Elton John - Bennie And The Jets (2018 Version) Lyrics

[Elton John:]
She's got electric boots
A mohair suit
You know I read it in a magazine
B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets
B-B-B-Bennie, B-B-B-Bennie

Hey kids, shake it loose together
The spotlight's hitting something
That's been known to change the weather
We'll kill the fatted calf tonight
So stick around
You're gonna hear electric music
Solid walls of sound

Say, Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet?
But they're so spaced out
B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets
Oh but they're weird and they're wonderful
Oh Bennie, she's really keen

[Pink (Logic):]
She's got electric boots
A mohair suit
You know I read it in a magazine (yeah)
B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets

Let me get it now, Momma I made it
True story, I have upgraded
Everbody back then used to hate it
Now they all appreciate it
I might sound out of my mind, matter of fact out of line
But I been runnin' and gunnin', gettin' it for myself in due time
I'm finna take it to the line, I'm in the beginning of the prime
Tony Montana the world's mine
Yeah, it's finally 'bout time
Went from Section 8 to better times
Serving food to writin' rhymes
For Elton John, the greatest of all-time

Hey kids, plug into the faithless
Maybe they're blinded
But Bennie makes them ageless
We shall survive, let us take ourselves along
Where we fight our parents out in the streets
To find who's right and who's wrong

Say, Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet?
Oh, but they're so spaced out
B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets
Oh but they're weird and they're wonderful
Oh Bennie, she's really keen

She's got electric boots
A mohair suit
You know I read it in a magazine
B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets

[Pink (Logic):]
Bennie, Bennie and the Jets
Bennie, Bennie, Bennie, Bennie and the Jets (yeah yeah)
B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets
Bennie, Bennie and the Jets
Bennie, Bennie, Bennie, Bennie and the Jets
Ohh, Bennie and the Jets

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Elton John Bennie And The Jets (2018 Version) Comments
  1. Alberto Hansen

    I love Elton John....and now my favorite and Logic and him perform together?!?! Legendary
    "Some one please let Elton John Know"

  2. Ara Anderson

    Not Logic’s best but definitely a great song to vibe to.

  3. Constance Weissnat

    Not Logic’s best but definitely a great song to vibe to.
    0:11 THE BEAT DROP
    #RattPack #BranchingOut

  4. Tanny Touche'


  5. BillzDaArtist


  6. Peachy Cobbler

    P!nk low key sounds like she cloud be Eltons daughter

  7. Brayday 1130

    I personally like the original better but this still amazing

    At least the part where they're actualy singing

  8. UndisclosedGem 64

    Who ever though this song needed a rap verse? Nobody!

  9. Evie Sorrell

    anyone else here bc of nathan chen?

  10. lawrd

    I loved P!nk, and logic wasn’t bad, but he kinda felt outa place.

  11. Daniel Hernandez

    This might grow on me, but right now I don’t know if it’s for me. Regardless, I can’t complain about artists trying something new. Who would want an inferior version that’s simply an impression of Elton John? This is a cool and original concept, and Elton approves. We can’t argue with that.

  12. Sophiah Koikas

    I like the Danny elfman ad before the video for master class!

  13. Sophiah Koikas

    So cool

  14. rockchild85

    what the hell is that


    Here after the Instagram post anyone?

  16. Mew Design

    I absolutely adore this song, the beat is really enticing and danceable , however, I noticed this kind of bell jingle in the beat and it reminds me of a Christmas song which slightly ruins it for me. Not hating as I find this song incredible and a good attempt to revamp an old classic but I will still always prefer the original.

  17. Teresa Baker

    Yellow bricks of a fireplace and furnace chimney sweep sherry
    FUCK ya

  18. Brian krause

    Great to hear Pink and Elton collaberating on my alltime fav song. It proves how timeless these classics are and how muaic evolves.

  19. Jessie Quinn

    I like logics part but you know growing up on Elton. It just trows me off with the "rap part"

  20. xXMelaniePlayz GachaXx

    Its very good but i like the original better ngl.

