Elliott Smith - Tomorrow Tomorrow Lyrics

Everybody knows which way you go, straight to over
No one wants to see you inside of me, straight to over
I heard the hammer at the lock
Say you're deaf and dumb and done
Give yourself another talk
This time make it sound like someone

The noise is coming out, and if it's not out now
Then tomorrow, tomorrow
They took your life apart and called you failure's art
They were wrong though, they won't know
'Til tomorrow

I got static in my head
The reflected sound of everything
Tried to go to where it led
But it didn't lead to anything

The noise is coming out, but if it's not out now
I know it's just about to drown tomorrow out

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Elliott Smith Tomorrow Tomorrow Comments
  1. Lorenzo Sarli

    That pic at 2:11 is amazing LMAO, Willie Nelson style

  2. Rob Maddison

    It was this song that made me realise that one man and his instrument can have it's advantages over being in a band. Such creativity, skill and production quality. For me the highlight of XO by some distance.

  3. Jef E

    Hey guys...this fine tune also found on my Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB6B32C04C47403D0

  4. Radu Chichi

    Listening to Elliot is like covering myself with a warm blanket. It makes the noise go away.

  5. Yashaswini Joshi

    This is where I come to weep. Elliott"s songs are my safe place and always will be.

  6. delta 32

    He understood better than anyone what it's like to live with a suicidal brain. He made me unafraid to express these dark thoughts through my own music. I love him and miss this person I never met.

  7. Danielle Marin

    Our boy would have turned 50 last month.
    To think of the music we'd have been deliriously drowning in the past 16 years but instead are not is enough to make my heart shatter in sadness.

  8. Danielle Marin

    Did you ever see Elliott live? I am assuming you did and likely more than once.


    Danielle Marin Sadly I didn’t learn of him until after his death

    Danielle Marin

    @mymayapapaya Wow, I never would have guessed that. It still boggles my mind that I never heard of this man until June 9th of this year. I am a year younger than he and avid music fan of all kinds and don't know how I didn't hear of him when he was still here with us, let alone 16 years after he is gone from us. I feel like I am in a parallel universe, a bad one, too, lol.
    I heard "Needle in the Hay" in the stupid movie & I didn't care for that song. I never even knew who sang that song at the time & never heard it again til recently, of course. I thought, Are u kidding me??? I stopped watching Mtv by late 80s so never saw him on Mtv or any of the late shows like Letterman and Conan he appeared on early in the century. Miss Misery? I saw Good Will once and don't remember the song and it's not one of my faves though it is quite good, the one version I prefer over the other, the older one, I think?

    Do u think he was murdered by Chiba? I am inclined to believe he was based on the raw science.

  9. Danielle Marin

    It's me again, the strange woman making commentary on a video you uploaded to YouTube over 11 years ago.
    The harmonies in this song are sublime & I'm wondering if there is a woman doing back up vocals in this song? From what I've learned regarding Elliott's musical style/habits, he did his own recordings/vocals in many cases & perhaps preferred doing it this way, to have the creative control he desired, as I imagine a musical genius likely would. I hear him in much of his harmonies but this is one of a few songs I feel like I'm picking up another voice in my ear phones. It's amazing what you can pick up with half way decent ear phones.
    I wouldn't want to insult Elliott's memory by insinuating he sounds like a woman, though I'm sure he probably wouldn't be offended.


    Danielle Marin it’s Elliott ❤️ isn’t it beautiful 😭 ? You’re not strange! Elliott’s music definitely deserves headphones always. You should join the Elliott Smith discord 😮

    Danielle Marin

    @mymayapapaya I will definitely check out the Discord, thanks for letting me know about it. I'm glad all the vocals in this song are Elliott, reason to love it that much more.
    You have the best photo collection of him and he was one of those people who can look so different in photos - almost like a different person. I find he looks the most unrecognizable in his Figure 8 photos where he has the very short hair & wears the hoodie and LA 1984 (Summer Olympics) shirt. He looks like a little boy but adorable.


    Danielle Marin I like photos of him when he’s wearing the blue beanie

    Danielle Marin

    @mymayapapaya Me, too! I especially love the photos that you know are just the random ones his girlfriends or buddies took of him. They are better than the photos that you can tell were professionally done. Really all photos of him are beautiful, though.

