Elohim - Connect Lyrics

What is your name?
Where do you come from?
I know I could save you
I know you could save me too
I got a plan
Let's meet in the middle
In outer space

I’m just here to connect with you
I'm just here to connect with you
I'm just here to connect with you
I’m just here to connect with you
I'm just here to connect with...

I like your eyes
What do you taste like?
Are you surprised
That I would ask you that?
We're all on the ride
Sometimes it goes too fast
Let's slow it down tonight

I'm just here to connect with you
I'm just here to connect with you
I'm just here to connect with you
I'm just here to connect with you
I’m just here to connect with...

We’re here to connect you know?
Simple as that, let's go
Molecules spinning
The love that I’m sending
It's just the beginning
We're here to connect, you know?
1, 2, 3, let's go
Lives intersecting
No walls protecting
I’m just here to connect with you

I'm just here to connect with you (oh)
I'm just here to connect with-
Here to connect
Here - here to connect with
Here to connect
Here - here to connect with
Here to connect with
Here - here to connect with
Here to conn-

I'm just here to connect with you
I'm just here to connect with you
I'm just here to connect with you
I'm just here to connect with you
I'm just here to connect with you

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Elohim Connect Comments
  1. Noble Masque

    these mushrooms taste good.. wait... what type of mushrooms are these?

  2. hennymalice

    Compressed vocals are sick


    You all dont understand the real meaning its deep

  4. Gratt

    when you get your alien from area 51

  5. Chu

    I love her so much

  6. Alexandra Rostislavna-Romanov

    This is a super cute video.

  7. Shawn Mkandla

    Awesome Vizheo 🖤

  8. Dillon Mann

    Whoa this is chill!!!!!

  9. Spider

    Who’s here because of beaks’ introduction to parallel

  10. Togashi

    Oh this OWSLA animation is actually pretty norma----oooooooooooo shit

  11. BigLadNathan_

    *P A R A L L E L*

  12. skarlet main

    This gives me sad vibes

  13. Evan Miller

    Do you make it to Detroit Elohim?

  14. Evan Miller

    I dig it

  15. justKlutzy

    What are some other songs like this? It’s beautiful

  16. Niza -

    Here from parallel

  17. Daniel Villa Mejia

    anyone from parallels beaks video?

  18. UpSideDown

    lol this is beautiful

  19. Elli_Loves Music

    Elohim is the purest energy confirmed

  20. SeniorPost Diaz

    I like this song 👌

  21. Carlos Sanchez

    who's here sharing this link in IRC chats?

  22. KingKiio

    I'm addicted to this song!! Aaah; I hope it gets put on some sort of physical media soon!!

  23. Rodrigo Full Rss

    O por dios o:
    Que ermoso 🌹

  24. Pedro Blas La Rosa


  25. Kristine

    Her voice sounds like Soleima’s

  26. Jas

    I was just listening, Then my sisters cat “Prince” come and jump to my, He walks to my legs and he stays there, Listening with me, Absolutely a peacefully and a relaxing song, Thanks Elohim, Welcome to the family!

  27. Antonia

    her voice is amazing❤

  28. Aaron Benitez

    Por cierto que genero (o subgenero) es?

  29. Aaron Benitez

    Muy buena musica y la voz también, buena canción.

  30. Stela Alpi


  31. Daniel Skree

    good song :3

  32. Hugo Olmedo

    I Elohim I am the girl from Instagram ur number one big fan

  33. Randy Angel

    So chill❤

  34. Nova

    This video is so enchanting and gorgeous, as well as the song! Love it all so much!

  35. Marcin Raelian

    Thank you for spreading love for the humanity. Message from Elohim we find there www.rael.org

  36. y e l p s.

    I've watched this a unhealthy amount of times

  37. Worst Nero

    13 love

  38. Meivix

    is no one gonna talk about how wonderful the animation is!!!! the song is so nice this is a lovely MV <3

  39. ricardo torres

    es como magia.

  40. EDM lover 01

    Ghost producer=Skrillex


    He's not a ghost producer. He just produced and probably mastered this

  41. makara

    this is so wholesome I’m in love

  42. GentleBreeze

    Will you finally break my ♾

  43. Akshar Bisht

    Today was a good day because I just discovered this song <3

  44. Markusposperus

    that alien must be ME :)

  45. Ryan Dvernychuk

    Dont ever snub your creativity.... Your voice and lyrics are beautiful and strange enough i can relate to most of your tracks. Keep the art going and keep evolving as we do!! Much love from Canada!!!!

