Elton John - (Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket Lyrics

I can hound you if I need to
Sip your brandy from a crystal shoe
In the corner, in the corner
While the others climb reaching dizzy heights
The world's in front of me in black and white
I'm on the bottom line, I'm on the bottom line

I'd have a cardiac if I had such luck
Lucky losers, lucky losers landing on skid row
Landing on skid row
While the Diamond Jims
And the Kings road pimps
Breath heavy in their brand new clothes
I'm on the bottom line, I'm on the bottom line

And I gotta get a meal ticket
To survive you need a meal ticket
To stay alive you need a meal ticket
Feel no pain, no pain
No regret, no regret
When the line's been signed
You're someone else
Do yourself a favor, the meal ticket does the rest

Shake a hand if you have to
Trust in us and we will love you anyway, anyway
Don't leave us stranded in the jungle
With fifty percent that's hard to handle
Ain't that so, ain't that so

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Elton John (Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket Comments
  1. todd matheson

    wrong cover, island gir, i know my ej

  2. Fleeroy Rambo

    My mom bought this album for the radio hit . I was 7 Years old, this was always my favorite track.

  3. maurizio bianchi

    1975 il mio primo lp un capolavoro di sir. Elton! Mauri 1960

  4. bluesmokerH1

    The Captain had the same plan with tickets in hand.

  5. Peter Davis

    Best song on Captain Fantastic

  6. Michael Distefano

    Davey Johnstone....
    Legend.....one of a kind. ....really tasty player......band leader to this day.....
    Did I leave anything out?

  7. Igor Maxwel

    35 persons don't get a meal ticket!

  8. Phineas J Whoopie

    Songs like this are how EJ dominated the pop charts in the 70's. One of those few artist/bands/sounds that stood out from the rest.

  9. Mackenzie Esslin

    Love this song 💜

  10. Kirk Davis

    When he had talent. Now he is just an old washed up queen

  11. Kirk Davis

    Too bad Elton went Broadway and lame ass show tunes. When he was young he was on fire. Now he is basically a 21st century Liberace.

  12. Mark Gelbart

    The internet is weird in the way that it thinks for you. I was on Chuck Berry and after that song was over it went to this one. And I was not dissatisfied. Never noticed that kind of thing because normally I am an alcoholic, but it became evident the first time I did marijuana in a decade. Alcoholics aren't paranoid, but potheads are. There is kind of a mass mind control going on here. Fuck your suggestions. Make'em work for it. Alcoholics do...potheads can do it too. So let us pick our own music without suggestions, you SOBs.

  13. Дмитрий Лопатин


  14. Mark Gelbart

    Reaction videos never do Elton John. Why? Maybe because they loved him since Bennie and the jets on Soul Train.

  15. TravelinBand747

    The Elton John Express was firing on every cylinder here: Elton & Bernie's songwriting, Elton's vocals and piano playing, Davey Johnstone on lead guitar, Dee Murray on bass, Nigel Olsson on drums. No wonder this album DEBUTED at #1 on the Billboard 200, the first ever to do so.

  16. Michael Iveson

    nice voice SIR

  17. Stephen Soltau

    Single Man rocked also

  18. Emily KM

    Underrated gem of EJ's from his pure R&R days...

  19. Michael Deangelo

    He rocked in the 70's, got "pop" in the 80's. then found love in the 9os... This album by far in my opinion was his best work

  20. Mark Gelbart

    Why did Elton John go all mellow in his old days? C'mon man, you can still kick ass.

  21. Mark Gelbart

    Who is your Meal Ticket?

  22. Mark Gelbart

    2:42 for us heavy metal dudes, man.

  23. randall scott burress

    The last chapter of what the

  24. randall scott burress


  25. jmad627

    Listened to this LP everyday after school for a couple of months at a friend of mine's house right after it came out.

  26. terry rumble

    Can someone tell me why isn't this music played on the radio anymore.
    All we have is crap.
    I dont use the radio anymore haven't for the past 15 odd years , its full of adds, talk back shit and the radio hosts that are so far up each other and play absolute shit music.
    I always listen to the 70s 80s music in my car on usb or cd.
    I was only sitting in a traffic jam the other day listening to this song and and it just makes you feel so good and just takes you back to the times of my teenager years and how wonderful life and the world was.
    i didn't care less about the traffic.
    Ha ha ha.

