  63. Randy Berryhill

    I love this song. I wish I could sing this to my wife

  64. Diego Hohenstein

    😢😢😢😢 smile...🙂😀..pray..💖 keep going 💞

  65. Caroline Morris

    Takes my breath away

  66. Charly Engineer

    What a beautiful song!!!..It reminds me my former girlfriend and true love that is not any more with me.

    Jessica Olive

    don't give up hope, I've reconnected with my very first boyfriend from way back when I was in middle school, 25 years ago. We're getting married next year.

  67. paulo lourente

    Mestre da musica Romantica , Grande Elton John , Que Bom ouvir Elton John .

  68. CJ Brodie

    I love this song. I am a true Elton fan!

  69. késsia Cristina

    Uau que musica Linda meu Deus!!!😍😘😱

  70. Bernardo Araujo

    Sir Elton John é um fenômeno da música!

  71. med1965

    Does anybody know who the beautiful dark haired lady is at 1:14?

  72. Anna Haydash

    Я не пойму, это Кейт Мосс в клипе??

  73. Maica Dizon

    I search this song Because of Mariko Ledesma ☺

  74. Janna Mẹ Bão Tố của Runeterra

    Kate Moss 😍😍😍

  75. Kpopfans BTS

    I came here because of Laine Hardy💕
    No wonder this song very suitable for Laine’s voice 💜

  76. Manuel Marcucci

    Ti amo D. ❤️

  77. Amanda Hii

    Sang very well really enjoy it... (♥ω♥*)

  78. Manuel Marcucci

    Questa canzone è senza tempo.

  79. Bray B

    The crap songs today will never compare to songs like this!

  80. Freddie'sMyMoto

    2:12 is it Madonna?

    Optic shit scared

    maybe there are a lot of famous ppl in the video

  81. John Nastrom

    Too bad this song got overshadowed by Candle in the Wind 97.

  82. Claudio Andrzejewski

    Simply wonderful... Simply Elton...

  83. Scarlette Dakota

    Mariko Ledesma brought me here LoL ❤️🍃

    Maica Dizon

    Me too 😊

  84. Jackie Kelloway

    Sir Elton 👌 what a geeeeeeeezzzzaaaaaa

  85. Nattita Chandang

    เพิ่งมาเจอเพลงนี้ เพราะดี ถ้าไม่มีคนส่งมาให้ฟังคงไม่รู้ว่ามีเพลงที่มีเสน่ห์มากอยู่ 🤩🎼

  86. Matthew Peterkin

    Everytime I hear this song it reminds me that I brave and strong and look at me now I still here and I better than ever

  87. Matthew Peterkin

    Best music in history and now I never forget that music no matter what

  88. Nicola Ortiz

    Oh yes this definitley makes me think of our poor princess.

  89. Servicios Notariales

    Música corta venas.... :( canta lindo Elton

  90. Saverio Poncella

    Gianni Versace😍😘😙

  91. Jochen Obermayer

    Ein schönes Lied 🤗🤗🤗🤗😊😊😊😊😊

  92. cincai entertainment

    2019 still listen ? like !!

    Maria Wright

    6th October 2019 at 7:10

    Mohamed Remozy

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  93. setia wati

    I like the song

  94. Lisa Elissa

    Elton John ~ takes my breath away.... his songs go directly to the heart... pure love ❤❤❤❤

  95. Red Neck

    Just driving from home to work, listening to this song on radio for the 1st time, and an instant love with this song!

  96. Richard David

    Driving from Tennessee to North Carolina and listening to this great song.

  97. le wuf

    Man i love this song sooo muchhh

  98. Stephen Courton

    Imagine songs that not half curse words promoting gangs, hate, and crime!!

  99. Chocolatecookie 2.0

    So romantic! One of my favourite songs❤❤❤❤