  46. Stephany Chan

    Lovely and awesome voice ❤

  47. joana ceddia's pig

    What is your name
    Where do you come from
    I know I can save you
    I know you can save me too
    Ive got a plan
    its me in the middle
    In outer space
    I'm just here to connect with you
    I'm just here to connect with you
    *I'm just to Connecticut with you*
    *I'm just here to connect with the*
    *I'm just here to connect with you*
    I like your eyes
    What do you taste like
    Are you surprised that I would I ask you that

  48. frown

    I wish you were, much love.

  49. Lopes do R6

    Cadê os BR karaio ??

  50. Ted Teckto

    Ощущаю гордость за то, что анимацию для этого клипа делала девушка из Украины, с моего города Николаева. Большой проект, большая молодец!
    I feel pride that the animation for this video was made by a girl from Ukraine, from my city of Nikolaev. Great project, great fellow!

  51. Swoosh

    So glad i got to see her open for the glitch mob and now she’s a part of OWSLA, also, she can throw down live!

  52. авф фвафваф

    пездатый клип

  53. Indian chill nation

    Listen to my coolest songs hear

  54. Monstafluff Music

    I love you Elohim <3

  55. Eli Schochet

    I’m trippin

  56. Iyin Abiodun

    2:46-2:57 gives me chills. ❄️

  57. W1CH0

    Wow lo vi en un comercial y es el primer anuncio que no me salto que gran canción!

  58. knarf.†

    This is real catchy, Elohim went off on the vocals and Sonny’s production is sweet 💜💫

  59. Turtle Piece

    This vocal is amazing, love this one !!

  60. Renita Rodrigues

    Such a lovely song ya🌼😌

  61. bts is mood periodt

    Who came from the ad?!



  62. Eduardo Cuellar

    the refrain makes my eyes tear up every time

  63. New Beginning

    Best YouTube ad I ever didn't skip

  64. Kuldeep Yadav

    we can say to it wow...!!!

  65. Berry

    I got this as an add and I got triggered so I'm here to tell you how much your song sucks.

  66. Hanwen Linda Hu

    Fun fact: isn’t “elohim” the romanization of the Hebrew word for “God”? 😂😂😂

  67. Nella

    Best add in youtube ever.

  68. Stephen Johnston

    positive vibes in this song :)

  69. Candy Crazy

    Prod. by Skrillex uwu

  70. L D S M

    The M Machine vibes🌌

  71. Eric Klod

    i though this was a Planet Dolan video

  72. Manuel Loudhni

    such a cool video

  73. alex alvarado

    Mmmmm buena canción 😁

  74. Cev Aura

    I love how Elohim's vocals are so crisp and just satisfying to the ear. I don't know if its just adding a top notch eq where the s's lie or maybe something like a transient shaper that brings out those high end frequencies like asmr??????? This is my new bop now

  75. Jazmine Run

    Parece la voz de Miso, aunque los altos no tanto.

  76. dannyU2g

    idgaf bout this soft shit... WHERE IS JOYRYDE???!?!?

  77. felipe hernandez


  78. Camilo

    Musica como esta rara vez se encuentra es muy buena la composicion... me encanta

  79. Abraham Solomon


  80. Manvir Saini

    love this track ❤

  81. Sally Hittens

    All love and success for Elohim ❤

  82. Milo Trinity

    what is this sailor moon shit

  83. Jesus Alfredo Alvarado Rivera

    Oie! La produjo skrillex. Jaja no sabía.

  84. saheen kuruvanna

    Elohim really need more exposure, always loved that voice

  85. Nelson Avilez

    Skrillex eres el mejor por cruzar limites que nadie puede.
    Saludos desde Colombia.


    Synthwave is Love

  87. Canale Eliminato

    thank u elohim for this song.💓

  88. Stephanie Hufnagel

    And her voice is...Just...

  89. Stephanie Hufnagel

    Thank you....

  90. Jay Eskar

    Elohim is woke af

  91. Rave Moments

    Can't get enough of this song and Xavier White - Distance ❤️❤️

  92. franciscgeov

    El personaje azul le veo parecido a chimuelo de "Cómo entrenar a tu dragón"🐲🔵

    Primarina Z

    Pensé lo mismo XD

  93. DOME YT

    Connect with everone

  94. Faraj Khalid

    Skrillex brought me here..