  27. Kevin Bergin

    One of handful of EJ songs that really rock. He did a great ballad or a hymn but the following really rock: Mealticket, Pinball Wizard. Love Lies Bleeding & Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting.

    David Lynch

    All the Young Girls Love Alice rocks as well.

    Home One

    Empty Sky; Grow Some Funk, One Horse Town

  28. Bradley Rohr

    Thank you Dad, for buying this album when it came out. I was 5 and my life was forever changed. Love you.

  29. JohnHenryNhammer

    This entire album is AWESOME! Way to go Sir Elton "the Rocker" John. (Way different from Mr. BLUE EYES singer)

  30. jamie dee

    would have thought this track well at least the main part would be on soundtrack for a really cool film!

  31. Tim Young

    Always a huge fave!!! Gotta get a meal ticket!

  32. Kevin Cawser

    One of my fav Elton John/Bernie Taupin songs!

  33. Jade Martin

    This and Tower of Babel...my favs from this album....the last Elton album I loved.

  34. Kevin Bergin

    AS he said when in doubt write a rhyme but this is rock-n-roll in a kick ass manner!

  35. Teadawg

    man I try to explain to people how rippin sir eltons earlier albums and people write him off as grandma music.  hes the fucking best.

    Mark Gelbart

    Play them Rock of the Westies.

  36. Mark Gelbart

    Underplayed song...for sure.

  37. James Daniels

    If not for Bernie Taupin, Davey Johnstone, Dee Murray, Ray Cooper and Nigel Olson, EJ would be just another average piano playin' fool. This band is what put him into orbit. Hooking up with Davey, who has served as Elton's music director for years, was the second-best decision EJ ever made. Hooking up with Bernie was the best.

    Larry Wilson

    Are you out of your mind? Name one other human being who could sing these songs...And I think Lennon was the best

    Frank Furfaro

    James Daniels .michael jackson has nothing close to Elton john the real king of pop

    Michael Whelan

    James Daniels Absolutely

    Fernando Nunez-Noda

    I disagree. Elton John has good enough piano mastery but superb qualities as a composer and singer. It´s difficult to find all those qualities in a single artist.

  38. Don Fawcett

    Just an incredibly written and performed song.

  39. Mchael Daly

    help me plz. I'm looking for, holy mosses. by Elton.

    Katie Godby

    +Mchael Daly  called Border Song

    Mary Lou Rose

    Holy Moses...elton nohn

  40. Darryl Ruiz

    Eltons last great album with his original band after this it went downhill, but this song rocks!

  41. sal economos

    One of his best ROCKERS.

  42. Ed Bauer

    "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy" – 5:46
    "Tower of Babel" – 4:28
    "Bitter Fingers" – 4:35
    "Tell Me When the Whistle Blows" – 4:20
    "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" – 6:45
    Side two
    "(Gotta Get a) Meal Ticket" – 4:01
    "Better Off Dead" – 2:37
    "Writing" – 3:40
    "We All Fall in Love Sometimes" – 4:15
    "Curtains" – 6:15

  43. Steve Labuski

    Joey Knight I totally agree with you ! After this, he got really sappy. This was , overall, a hard rocking album that was pretty much overlooked, criminally IMHO. I saw him at the Music Hall in Boston, in 1973. Sat in the 5th row, and to this day is one of the best shows that I have ever seen.

    james robinson

    +Steve Labuski I know what you mean.  I have seem in concert 6 times in the 80s and the 90s.....not lucky enough to have seen him in the 70s though.  About the only live concert I have even seen that could rival Elton John was Tina Turner back in mid 80s.

    Mark Gelbart

    Rock of the Westies followed this album. That was his hardest rock album. After Rock of the Westies he got too sappy. You forgot that one, didn't you?

    Aaron Sanders

    This album went triple platinum in the US. You consider that overlooked? It's one of his most popular albums.

    Mark Gelbart

    Only 1 song on this album ever got radio play.

  44. german gomez

    me encanta esta cancion jamas me cansare de escucharla

  45. destroyerj

    FABULOUS Album.  I got this for my birthday when I was 11 years old (1976).

  46. Survivor2002

    And WHY was this the best outfit EJ ever worked with? LISTEN.