  21. Eric teg

    Is this real?

    T3rr0r1st_ -YT

    Yes listen to it on spotify

  22. R Z

    They can’t hire anybody to come up with any interesting beats anymore can they?

  23. MonkyBoi

    What did they do this masterpiece of a song

  24. KylePlaysLSD

    Looks like Bruce lee in the picture tbh aha

  25. Falcon

    What the fuck you don’t don’t do this to a song keep it the same you suck


    @T3rr0r1st_ -YT this version sucks ok

    T3rr0r1st_ -YT

    @Falcon nah you hating or thats not ur type

  26. o0Nekolove0o

    Irónicamente la imagen de la portada se parece mucho a Nathan Chen 😂

  27. Valerie W

    Nathan Chen is going to bring the HEAT🔥

  28. ilikechocolate911

    anyone here because of nathan chen?

  29. Shannon Harper

    Love this version!

  30. Polo Berumen

    Makes my ears wanna smell my knees

  31. UnidentifiedHawaiian


  32. Murfu

    First song with rap that my dad likes lol

  33. Fedha

    Why did they do this if it’s not broke don’t fix it

  34. Mild Ones

    Not the type of song to turn into a club song

  35. Luke Alex Prince


  36. Zachary B

    Ok this ain’t got nothing to do with the song but is the album cover Dodger Stadium Elton diamond suit?

  37. Tubby Montana

    If it didn’t have the over bearing bass I bet this would sound awesome I really liked remix just that instrumental 🤮 I’m really hoping someone does a mash up with the original and this

  38. DR!P

    * G A G *

  39. Terrence Walker

    For ppl who says the beat sucks or if they used to much of sum then u don’t know what good music is just leave

  40. Sonny Gonzales


  41. Rashed Elamin

    Not every song needs to be the greatest lyrical rap of all time. Sometimes you just need a chill verse, a beautiful singing voice doing a hook, and an interesting beat. The voices do 90% of the melodic work but I don't think it was bad.

  42. Ava Carrigan

    I love this song but it's very different lol

  43. James Anderson

    very good love rocketman

  44. David dicas

    Do a remix with Taron egerton version

  45. TonEE 2 E's

    Nice I hate it

  46. Belvedere Antoinette

    I fucking love this so much, best collab ever

  47. Ibis Doodle


  48. yuval kontente

    but....... why?

  49. Evan Noriega

    The fact that this remake of great song with under 1 mill views shows how much kids nowadays don't even appreciate a class remake. #GreatMusicIsDying

  50. Benny G

    As a benny I appreciate this

  51. Mary Helen

    I got this stuck in my damn head

  52. lumanae

    this goes haRD okay

  53. Murray Bennett • 28 years ago

    Wtf is this

  54. Flappy Jacks

    I really want Elton John to go on a logic song and the song could have the same format as Stan

  55. Amy Alvarado

    Now I can finally understand the lyrics after all these decades. Great remix.

  56. blackout the demon

    whats with the rap?

  57. Ava Werner

    This is my Jazz song for dance! ❤️❤️

    I love this song!!

  58. Jude Robertson


  59. Ryan Gates

    Elton John, Logic, and Pink? Pkease excuse me while my head explodes.

  60. Capt. Price

    How have I never seen this

  61. Jennifer Scears

    One of my favorite covers ever

  62. Millennial Skeleton

    ...nah, logic ruined it

  63. Braulio Torres

    Adam Yock's version though

  64. * s t a r s *


  65. MineMadness1

    How to butcher an already perfect song. This sounds like shit

  66. aYAn CHoUdHRy

    0:11 THE BEAT DROP

  67. Brandon Arizmendi

    Logic sucks now. His raps are repetitive

  68. JMPK

    Wtf did I just click on

  69. Geoff Swanson

    Who thought that this song needed a rap verse?

  70. Jazmin Harris

    I was in American apparel when my brother said “is pink singing Benny and the Jets” and that’s how I found this song.

