Ellis-Bextor, Sophie - If You Go Lyrics

Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Yeah
Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Bop-Bop Yeah

You forgot when we were strange
Yeah somewhere we got caught
Now every little bird is tame
Their wings are clipped and gulled
Fear puts your heart on ice
For some other rainy day
You only know that your alive
When I melt the ice away

My life, my dreams my everything
Are all yourrrrrrs, baby
I'm willing to complete this act of faith
'cause living only happens when you wait

If you go
If you stay
Sometimes better breaking, baby
In the sun
Before its gone

If you love

If you feel
If you wonder
how this heaven could be real
Then let it burn

Some might say ain't no sun
without the rain, like I know
I knew .. Yeah (breathy)
Some might say, nothing given, nothing gained
Yes that's true .. how about you baby

My life, my dreams my everything
Are all yourrrrrrs, baby
I'm willing to complete this act of faith
'cause living only happens when you wait



'Cause I'd like, like
To be somebody who
You take a chance on
I would take a chance on you
Like, like to be somebody
who you take a chance on
I would take a chance on you

I got myself a son
I take my love and run
I got you babe

Oh, yeah
'Cause I need somebody's love
And half is not enough
To make me stay
I've got you babe


If you go, if you stay

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Ellis-Bextor, Sophie If You Go Comments
  1. Clay K

    2019 and it's still one of my favorite songs.

  2. dalgamaya

    Great song! Absolutely underrated..

  3. Burcin Sunshine

    best my song forever!! muhteşem

  4. add19455

    her best album

    Amos Leiva

    I'm not so sure, but it´s hard to dicede. First second and third, 3 are awsome, the next other ones bullshit!

  5. Bianca Buelvas

    I have this playing on REPEAT!!! Sophie is queen!!! Her music is so fantastic

  6. Adrián Colmenarejo

    I will love this song forever. 

  7. kapilmerc

    D, never be sad

  8. kapilmerc

    Take a chance on me, accept me. Call me 

  9. DisneyCanada

    Sophie Ellis Bextor - If You Go Humm WhatIf and Contextual Awareness in FrozenCanada? Or was It GlobalDestiny?

  10. david fernando arauco leon

    señorita bextor, tu cantas estupendo.
    saludos a su familia.

  11. kenninty

    Trip the Light Fantastic!
    The first album I bought with my own money. Love SEB forever! x

  12. Anibal Molina

    I love this song with all my soul <3

  13. Mike Montesinos

    should have been single! pure poetry <3

  14. danielnyc20

    the best shot at 2:40... BEAUTIFUL!

  15. danielnyc20


  16. phantomkick

    Listening to this while driving on California coast... awesomeness

  17. Sam Carvent

    i like so much this song and the others too. love you, Sophie Ellis Bextor!
    auahhh from México! "mi vida, mis sueños, mi todo, es todo tuyoooo bebé" a "my life, my dreams , my everythings is all yours babe" oh God, how can i deny this feeling?!

  18. It was

    Trip the Light Fantastic

  19. danielnyc20

    i just listening this song and now i cant stop...Im addicted to SEB

  20. danielnyc20

    from wich album is include this song? somebody please tell me!

    Peter Parker

    Trip The Light Fantastic

  21. danielnyc20

    she is absolutely pretty...my god how she do?

  22. BobRenoir

    love it!

  23. AlwaysSoGrumpy

    The opening of this song is unreal, love it.

  24. Gareth Coles

    Nine people left..

  25. Adrian Vargas


  26. Erasureboyboy

    She is SO wonderful!!!!

  27. basicdrama

    The first seconds of this song are orgasmic!

  28. mane21bg

    Such a good artist!!!!SOPHIE U ARE AMAZING!!!!!

  29. Maximilian Wang

    @babadadaba yeah~ right, but i don't see that Audrey Hepburn had chick bones were so huge, or gigantic that i should say. Audrey Hepburn didn't have breasts so small like we need to observe them by using magnifier. Audrey Hepburn didn't have so rough facial lines and aspect. who the blood hell you are talking about?

  30. Wenthony

    Fabulous song, great!

  31. Adina Olteanu

    she is so amazing!!!!!!

  32. Adina Olteanu

    she is so amazing!

  33. fliss coomber

    this is such a great song a real spring tune xxxgo sophie you rock

  34. ella goldbloom

    should have been a single, still could be.

  35. vicky klimczuk


  36. Elijah Baley

    bop-bop bop-bop bop-bop yeee
    bop-bop bop-bop bop-bop yeee

  37. Enklawka1

    love it!

  38. ivoxavier92

    such a good song...
    keep them coming sophie ;)

  39. Manuel Kazan

    her face is really exactly the same as my niece.

    unfortunately I can post her picture anywhere: (

  40. camdou34

    elle est trop et elle chant trop bien !!!

  41. camdou34

    trop génial, trop méga bien, trop super chouette, trop parfait....

  42. Andrea muñoz

    i love this song :D

  43. Robo Robocop

    very beautiful

  44. Ali Khalid

    She is better than Madonna and in League with Kylie

  45. ziva pintaric

    She's the best

  46. garfreeek

    yup! and the mood your in is important too i guess ^_^

  47. Jerry Cherry Pie

    @DionnetJ1245 cuz limewire is for noobs

  48. Manuel Kazan

    they have to make a videoclip of this song.
    this song makes me happy.

  49. antrax925

    I defenetily vouch for her !!! Sophie Rocks!!!

  50. Mr Javier Alvarado

    is very grt song, is very sorry, that not see a video, but is great song.

  51. garfreeek

    why didn't i like most of these songs the first time? i adore them now!,
    guess they needed to grow on me ??

  52. steamyboy69

    which picture, she LOOKS gorgeous on every shot

  53. MsCatalinaa

    this song it s amaizing , its my favorite song.

  54. Tea Zumba

    i luv her!!! every her song is soo great!!! :)))

  55. Maciel Meregildo

    i really love her....she's has an amazing voice..

  56. zteny7

    i'm in love with this song.

  57. Rebecca Hawe

    Thanks (:

  58. Rebecca Hawe

    where can you get this song from, anyone know:S ?

  59. Doggonit

    This is my favorite Sophie-Ellis Bextor song, by a country mile.

  60. Illusion Starr

    SophieS gorgeous i love her :):):P

  61. leonard mx

    this one is the one xD!! i'm crazy 4 this song

  62. Alex Ionut

    damn me :X is the most beautifoul song i ever heard

  63. Pawelus668

    ba ba ba yeah yeah:) love it!!!

  64. Illusion Starr

    is she bringing a new album out coz ad soo que 4 tht lol xxxxxxxx

  65. lalagonegaga

    And now would someone mind explaning why on Earth was Me And My Imagination made a single over this? This one sounds so much better. But I love Sophie anyway, she's amazing! :)

  66. fofi q

    cool, lets make one!!!

  67. Hendrik Schade

    It should of been a single!

  68. Elcoolj101

    join the club!

  69. litacool

    why didn't she release this most of xenomania productions do well

  70. fofi q

    I'm in love with her !!!!!!!

  71. Disney Matt

    Amazing song.

  72. fofi q

    what a cool song !! i like it so much.... and sophie is great.
    i love her

  73. litacool

    team of xenomania