  47. José Martins oliveira


  48. Joey Knight

    Great song. This was the last good album by EJ, in my opinion. Then he fired Nigel Olson and Dee Murray. It all went to s**t from that point on.

    Alexandros Deligiorgis

    His work had from that point on fewer classic elements and became more pop

  49. Frankie Pitochelli

    As much as I  love the Beatles, Led Zep..and may others, EJ was really my Fav. growing up
    through out my teen yrs.
    I was an EJ junkie, had all his albums, was such good music, I don't think there was a song that he made that i didn't like !!

    Liz Hill

    +Frank Pitochelli His music saved me

    Frank Furfaro

    Frankie Pitochelli my all time 2 favorite singers elton and elvis presley


    Frankie Pitochelli Mine too. I was 9 or 10 when I was a die hard Elton fan. My mom got me into Led Zep and The Who later.

  50. Al M

    What happened to Elton John? This is an awesome song then he started doing luvvy duvvy crap like Sacrifice. Who said the 70s weren't great.


    Are you homophobic? What are you trying to say?

    randall scott burress

    Drive me down the hill miss Daisy ? are you tryin to say ?? I ain't got Faith no more..>>> and she said turn it up you dumb son of a bitch?

    randall scott burress

    living in a time where i can't say nothin but Blondie can rape your Granmma and live in the big house s while you big daddy's kids got to get clothes from good will?

    randall scott burress

    was it the scorpions asked for a ride acrooss the bridge ?? and if you ask me i'm sure i got another smart ass answer?

    John Zyp

    Al M Yes yes yes I agree. Totally.

  51. David Fruits

    The guitar wizardry of Mr Davey Johnstone !!!!!!!!

    Jeremy Pryce

    And Mr. Nigel Olsson on the drums.....

    Victor oliveira de souza da silva

    Dav Frui piru

    Emily KM

    Dav Frui anen

    Kirk Davis

    dont forget Dee Murray.

  52. David Fruits


  53. Dj M

    one of the best guitar rifts by davey johnstone

    Darryl Ruiz

    The vastly underated Davey Johnstone

  54. Random Guy

    This song has nothing to do with food.


    +Pearson7951 Actually, in a way, it was. It was actually about the years that Elton/Reg spent 'on the dole', while trying to get by, waiting for "the big break."

  55. BadErnest

    Fucking awesome!

  56. Robert Strovink

    I say this at every appointment I have at the VA, I can't help it I love the food 

  57. la honorable sociedad

    de las mejores canciones de reginal

  58. bermudaguy1

    This album inspired me to learn to play bass! I originally got this vinyl in London about the same time it came out. I needed to use the telephone box ( like the one in Dr. Who ) and discovered somebody left it behind. 
    It is my favorite album. Bernie and Elton were perfect for each other. It's almost like poetry put to music.

  59. weottertalk

    Love the way Elton can belt out a killer rock song, then sing a love ballad so lovely it makes you cry.

  60. Keith Kacner

    Seldom heard. A very good song.

  61. Philip Caramadre

    Best ever album from Elton

    Steve Lassiter

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is Elton's best album.

    Sean Patrick

    @Philip Caramadre This is the First Album Ever to Hit #1 on The Billboard Charts, Before it was released , based on pre orders and projected sales ! True The Best of EJ.

    Alan Cook

    the album released 6 months after the Yellow Brick Road and still considered his best work to date


    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was, commercially, his greatest album; but, I heard Elton say (in an interview) that he was more proud of Captain Fantastic.

    Sebrina Lee Payne-Biscardi

    One of 'em.😉

  62. jan petersson

    would like too see it on mobile. Sucker!

  63. exodus82hell

    i love this song

  64. watsoni9

    great ej song. i remember when dave herman premiered the record on wnew in ny. I'M ON THE BOTTOM LINE !!!

  65. bassmanjoe

    @Starlitblond Was?? Still is great!!

  66. Ben F

    Gotta get a Metal ticket !

    1975 I miss you-(no pain - no regrets !)


  67. RHMAK♥

    It's rock and roll brother, and I like it

  68. OrisLover

    @SpocksBrain425 Right on ma brotha!

  69. toshtile

    one dislike ,he needs a meal ticket sad sod

  70. OrisLover

    @SpocksBrain425 Right on!