  10. Danielle Marin

    I still have not listened to all of Elliott's stuff as it's been about 3 months now since I heard his music for the firs time.
    I kept passing this song & getting sidetracked and I finally listened - the amazing song and your amazing video pic slide show made me cry, it simply could not be helped.
    Just amazing!!

  11. Havalina Chiel

    surely one of the most beautiful edits i ´ve seen ( the pictures accomplish a certain task very easily , Elliott , as we ´d like him - sure enough ! )

  12. Jonathan Hernandez

    This one always reminds me of 3rd grade for whatever reason

  13. Mathew Lennon

    Same vein of brilliance as Kurt cobain and Jeff Buckley, all taken too soon

  14. Mr Sunglasses

    The most talented singer/songwriter/musician of ALL time..and by quite some distance and multiple levels..

  15. Ivana

    This song is too kind to me, wish I could thank Elliott.

  16. Josh Jones

    After finding out he was possible a closet trans, this song has another meaning to it for me.
    Love Elliott

    christian kiernan

    Josh Jones he was? Said who?

    Josh Jones

    @christian kiernan Their is a lady who orginizes elliott tribute albums on Spotify and other platforms who is in contact with Elliotts family. Same lady is also trans and a lot of people who relate to elliotts songs are by coincident the Trans community :)

  17. Aaryaman Roy

    Everybody knows which way you go straight to over no one
    Wants to see you inside of me straight to over I heard the
    Hammer at the lock say you're deaf and dumb and done give
    Yourself another talk this time make it sound like someone the

    Noise is coming out, and if it's not out now, then tomorrow
    Tomorrow they took your life apart and called you failures art
    They were wrong though they wont know 'til tomorrow I got
    Static in my head the reflected sound of everything tried to go

    To where it led but it didn't lead to anything the noise is
    Coming out, and if it's not out now, I know it's just about to
    Drown tomorrow out

  18. Nick Parsons

    Yet another extraordinary; beyond brilliant musician, taken by the scythe far too young. I'm just thankful for what's been left to experience.

  19. Timothy Amerman

    Happy birthday, sweet angel.

  20. Daniel Cropp

    Seems to me Sufjan has listened to Elliott Smith once or twice.

  21. fakeItRight

    so haunting and beautiful.

  22. niles payne

    What a song!!!!!


    i just wish he knew

  24. ToeJ

    i try so hard to get into this guy, but i just find this style so derivative of john Lennon that i always feel like I've heard it before

  25. Jason Cauley

    Beautiful but tortured. Prophecy of his depression taking him and fame in death. Truly tragic.

  26. hbean

    If you want to read a bit about a random person's life, I spent the last year on an anti depressant that literally took away all of my ability to feel anything, and it helped at first because life became too much. My anxiety was so bad it felt like I was trapped in purgatory. I spent the majority of my life dealing with my fathers abuse and his mental illness. Then one day he just left. He went off with another woman, with another family, and I haven't heard from him since. After that I don't let anyone in my life, except for family. I have a boyfriend I moved across the country with as soon as I was old enough and I feel like I'm trying to save him while I'm drowning too. He never had a dad. We think we're soulmates for many reasons. Life is full of pain but it's almost like I'm drawn to it because it's the only way I've ever experienced beauty, since there's really no happy endings. Anyway I'm off the anti depressant, on to another one, and my feelings are back. The first place I went was here, for a good cry. I love Elliott.


    learn to love yourself, accept yourself for who you are before you have to take care of someone else his sadness

    Viro Deniro

    hope you are well, take care of yourself!

  27. Juan Lapré

    How to talk with dead people? I want to thank en this Guy for all the music he did. It saved me.

  28. Adam Rodriguez

    by far the most amazing and difficult picking skills

  29. Cuz Dud

    [Am7 - G - Fsus4 - D x2]

    [Am7]Everybody knows [G]which way you go [Fsus4]straight to over[D]
    [Am7]no one wants to see [G]you inside of me [Fsus4]straight to over[D]

    [C6]I heard the [C7]hammer [C6]at [Csus4]the [B6]lock [Bb]say you're deaf and dumb and [D]done
    [C6]give your[C7]self a[C6]no[Csus4]ther [B6]talk [Bb]this time make it sound like [D]someone

    the [D]noise is coming out, and if it's not out now
    then to[Bb]mo[F]rrow to[G]mo[D]rrow
    they [D]took your life apart and called you failures art
    they were [Bb]wrong [F]though they [G]won't [D]know 'til t[Bb]omo[A]rrow

