Elton John - Harmony Lyrics

Hello, baby hello
Haven't seen your face for a while
Have you quit doing time for me
Or are you still the same spoiled child

Hello, I said hello
Is this the only place you thought to go
Am I the only man you ever had
Or am I just the last surviving friend that you know

Harmony and me
We're pretty good company
Looking for an island
In our boat upon the sea
Harmony, gee I really love you
And I want to love you forever
And dream of the never, never, never leaving harmony

Hello, baby hello
Open up your heart and let your feelings flow
You're not unlucky knowing me
Keeping the speed real slow
In any case I set my own pace
By stealing the show, say hello, hello

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Elton John Harmony Comments
  1. Fred Paddon

    Sittin on a sofa w/ my 2 best friends, headphones on and the guy in the middle holding the album cover. Loved the album art and the lyrics- hard to pick a favorite song.

  2. Mel Smith

    Many many nights I drifted off to sleep listening to this on repeat, guess my dad eventfully turned my stereo off. Years ago now

  3. luther maddox

    yes, this is only one of his greatest songs

  4. William Taylor

    The test of a truly great song is whether it can be played 40 times in 2 days without strong dulling effects.

  5. david leventry

    I wore this 8 track out when I was kid

  6. ammn917

    突然思い出した曲 思い出してよかった! エルトンジョン最高だ

  7. Joe Carr

    On this 45 record flip side was- Elton & John Lennon singing " I Saw Her Standing There "( live from MSG)

  8. Banan Tign

    Brought here by Joey Diaz being cut off lmao

  9. Radioactive Karaoke

    Bernie Taupin could really tell a story. I love Elton's vocals and piano, but the words to many of these songs always had an impact on me.

  10. Kit snow

    beautiful and haunting from a genius

  11. Duane Rivera

    What a song.. Is this a classic or what ??
    So cool

  12. Kenneth Krueger


  13. Kenneth Krueger


  14. Kenneth Krueger


  15. Raimondo Buonocuore


  16. RonNewYork

    I was 19 when this album was released. My friend Mick and I drove across the country in my Fiat Spider, from the east coast to Phoenix, Arizona. We played GYBR for the entire trip. Nearly 50 years later, "Harmony" still takes me back to that journey with a good friend, the endless highway, wide open prairies, golden sunshine, and that sense of complete freedom that only a teenager can feel. Still one of my favorite albums.

  17. John Hobson

    One of his best, and he had a shit load of best songs!

  18. Que Unlimited

    The arrangement and production on this is gold.✨

  19. Harmony Kieding

    um, erm, I really like this song

  20. Gary Snow

    I think this is the best album ever made and I'm mainly a Beatles/Pink Floyd fan

  21. Daniele Clauzel

    Cette chanson est juste magnifique; le piano, la voix au top de son harmonie.

  22. Linda Easley

    My favorite song from that classic album 👍

  23. Richard Weiler

    When I listen to this song and album, I can almost smell 1973 all over again. Masterpiece.

  24. Leslie Calzada


  25. Iron Feliks

    Sloppy, poorly written and performed

  26. Paul Papapietro

    Harmony Jo. We need each other. With love

  27. Li Kaye

    One of the best albums ever made!

  28. Vladimir Vladimir

    Beautiful haunting opening 1st- inversion Maj7 chord

  29. Dave Sanderson

    I'm so glad there are people who feel the same as me. It bothers me that Elton will be remembered for I'm Still Standing, dressing up like a goose and singing Candle In The Wind at Diana's funeral.....and not for utter GEMS like this.
    I think Gus Dudgeon should get huge mention for this too. WHAT production. In fact, much respect for the arranger too.

  30. Mia

    When I said I loved this song my brother told me " Elton Johns music sucks, you have to listen to Neil Young ! He was so wrong.

  31. Craig Markowski

    Huge Elton John fan , Love everything he ever did ! But I have to say this is my favorite Elton John song !

  32. David Bytheway

    Fagulous,just fagulous!!!!

  33. Roman Wojciechowski

    Best EJ song never on the radio, KILLER

  34. magpieeye

    From the time I opened this album and heard Harmony instantly my favorite song off the whole album

  35. Danny Donuts


  36. Lyn Westwood

    You are not wrong

  37. daniel rickerbaker

    And Bernie Taupins greatest composition?

  38. Pachi Girl

    My favorite track of the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album is this.
    It’s just so mellow and puts me to sleep every night.

  39. Dennis M

    Elton and Bernie forever

  40. Bonnie Boren

    When I get down this awesome cheers me up. Thanks Elton & Bernie💙

  41. mark merzweiler

    Two dead beats right at the start...so very cool!

  42. Jamis Coda

    Elton John was a genius

  43. Marissa Dower-morgan

    to Richard Vilasco

  44. mike last

    yes..... great song

  45. marshall smith

    the bass and drums on this whole album gets me every time

  46. Cedrik Charette

    26 years today...Oct 5 1973

    Michael Rishel

    Thank your what a GREAT album also tumbleweed connection

    Michael Rishel

    Great album along with Tumbleweed Connection

  47. Tim Wholey

    This is my all time favorite song of his

  48. Loren Robertson

    Oh I so loved this song on the flip side of the 45 of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. sweet memories (used to sub ______ for Harmony ;) )

  49. Ron Chapman

    Elton at his best. Bernie, too.

  50. JAM

    One of Elton's best songs. It makes me cry and feel happy at the same time. The harmonies are incredible.

  51. CBDM777

    Gee i really love you

  52. Steven Cammarota

    Great song

  53. LewaNi Viti

    First album i ever bought. Still a classic.

  54. James Kennedy

    Looking for an atom upon the sea....

  55. James Kennedy

    Am I the only man you ever had.........

