Elton John - House Lyrics

This is my house
This is where I live
That is the winter
Those are the trees
I can hear them breathe
This is my bed
This is where I sleep
That was the dark
Those are my dreams
They belong to me

This is my floor
This is where I lie
This is a square room
That was a bright light
These are not my eyes
What is my soul
Where is my tired heart
That is the question
Where is the answer
Inside my house

And I sit by the window
And I wish I was rain
I want to fall from the sky
I want to get wet all over again

'Cause this my house
It belongs to me
Inside my head
It's all that's left
This is my house
This is my bed
This is where I sleep
That was the dark
Those are my dreams
They belong to me

This is my house

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Elton John House Comments
  1. GeminiNightOwl

    This song has so much emotion for me - sometimes I want to cry when I hear it. My Mother who loved this song is 78 today and dying in the nursing home. I am sitting here at 5:37 am thinking about her and dreading what is to come...my heart is tired also and broken :(

  2. Lorianne Iacobellis

    My favourite Elton John song.

  3. Javier Puente

    great memories;;;;;;;;;;

  4. Gayle A. Griffin

    Still listening in 2019? Love this still.

  5. Kari Short

    This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I used to listen to this on repeat when it first came out but over the years forgot about it. This year, I hit rock bottom financially and after being and feeling so displaced, found a house I could get into. I had to sleep on the floor for a couple months, until I could afford a bed. It isn't perfect but I have never appreciated a house, like the one I have now. My dreams are on my bed that I waited so long to get to, in a pile of half written novels. This song and I go back decades. I always loved it and here I am again listening on repeat all these years later. Fantastic 💓


    Thanks for your story! And congratulations on your House 😀 Glad U enjoy the song and your House 🏠❤️

    Kari Short

    @RonnieFriend Thanks 💓


    It is the souls and the people that make a house a home - I'm glad that you found one you love <3 I had one I hated to leave and like you, I have loved this song from the day it was released. Hoping you have many more dreams that come true for you :)

  6. a P

    2:31-2:53 was ...wow, there's always a spot in Elton John's songs that is the strongest string pulling part of the whole song.

    Kari Short

    That's my favorite part 💓

  7. # dragon

    I had to come here to see what others thought of one of my favorite Elton John recordings. "Made In England"

  8. RHMAK♥

    Strepitosa, bellissima, una delle perle come solo lui sa comporre.

  9. Jorgen Bernle

    Ja bara dagar kvar nu tills att Elton kommer till Sverige igen och på torsdag den 10 november är jag på plats i Malmö Arena. Jag förmodar att du också ska se honom i Malmö eller Linköping, "RonnieFriend"? :-) / Just days left now until Elton is back in Sweden and on Thursday the 10th of November I will be in Malmo Arena ready. I guess you will also see him in Malmo or in Linkoping, "RonnieFriend"? :-)

  10. Jason Carpp

    I love this song! :)