Ellis-Bextor, Sophie - Hello Hello Lyrics

Hello Hello
Where did I go
I lost my head
Went into your mind instead I stayed there

So now you all now
I'm weak I told you so
I'll never come home

I've been on quite a journey
I saw myself from another side
Can you be patient while I return
With what I've learned can we share it all
I want to start it over
I want to feel how I used to be
I'll take your hand and I'll show you
Here is my heart can we share it all

I'm cold alone
The pain is strong
I'm coming back to where you are my love I know
Believe me now
I know that it's hard
You can't see every card
Don't know me for now

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Ellis-Bextor, Sophie Hello Hello Comments
  1. Costantina Cipolletta

    Bellissima voce Sophie ✌🏻

  2. add19455

    This song is amazing, it;s been a decade without listening to it!! love it

  3. DarknutDeath Gaming

    “I hope so...” makes this a true love song

  4. Luigi Aurora

    Its a gorgeous song with a great ending.💝🌟

  5. Theocracy Now!

    She should do a Bond song or hell even be a Bond girl

  6. Roy Redfield


  7. Eduardo Orozco

    This is the only song in my life that really makes me cry... i love it :')

  8. Weronika Maria

    I am very impressed by the beauty and incredible talent of Sophie

  9. ukasu

    @draculareloaded : "Shoot From the Hip" (2003)