    [(Octaves) F# - D - G - F# - D - A - A - A] [(Octaves) F# - D - G - F#]-- played over [D]

    [Bb - F - F/C - G - G7]

    [(Octaves) F# - D - G - F# - D - A - A - A] [(Octaves) F# - D - G - F#]-- played over [D]

    [F#m#5 - F#m#5add#11 - F#m#5 - Bb - F - F/C - G - G7 - Bb - A - D]

    [C6]I got [C7]static [C6]in [Csus4]my [B6]head [Bb]the reflected sound of [D]everything
    [C6]tried to [C7]go to [C6]where [Csus4]it [B6]led [Bb]but it didn't lead to [D]anything
    [C6]the [C7]noise is [C6]com[Csus4]ing [B6]out,[Bb] and if it's not out [D]now,
    [C6]I [C7]know it's [C6]just [Csus4]a[B6]bout[Bb] to drown tomorrow [D]out

    [C6 - C7 - C6 - Csus4 - B6 - Bb - A - D]

    *F#m#5add#11: X 9 7 7 7 8
    F#m#5: X 9 7 7 7 10
    B6: X 2 0 1 0 X

  30. Tammy Watson

    i just saw a photo I took of Eliott back in LA at the Roosevelt one morning when we were coming out after a Sebadoh tour show and I had done a terrible job parking the night before and someone had written in lipstick on my bumper Asshole and we could not stop laughing. Luckily Smellliott had a disposable camera (it was the '90s) and we took pictures of each other with the bumper, pre selfie style ya know... I have since I think lost the negative and the photo. I think I sent the original to my old band mate to send to a magazine or something way back before I had a kid... it's nice to see it again.I miss him and his brilliance and his sense of humor very much...thx tw

    SJW libtard wrecker

    Tammy Watson it’s sad that he let his demons get the best of him. No doubt possessed by something. An amazing talent. The world is less without him.

    Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago

    That's a nice little trip down Memory Lane. But did he smelll bad or something? Just wondering aboot the way you spmellled his name, or did you mispmellled
    it? Or was it a nickname? Like Hootie

  31. FeeFyeFoe Films

    haunting yet takes you to someplace else

  32. Richard Boily

    this is literally a journey

  33. bedroomed

    Try not to cry

  34. Dan Thompson

    hardcore will never die. he never meant to hit a wall with the map life gave him.

  35. Ramsey Lawrence

    when eliott smith says he has static in his head he is talking about his phenomenal experience and the mystery of why it exists...lol

  36. sró

    They took your life apart and called you failure's art

  37. DesertSessions93

    To be in pain... all the time.

  38. Edisonic

    Brilliant !

  39. Shane V

    Come play with us! Today’s music theme is “x 2” https://www.facebook.com/groups/SupercordsMusicClub/

  40. Becky Bu

    The most perfect song

  41. musique ami

    They called your failures art

  42. Lori Emter

    love you elliott! XO

  43. Joseph Edwards

    Possibly the most beautiful song ever written.

    Erika Martinez

    Joseph Edwards I agree! I've been listening non stop.

  44. Abhishek Anand

    They called you a failure's art. I guess it's not "you're failure art", is it?

  45. Christian Gasior

    0:20 I thought Elliott wouldn't be caught dead without his shirt on, literally, according to a friend. I was also expecting to see more cutting scars, but I can't see any. Thanks for the upload. Some of Elliott's finest fingerpicking.

  46. Harald Rønning

    John Lennon was great, but never at this level.

    Adam Rodriguez

    Harald Rønning Elliot could compose an album quicker than Lennon and paul

    mr Nobody

    Yes and yes and no and no

    Ja La

    Yes yes and no and no for which comments, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th, i assume?

    Average Stateless Sinner

    He wasn't even great.

  47. By Azura

    Elliott smith is the john lennon our generation

  48. By Azura

    Elliott smith is the john lennon our generation

    Simon-Patrick Johnson

    They are both dead so there is some merit to this theory

  49. anthony rotar


  50. Péter S

    He looks like Kurt on the young picture with the kiss album

  51. Crystaliz

    This song is majestic AF.

