Ellis-Bextor, Sophie - The Distance Between Us Lyrics

You take my breath away
And yet you're all I'm breathing for
I always want that little bit more of what you do
And I still feel today
The way I felt the first time we kissed
You made me live, not simply exist
Broke like a clear view out of the mist
I'd known
You turned my life to up from down
Taken me from lost to found
Raised me up and now I see
How high we are
And every night before I sleep
I hope and pray you're mine to keep
It's all I can do to thank my lucky stars
The distance between us
'Cos close is never close enough
And there's a world beyond your touch
I want to climb inside of you
And see your heart beat
Your heart beat
So now and here we are
Within a land that we're making our own

I can't believe how devotion has grown
And still it grows
We're not the first to fall so far
Won't be the last to give our hearts
But now it's me and now it's you
We own this love
Sounding out the way I feel
Reminds me that this dream is real
All that I can do is thank my lucky stars
I've never felt like this before
Never felt this way before
Can't get close enough
Or stop myself from wanting more
[Chorus (x2)]

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Ellis-Bextor, Sophie The Distance Between Us Comments
  1. Denise

    Beautiful upload ♥️

  2. Christopher W

    The song isn't just cool (and by a cool singer), but also really interesting. It doesn't sound like anything else, which is pretty impressive since so much music sounds so derivative.

    Cristian Errázuriz

    I totally agree with you. Her voice is so particular, and the music in this song it's almost unearthly ❤️

  3. Emran Zainal Abidin

    Cool song,as cool as the singer😀

  4. Amos Leiva

    I ask for the album inchristmas on 2007, just for this song!!! On thesse times it was hard to find a song on internet!

    Cristian Errázuriz

    Oh the times when we had to save lunch money in order to buy a cd or a cassette! :)

  5. add19455

    amazing track

  6. Kio Milenium

    My very favorite song from Sophie so far
    Thanks a lot +Cristian Errazuriz

    Cristian Errázuriz

    +Kio Milenium It's a great song!!!

  7. treshijos