  71. Tony 2times

    Did you let Elton John rub some of his pink feathers on you logic? Homie don't play dat ishh

  72. noahshively

    P!NK killed it but logic didn't even do the song he did his own verse which I would be fine with but not with this song

  73. noahshively

    Logic screwed this song over like c'mon

  74. Noah Dean

    A disgrace to Elton John's style

  75. Destany Kiefer

    *Mindblown This is amazing. Why am I just now hearing this. *palms forehead. <3

  76. Adam Birkemeier

    The only good thing about this song is how it recognizes Elton John

  77. Adam Birkemeier

    Well there it is... the worst thing I've heard all year

  78. TheDriftingStig

    Am I getting older or is music in general becoming worse? What even is this...

  79. DahRocker

    Fucking Nobody: we want a rap verse of Benny and the Jets!
    Pink Logic: okay!!

  80. Anthony Schaaf

    This is how a tribute to a great is done? I'm so damn disgusted right now. Get the fuck out of here with this trash.

  81. Bubblegumtoothpaste

    Here is my opinion on this.

    The beat was pretty off-putting and the sound effects make it sound like a 4-year-old got their hands on a soundboard.

    Though the vocals and rap section of the song was pretty nice.

    I feel like this song had some great potential, But was completely ruined with the after effects. It's like pouring a gallon of butter onto a 5-star meal.

    Overall, I would probably listen to this song more if it was just the vocals and the original tune. As much as I love the mashup of both of my favorite singers (Elton John and P!NK) I felt like this was the real song that needs to be revamped.

  82. UnknownElephant

    Oh god! This is worse than the original! U used an outdated pop singer and u just put logic cuz why tf not

  83. New Era

    Sounds pretty cool too me😎,
    I don't see what all the 😢crying is about.

  84. KingOfLegends23

    Jesus, and I thought Logic couldn't get any worse

  85. Ryan Mainwaring

    Oh, no. This is awful.

  86. Abrupt Decay98

    Why did no one in the creation process think of how bad of an idea this was

  87. Dan Stallone

    Lol now hipsters don't even need to listen to elton John to pretend they like elton john

  88. Dan Stallone

    Before you freak out. I know nothing of pink or logic, so I'm not shitting on either of them. Like who you like idgaf.

    But to everyone claiming that i can't compare this song to the original... Fuck you, and you're retarded. They share the same name and Elton John's face is the damn album art. They obviously kept the original in mind while writing this atrocious "cover/remake"... Sooo i will too.

    The song is garbage. All interesting instrumentals have been replaced with one of those 2018-boring-and-slow-asf beats, and logic's verse could have easily been placed into another, original song, and still revered Elton in the same way.
    This song doesn't offend me because it's bad, its offensive because it's unnecessary and worthless. If you like an artist, let them inspire you to do your own cool shit. Don't charge people money for a new, worse version of something they've been enjoying without complaint for nearly half a century.

    Dan Stallone

    Lol i just realized my profile pic is literally even a classic rock album, officially making me "that douche" of this comment section

  89. devin Thompson

    I don't understand how this only 260 dislikes (at the time I'm posting this)

  90. Essence V

    What the hell is this

    Noah Dean

    A disgrace to Elton John's style

  91. Unintentional Effectiveness

    Ok so I had herd of the working together and never herd about this song dropping until today and I’m disappointed tbh. The original is great. Leave it as it is. Pink kills her part. Probably the best part of the whole song.

    The mix doesn’t work well, the rap doesn’t go with the song. Logic definitely could have gone harder but overall it’s not what I expected from a rapper that is getting an Elton John collab... I’m sorry but I have Elton in my iPhone and logic and pink but no way I’m putting this Frankenstein of a song in there, it’s trash and is bad when you made a classic unlikeable. Rattpack forever but I’m going to always keep it 100 and not kiss my artists ass. Got to let them know we they did a shitty job.

  92. Matthew Fresquez

    This was me At 0:10 "well jese that took a huge turn!"

  93. Matthew Fresquez

    This sounds so lit my dudes! 😎👌🤘👍

  94. nou

    I really just can't like this version no matter how hard I try

  95. Memes And Music

    Not my style