  52. Several

    Finaly i learned, today i could play this song Tab Pro XD :)!!!

  53. JVidal Drumming

    Please sign this petition into the death of Elliott

  54. Marissa Moon

    Elliott has been there for me through my hardest times, through my heroin/Meth/coke addiction and in my sobriety.

    words can't express what this man has done for me and still does for me even after his death

    let us never forget that hes not gone unless we let go.

    Taylor Barnett

    Going thru one of the hardest times of my life right now with addiction and all. I feel this so much. Fuck

    Adam Rodriguez

    Marissa Moon that a perfect example of music saving your soul

    Rifflord 2000

    I really appreciate that you shared this. Marissa, be happy be well.

    Rifflord 2000

    Marissa, I Bet Elliot would be inspired by your heartfelt words. I certainly am. Love to you.

  55. Mickey G

    huh, some of these photos I've never seen. thanks, mymayapapaya! you got some of the best Elliott stuff.

  56. Alexander Sahs

    lmao who the fuck would dislike this? they obviously ignored the guitar-- and the lyrics

    Deven Ressegieu



    And the melody.

    Adam Rodriguez

    Alexander Sahs tu che

    Zatoichi Masseur

    Were do i get guitar skills and singing melodies plus good writing skills like this..... ? i need some help...


    ... the entirety of the song.

  57. Konundrum

    I think maybe this is his best acoustic song.


    after you watch some of his live performances of this song it's really hard to not include it at least in a top 5 (ha!)

  58. Æ Kiwi Dan

    I got static in my head,
    The reflected sound of everything
    Tried to go to where it led,
    But it didn't lead to anything
    The noise is coming out,
    And if it's not out now
    I know it's just about,
    To drown tomorrow out

  59. darklybright

    <3 <3 <3

  60. SupremeIntentionCrew

    "us. But a moment always comes when we have to carry it. We live on the future: “tomorrow,” “later on,” “when you have made your way,” “you will understand when you are old enough.” Such irrelevancies are wonderful, for, after all, it’s a matter of dying. Yet a day comes when a man notices or says that he is thirty. Thus he asserts his youth. But simultaneously he situates himself in relation to time. He takes his place in it. He admits that he stands at a certain point on a curve that he acknowledges having to travel to its end. He belongs to time, and by the horror that seizes him, he recognizes his worst enemy. Tomorrow, he was longing for tomorrow, whereas everything in him ought to reject it. That revolt of the flesh is the absurd." - Camus

  61. Rory O'Brien

    fuck this song is beautiful

  62. spurriousgod

    Too good for radio play...

  63. nadine1029

    I bet his "failures" ARE art, too.

  64. Danny Kelly

    What a fabulous collection you have assembled for this video. nice one

  65. nakedspaniard

    And it's almost 2016.

  66. Critter

    Thanks for the music and rest in peace, Elliot. :(

  67. Joseph Smeall

    Thank you, Elliott Smith, for everything.

    Adeon A

    +Joseph Smeall ... The same.

    Alexander Sahs

    +Adeon A ditto

    Jennifer May

    Feeling exactly the same tonight.


    Elliott is the one thing that keeps me going ; no matter what adversity life throws at me. Always and forever I love you Elliott Smith.

    Erika Martinez

    jANET wEBSTER he is the best!

  68. Rob Wilson

    XO Elliott.

  69. Sola Sistim

    x (YKWYA)

  70. MrShiffles

    Rest in Peace to a great songwriter...his music still trumps all of what you hear on any pop/rock/country music channel even now
    ...thank you for being different!


    @MrShiffles he was the best

  71. L Colin Bush

    It doesn't get better than this. One of the best, most emotional songs in the history of humans.

  72. Schuyler Smith


  73. Phillip Mason

    The link between Elliott Smith and the occult Elliott Smith and the Illuminati

  74. StephenAndrew777

    George Harrison said that the Beatles saved the world, from boredom. I think that's probably true. The warmth and wisdom involved in Elliott Smith's creative process has legitimately entertained me over the years. He was a thoughtful and generous entertainer. I remember noticing that whenever he was being interviewed by a "democratic" socialist like Janeane Garofalo, Sook Yin Lee, or some creepy European, they always seemed very desperate to undermine his integrity, make him look worse than he actually was and humiliate him, publicly. Just for the brownie points. I always take great offence to it when someone is shamelessly attempting to upset whoever's the least likely to do something wrong to them for partisan reasons. Especially when that good-natured person is clearly struggling. I don't know if that makes any sense. The Soviet era, Russian artists who created a finished product that did anything but promote the collectivist way of thinking were banished to the Gulag, or worse.