  71. RTT8001

    Summer of 75 babe EJ ruled the airwaves; when albums were exciting and meant something. This song even got heavy airplay on AM radio that year along with the title track even though neither were single releases.

  72. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt


    Yup. They KILLED, and they still do.

  73. Mr1969rastus

    While the Diamond Jims and the Kings Road Pimps breathe heavy in their brand new clothes.... gotta love Bernie's lyrics!

  74. RHMAK♥

    Un album che è una pietra miliare della pop music di tutti i tempi.Liberatosi dagli spettri adoloscenziali che lo "vedevano" esecutore di sinfonie classiche e pur sfoderando talentuosissimi albums ricchi di sapienti tocchi gotici oltre che di lirismo toccante con il Capitano Fantastico Sir Elton condensa beat, rock, blues, country in una miscela esplosiva che a oggi risulta sempre frizzante...Ascoltare per credere

  75. Rebecca Arnold

    @tmac052558 I was back at that time i got the record. it is great.

  76. Rebecca Arnold

    Another wonderful songs from the 70s. Go Elton John.

  77. terry jordan

    @Rodneyrivera1701 This song tells of the British 'food stamps' and what they had to work for to eek out a living.
    Rodneyrivera1701 2 months ago
    VERY TRUE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOOD STA

  78. terry jordan

    @tmac052558 agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. J Paul Hawthorne

    Davey Johnston rules !!!!! Great guitar work !!!! Is that Cooper in the background! Great percussion!!! Is Dee Murry There? Yes! How about Nigel Olson? Yes!!!

  80. janet drain

    best of his work by a mile

  81. T Mac

    I remember waiting for this to come out in the Summer of '75. All the kids were waiting on its release. And, when it came out, we all knew the songs inside and out within a few days. Great great album.

  82. jferkfjkj

    @SpocksBrain425 don't forget ray cooper who on this track is playing like hell on the tambourine

  83. Steve Sparx

    Great Album

  84. todendorf77

    ain't that so ---

  85. Ronald E. Childs

    The original Elton John Band at the top of their craft--they had to be to follow-up and top Yellow Brick Road.

  86. francescsants

    This is rock and roll, my friend !!!!

  87. Sco Jo

    Ironically, these old Elton John albums remind me of college...in the late 1990s.

  88. John Jasper

    I first bought this album as an 8-track! It was a clever format where the tape continuously played and I'd often fall asleep listening to an album and wake up in the early hours still listening to it. Capt'n Fantastic was certainly a great album but unfortunately seemed to be the peak of Elton's and Bernie's creativity (IMO.)

  89. perry fraser

    @DelphinusMAch1 Shut yo mouth Delpenis.

  90. Paul Varjak

    I don't care about your ages. There's one word for people who don't appreciate this as a great piece; that word is 'plebeian'.

  91. mizofan

    Fantastic album indeed, my favourite, pipping Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Tumbleweed Connection and his super new album The Union with Leon Russell

  92. jmad627

    @Starlitblond I remember me and a friend of mine used to listen to it everyday after school back in '75 when it just came out. It IS a great LP, kind of an overlooked under rated classic IMHO!!

  93. Sean Spring

    hopes i'm DEAD if lady gaga EVER becomes classic rock!

  94. usmcfutball

    Davey Johnstone gets a LOT of credit on this one. It's the hardest rocker on the album yet he manages to blend in some really nice acoustic guiter work.

    Elton (and Bernie) define greatness. But there was a helluva' band back there as well. Cheers!

  95. alcarr99

    Side 2, Track 1 on vinyl. Put this album
    on the turntable many times back then!

  96. 17865329

    @statman99 Maybe, but Tumbleweed Connection is very good.

  97. 17865329

    @nickmarkham69 Yes, also on Social Disease from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

  98. Steve Sparx

    Dee Davey Nigel

  99. Nick Markham

    @doyoubarnes What a horrible thought... worst thing is, you're right !!!! My 12 year old daughter loves Lady Caca...

  100. Kandelise Kandle

    One of Elton's best rockers! Notice how Gus Dudgeon used the trick of turning up the volume sound VERY gradually so that by the end of the song, it's louder than when it started. He did this on 'Your Sister Can't Twist...' and 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight' too!