Elohim - meditation medication Lyrics

You're floating
Keep breathing
We're only dreaming
(Close your eyes)
Breathe in
Everything's okay
You're safe
Just keep on breathing
Feel the warmth around your body
The sun is here to comfort you
Imagine the clouds are just
Blankets of love

I promise you're okay
Just keep breathing
Just keep breathing
It's okay...

There's nothing left to worry about

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Elohim meditation medication Comments
  1. gabriel reals

    ▓▓▓ ☦✳

  2. Milky's

    I didn't even realize that I felt uneasy until I tried breathing to the video.
    Thank you El. (Btw I fucking love your latest album.)
    Have a nice day, everyone.

  3. i i

    So underrated...

  4. Jip Ziermans

    I needed this, thank you El

  5. Trisja Faye


  6. Alisha Boyer

    This one actually helped me breathe better last night :) thank you!

  7. Heather McArthur

    Yea!! This album is so worth the wait! Now please please pretty please come back SLC. 😩😩😭🖤

  8. Martin Portillo


  9. Arely Amairani

    Me encanta ❤ so proud

  10. Qiáo bù

    U always have the best interludes

  11. Keith Emps

    Another skrill's production???

  12. Takao Kemona

    amazing!!! ❤️❤️