Elton John - Cold Lyrics

You don't love him any more
He threw your rag doll out the door
I keep my distance, I held my breath
Love always ends up hanging by a thread

Love hurts so much
Love leaves a scar
'I don't love you' is like a stake
Being driven through your heart

But I don't care
I came back for you
Love is cruel, but I don't care
I wanted you, and I'm cold, cold, cold

You said don't cry to me
He said I'm a dead man if you leave
I have no feelings, I have no heart
Love always cuts out the warm and tender part

Love hurts so much
Love cuts so deep
It's a hot sweat and a cold shake
Like drowning in your sleep

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Elton John Cold Comments
  1. clever rabbit

    ı listen the song years by years ..."how oold are u??" but say there "I wanted u"

  2. Rosana Oliveira

    Que maravilha para meus ouvidos💞👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  3. levani shamatava

    the best

  4. Stheicy Teixeira

    O melhor e pronto!

  5. Chris B

    The orchestra arrangement and guitar parts are reminiscent of How Do You Sleep? by John Lennon.

  6. Mirna Juarez


  7. Kari Short

    I feel this song on a visceral level 😢💓

  8. Alisson Rocha

    Um clássico!

  9. jp codnia

    cold is a cool song
    the guitar and piano are really great but the orchestra is just spectacular while it has a strong John Lennon's solo ring to it.


    I think Elton put a lot of Lennon influence into this whole album. He even brought in George Martin to do one of the orchestrations. I've heard him say specifically that "Believe" was meant to sound like a John Lennon song.

    jp codnia

    +RonnieFriend thanks for the info! didn't know George Martin got involved in this album; the influence is uncanny 👍👍

  10. Jason Carpp

    Another awesome song! Whenever I listen I burst into tears. I feel as though I'm the person in the relationship that's having problems, but I love the guy despite the problems.