Elohim - FML Lyrics

(Fuck my life
Fuck my life)

Fuck my life

Okay, so this is a look into what my childhood was like
Um, uh my parents kind of made me play classical piano
And you know I would go these recitals
And all these girls would be so proper in their pink tutu dresses
And I would show up in black gloves that had skulls on them
And I'm pretty sure I pissed off my teacher a lot
But you know and I was probably the only eight year old there that was thinking
Fuck my life
But honestly thank God for those days and for my parents, I love you guys so much, aha
Without that I wouldn't be here right now doing this
So, um, thank God for creativity, right?

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Elohim FML Comments
  1. Miroslav Stoyanov

    This video is not visible within the uploads section of your channel, while all other 18 songs from the Reimagined album are. I found this song by searching for it but it's odd that it doesn't appear in your channel.

  2. Kevin Silvester

    Does anyone know what the second piece is called?

  3. Keane Palmer

    This was the most perfect thing to wake up to. Wow El. 💜

  4. Grayson Smith

    Yooo wait?!