  56. Graphic Designer

    my favorite EJ song. hauntingly beautiful

  57. Agent 47

    Anyone comes back to this song every once in a while?

  58. madkittyjoey70

    Hello...Baby, hello...
    Haven't seen your face for a while...
    Have you quit doing time for me?
    Or are you still same spoiled child?

  59. Jim Coleman

    8th grade, great memories of this album and McCartneys Band on the Run in late 73 - spring of 74.

  60. Patricia D

    First year of college, I remember bringing this home, removing the plastic cover -- officially making it mine! -- opening up my beloved ridiculously sturdy GE stereo record player, dropping the needle and being joyfully consumed by every note on this album. Then, "Harmony" played. If memory serves, I spent the next hour or so playing that song over and over, each time carefully placing the needle smack-dab at the beginning of the song. There are some readers here who may not have the slightest idea what that last comment means, but that's okay. Another place, another time. The song is still wonderful. :-)

    Valerie Etter

    "that last comment", your comment or the song's comment?

  61. DavidOPerson

    The crowning jewel of a half-great double LP. Structure-wise, I suspect "Harmony" was inspired by Bowie's glorious, celestial "Life on Mars?" (producer Gus Dudgeon produced "Space Oddity"), but "Harmony" is in its own category: Elton John at his sweetest and most Elsewhere. The Taupin lyrics are (customarily) rather trite, but they gel perfectly with the joyous melancholy of the melody and harmonies. This track has its detractors, but those who love it love it obsessively. And that intro...and that "Hello, baby hello" at the start of the second verse...and the climactic "Say hello, hello waaaaaahhh...". In 1974, in Boston (USA), I so despised "Bennie and the Jets" — I'm never going to like it — but I bought the single for the B-side and played it over and over. It's still near-impossible to listen to "Harmony" just once. The closest to "Harmony" in terms of dreaminess, harmonies and production/arrangement is "The Ballad of Danny Bailey", also on GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. Note that "Harmony" was the final cut on the 17-track album. '21' refers to the 2003 bonus edition of the album.

  62. Diane Kimball

    The mutual talents of Elton John and Bernie Taupin surpassed time.

  63. MrRickostby

    Great Song and should have been a song on his 1st Greatest Hits Album for sure!

  64. Philippe Dubois

    & All Sir Elton Spirit !

  65. william summers

    His best album... saw him 3 times 1976 his best year 1984 1989 when he played this song I was happy with that

  66. Madison Hoffman

    I’m fucking shook. I can’t believe I’m just listening to this

  67. tracey born

    elton and bernie were geniuses

  68. Bill Laspin

    How cool to live through Elton's career. He was the absolute coolest Rock Star at that time until his bisexual admittance turned a lot of fans off in Homophobic mid 1970s America. I loved him even more for bravely admitting his sexuality and planting the ground work to get to where we are today.

  69. Eric Indiongco

    This got overshadowed by the more popular tunes on the album like the title track, Benny and the Jets, etc. Personally, it was 💞 at first hear for me...

  70. Douglas

    old girl friend, still moves me. Miss her but this helps.

  71. Patricia Lescano

    my first EJ album .Beautiful music .

  72. Bob Risse

    I have loved this song since...

  73. Paul Walker

    I would agree this is Elton at his finest. It is almost as he is describing his musical career here, though I doubt that ever crossed his mind so early in his lifetime.

  74. hello hai

    the greatest most complete album in music history. every song is good!
    His best song.
    His best song.

  75. Alan

    Elton’s best song. I’d love to sing like this for just 10 minutes. I’d be content with that.

  76. Ellen Murphy

    That's right up there with Yellow Brick Road. Rocketman is really really good. Thanks Elton for sharing your life with us on the big screen.

  77. Cecilia Camargo

    This song was such a favorite when I used to play this album all the time. I feel warm inside listening to it now. It feels so good, I can't stop listening.

  78. arniemax1

    Well, we're here...

  79. annapri15

    Notice the tone of the comments. People who listen to Elton are just genuinely good people. I think Elton and Bernie are the remedy for kind people. I love how the comments are all about how much everyone loves his music!

  80. Terry Pursley

    Time less!

  81. JustPlainNutz

    The greatest single that never was a single.
    His best song.

  82. Daniel Goggin

    Elton John wrote this song about his dog. That perspective changed everything about the way I hear it. Still, a Great song (flip side of Yellow Brick Road)

    Valerie Etter

    Actually I believe this was written by Bernie Taupin. Besides, one of the most beautiful songs I have heard was about a dog named "Shannon" from 1976, a single song hit for the artist although I can't remember who it was for the life of me. I used to sing it to perfection back then. I guess I have to look that one up too.

  83. John Hughes


  84. Bonnie Boren

    Harmony & me! Always been there for me. Incredible song!!! Sooths the soul!💙2019

  85. Regional moderator 812

    Back when I was my own social media

  86. cakraft24

    My favorite Bernie Taupin/Elton John song!!!

  87. Morris Haole

    Very under appreciated.., unfortunate. Easy to sing to. Meaningful yet, very simple lyrics.., much thanks Bernie.

  88. Margo Rowe

    Had this on 45.on back of benny's and jets.

  89. S Booth

    I love it. Sir Elton, the King of Ballads.
    named my oldest daughter after this song

  90. Zekromi

    Call me a rebel but I thought this was Elton John's best song
    I love it. Sir Elton, the King of Ballads.
    I love it. Sir Elton, the King of Ballads.

  91. Pat Petrelli

    One of the greatest rock albums of all the time.

  92. Kelly Sisco

    This is by far the best Elton John song !!!

  93. Pj Durkin

    Great Vocals

  94. Montgomery Denzer


  95. michael greenwood

    loving this......................