  75. Woz Berry

    Overwhelmingly beautiful.  Thank you Elliott.

  76. Mark Keymark

    Failure- Segue 3

  77. Mark Murray

     You, your kids and your grandkids will discover this wonderful artist.  As time goes on, Elliott's songs will shine,with the Beatles, the Stones, Dylan and just waiting to be discovered.

  78. bellona6356

    One of the last pictures, when his lips are touching the mic, it makes me wish that I could kiss those lips. Just for one second. And tell him that despite the way he exited this earth, his music is one of the few things that make me feel grounded and content, and I so rarely feel happy. I wish that I could have just made him feel as good about himself as I sometimes feel when I'm alone, and its just his music and me. Shine on Elliott. 

    Brent Marks

    he killed himself, he's not in heaven if you believe there is one. Don't romanticize is life and death it's stupid. Enjoy his music


    Jesse Millis - The people who knew him during his last year all believe Elliott killed himself... His detox was was not properly supervised and it was way too quick... He applied the same excess to his recovery that he did to his addictions: too much, all the time... His girlfriend had nothing to gain... His family that abused and neglected him gets all his money... it was more than a few attempts... He was obsessed with killing himself but he had a tremendous tolerance, almost an immunity, to hard drugs... he tried to OD many times...


    A Hendrix - he died about midday, not at night...


    A Hendrix - also Rolling Stone doesn't have a great rep for accurate reporting. I read a highly detailed account of his last five years and though before reading that I thought he was murdered. After reading that account I accepted that he killed himself.


    Brent Marks - Suicide doesn't necessarily result in eternal damnation. I think his life situation has a lot of mitigating factors... I pray that he is in Heaven.

  79. Krista Dostert

    "i've got static in my head,
    the reflected sound of everything...."

    Jesse Millis

    @Krista Lynn so beautiful those lines, and you :)

    Krista Dostert

    ahhh thanks.. im blushing

    Jesse Millis

    aw you're quite welcome <3


    @Krista Lynn he's right you are beautiful & so is the late Elliott


    +Krista Lynn Those are the lines that grab me the most from this song too -- and the next two:
    "Tried to go to where it led -- but it didn't lead to anything."

  80. Puluche Media

    Brilliant artist and album. God rest his soul which was deep. 

  81. linda kelley

    My 22 yr old is a rabid fan. I do like Elliott RIP . But my son never played this for me. I LOVE IT!


    Very nice you and your son can share Elliott's music. Thanks for sharing.

  82. nyquilholiday

    Okay, who made this so I can give him/her a hand job

  83. Mama Grateful

    Happy Birthday, Elliott.

  84. Matthew Stengel

    Wow. You're awful.

  85. Robby Biegalski

    This song has more meaning to me than ever right now, wish me luck my friends for I believe I will need it.

  86. milkmilkmilkbread

    love all these photos. great choice of song to put with. 0:38 is such a great photo of him, smiling, happy.

    also the discussion about his looks is beyond ridiculous. Elliott is super cute. Anyone who can't see the good qualities about his looks probably has bad taste in men(and can't judge aesthetics in general). he looks very charming.

  87. zylonandtamponhead

    dam, that guy can pen a tune..

  88. zylonandtamponhead

    now that shit wins the prize, Jeez almi9ghty¡

  89. zylonandtamponhead

    r u being sarcastic? cause(cuz) i don't even know anymore.-H.Simpson in the Homerpallooza sode. but no, it you are throwing thea tshit out there for reel, than i gotta say, that... his abusive parent?parents?stepfatherfucker n watt knot r, responsible for his pain, specifically. if u raised "rite", casual and intimate relationships will fare 4 da better, almost all ways. sorry about the spaces and

  90. QSdrummrz

    How fuckin Dare You

  91. Feeling Good


  92. Carlos Goycochea


  93. Austin Davis

    almost over is tough as shit id say that ones up there too

  94. Austin Davis

    amity also