Elton John - Better Off Dead Lyrics

There was a face on a hoarding that someone had drawn on
And just enough time for the night to pass by without warning
Away in the distance there's a blue flashing light
Someone's in trouble somewhere tonight
As the flickering neon stands ready to fuse
The wind blows away all of yesterday's news

Well they've locked up their daughters and they battened the hatches
They always could find us but they never could catch us
Through the grease streaked windows of an all night cafe
We watched the arrested get taken away
And that cigarette haze has ecology beat
As the whores and the drunks filed in from the street

'Cause the steams in the boiler the coals in the fire
If you ask how I am then I'll just say inspired
If the thorn of a rose is the thorn in your side
Then you're better off dead if you haven't yet died

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Elton John Better Off Dead Comments
  1. colonel Angus

    I saw Elton 5 times.and truly this man is a gift from God!! His music... Mind blowing!! SCREW Elvis.. he was great,but Elton John ,to me is the most talented, most love man in reg5 to music,love,helping many,he had this huge heart.
    I pray he lives to see 150 YEARS on this planet!!

  2. bruce castano

    Wow what a classic. The great Ray Cooper makes a great song incredible

  3. Dave Seretti

    Man does this bring me way back to my adolescence days.. The Captain Fantastic Album is nothing short of superb..... Thank you so much Elton,,, for everything........!!!!!!!

  4. valar

    I like this totally stripped-down version with just the drums.

  5. Mikey Eden

    I love Elton, and this Mr. Cooper is soo cool! How many songs does Elton feature him in?

  6. Juan Pablo Arango Atehortùa

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_t_BgJ2tCM 33 years ago, same creativity and magic.

  7. luisalonsoecheverria

    Can we all just acknowledge the edit at 2:51 where Ray Cooper magically teleported from the timpani to the hand cymbals in 2 seconds flat while still rolling the mallets on the timpani!!!


    Glad I wasn't the only one who thought that was unbelievable. Was thinking... how the heck did he get over there, and grab the cymbals, and crash them while still rolling?

  8. Debbie Vanwyk

    this song sounds great, classic stuff. A legend in our lifetime

  9. samanthalee

    love this song! and this version :)

  10. Darren Mark Horton


    Darren Mark Horton


    Darren Mark Horton


    Darren Mark Horton


  11. Darren Mark Horton


  12. nickhall1000

    It's not rock, it's not pop; it's Elton John. Legend.

  13. Jimmy Pop t.v.

    Listen to the grit in that vocal matched by lyrics that any poet would die for.

    Tau Tau

    hahah agree

  14. Michael Haskey

    Ray Cooper makes this better than ever


  15. Скромный Гений

    Рэй Купер! Неизменный! Особенно причёска! ))))))

  16. kylander7

    been one of my most memorable songs ever. Ray Cooper, chapeau... EJ, i loved that voice in 1974, because it was so "upright". But, have to admit, U pretented being "against", very well. An admirer from North Germany

  17. nathan jenner

    ray cooper in this thou! what a legend!

  18. wogznwogz

    Hey......where are those backing vocals coming from?

    Matthew Skidmore

    @wogznwogz The background singers are on the opposite side of the stage, on the same riser as Ray Cooper, if memory serves. They don't get light shone on them, but they still provide the backing vocals.


    @Matthew Skidmore Yes, when they're onstage that's where they're located but on this song you can clearly see there are only two people on stage. I'm just hoping he flew the vocals in post production and hasn't resorted to backing tracks live.

    Matthew Skidmore

    @wogznwogz Odds are they were post production. But it's also feasible that they were just off stage singing into mics and had a few monitors off stage. I'm sure Elton would rather die than do a concert with a backing track. He's always hated doing that on TV appearances in the 70s and 80s. He also publically shamed Madonna for lip synching, saying something along the lines of "sorry, but I think anyone who lip syncs when people pay 100 quid a ticket deserves to be fucking shot". So it rules out that possibility.


    @Matthew Skidmore I hope it was all done post production and not live. I'm sure you know how much he hates artists who "cheat"

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