Elton John - Belfast Lyrics

Deep inside my soul fights a war
I can't explain, I can't cross over any more
All I see are dirty faces
Rain and wire, and common sense in pieces
But I try to see through Irish eyes

Look outside, summer's lost and gone
It's a long walk on a street of right and wrong
In every inch of sadness
Rocks and tanks go hand in hand with madness
But I never saw a braver place

And it's sad when they sing, and hollow ears listen
Of smoking black roses, on the streets of Belfast
And so say your lovers from under the flowers
Every foot of this world needs an inch of Belfast

Who's to say on whom heaven smiles
Our different ways we try hard to recognise
No more enchanted evenings
The pubs are closed and all the ghosts are leaving
But you'll never let them shut you down

The enemy is not at home
A jealous green streaks down this faulty diamond
No bloody boots or crucifix
Can ever hope to split this emerald island
But I never saw a braver face

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Elton John Belfast Comments
  1. Natalie Fullmer

    "No bloody boots or Crucifix could ever hope to split this Emerald Island." I'm an Irish American. Hang on to what you have, my brethren. 26+6=1. Enough lives have been taken.

  2. Вера Пигина

    хочу в Белфаст! где это?

  3. Вера Пигина

    как в сказку попала! и та уже лет 151

  4. Matthew Peterkin

    Elton John your music never dies old music and new music you are the best of the best top number one forever and ever

  5. Matthew Peterkin

    Elton John you are the best of the best the main top number one music in history and now god bless you Elton John forever and ever

  6. Matthew Peterkin

    That album came out since I was born 1995 incredible song Elton John your the best and number one forever and ever

  7. Andy Web

    He's struggling to pronounce Belfast there lol

  8. Roosa Heikkinen

    All I can say is wow! I love Elton John

  9. Роман Трофимов

    Great song! Great lyric! Great singer!

  10. Rogério Francisco de Farias

    Música maravilhosa. Adoro Elton John. Meus filhos cresceram ouvindo Elton John.

  11. clever rabbit

    eltons best album

  12. Lety Abarai

    de ar elton brilhante musician😀😃💗💗

  13. Roustam Khasanov

    Masterpiece by Elton.

  14. José Antonio Benazzato


  15. Amy’s crazy dancing life

    Hidden Elton Gem. Beautiful.

  16. Mark McDougall

    Elton John's best work. Beautiful beautiful song.

  17. 1111Evangeline

    Who is to say on whom Heaven smiles? At different ways, we try hard to recognize.
    These words were never spoken with more truth than today.

  18. Roustam Khasanov

    best song from Elton.

  19. Bob Whitworth

    R.I.P. Paul Buckmaster, whose brilliant arrangements graced so many - but never enough - of Elton's songs.  Nobody ever coaxed sounds from an orchestra as Buckmaster did.


    The first 2 minutes of this song tells the story without words.

    Steel Magnolia

    1111Evangeline Whoever is responsible for calming the Troubles in N Ireland should take a crack at the Middle East. You hear nothing about Belfast or the IRA anymore.

  20. Tom

    RIP, Paul Buckmaster

  21. katakisLives

    Amazing song! the rich arrangement reminds me of another classic Elton album Blue Moves, with the long epic intro of Tonight.

    Elaine Roberts

    katakisLives love ireland ud go. There and have shell of a blast my relatives are there my grandmother was a Reagan in belfast iteland

  22. Evan S.

    I stand with the emerald island

  23. Daniel Lee


  24. Erika Nering


  25. Christopher Poulain

    Exceptionnel. Elton John / Bernie Taupin / James Newton Howard. Un beau trio !

  26. John Mooradian

    One of his best

  27. MrsMaddieM

    Simply beautiful.

  28. Marco Donati

    One of Sir Elton John's masterpieces I prefer.Much more than a song.

  29. Derk Olthof

    This song is the reason I started writing songs.


    even though he didnt write his own songs

    Brian Freeman

    Doesn’t mean Derk can’t!

    sam sung

    I guess you mean about the lyrics because the music it's written by him.All the melodies of 99% of his songs are written by Elton.Bernie writes the lyrics of course.

    Peruse Perusing

    @brb224 Yes, he does write his own songs. He doesn't write the lyric's to his own songs.