Elliott Smith - Between The Bars Lyrics

Drink up baby, stay up all night
With the things you could do
You won't but you might
The potential you'll be
That you'll never see
The promises you'll only make

Drink up with me now
And forget all about
The pressure of days
Do what I say
And I'll make you okay
And drive them away
The images stuck in your head

People you've been before
That you don't want around anymore
That push and shove and won't bend to your will
I'll keep them still

Drink up baby, look at the stars
I'll kiss you again between the bars
Where I'm seeing you there
With your hands in the air
Waiting to finally be caught

Drink up one more time
And I'll make you mine
Keep you apart,
Deep in my heart
Separate from the rest,
Where I like you the best
And keep the things you forgot

The people you've been before
That you don't want around anymore
That push and shove and won't bend to your will
I'll keep them still

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Elliott Smith Between The Bars Comments
  1. Nombre Apellido

    Iñaki y Josema.Al final vais a venir hoy alguno de lod las 3?. cualquier hora es valida.hay alguien que entreo en mi casa que me hizo aburrido y posiblr lsa primera parte de la jordanada y luefo saunque toque hacer la de arte no estoy nadfa inspiradada pq no teno maneriales y pq so bretodo me vuelkven las ganagas de vejetal en ena canma. gras, chao

  2. Strawberry Mochi

    Lego Movie's batman brought me here

  3. Hrushikesh Gouda

    Good Will Hunting.

  4. Mr. Rainibale

    First - Rick and Morty... and i falling in love with this song... and then i hear it in "the politician" i was happy and sad at the same time.
    Thank u Elliott Smith... and rest in peace... <3

  5. Barbora Machálková

    Writers ❤️ i like it this song so much ✨good sad

  6. Yung Khaleng

    Now I got the feeling why the girl cried when the boy played this song to her @Stuck in love

  7. Mariem Selmi

    listening to this at 3 am alone wasn't a good idea..

  8. Sadman Cappy


  9. Yağmur

    Nerdeyse 5 aydır sürekli dinliyorum ve bir yıl sonra tekrar burda olurum kesin

  10. Igor Garcia

    Mensagem para mim mesmo no futuro:
    12/01/2020 É o início de uma década, fim de um semestre e essa música hoje é o que resume meus pensamentos.
    12/01/2030. No que estás a pensar?

  11. Zeratul

    Uh.... Batman told me to look this up.

  12. super sayan99

    I am not crying no i am not.

  13. Yavuz Aslan

    Not even a million views...

    True quality never gets it's true price

    So sad that the world is cruel, no matter what

  14. Alessandra Lujan

    When I saw the first season of 13 reasons why, this song came to my memory.

  15. MsAkropolis

    Black list.

  16. raiden stewart

    Here for stuck in love✌

  17. İncilay Sinem Serçe

    This song means friendship for me. So meaningfully. XXX Zeynep!

  18. madhuka wickramapala

    Feel what he feels Rick.

  19. Eda Kahveci

    From politician

  20. 周荀

    its the best love song.

  21. Tarun Sharma

    Can somebody suggest more music like this please?

  22. Naveed Ashfaque

    Man, I miss it. All of it.Wish we could relive some moments again just as they were. What a song. :')

  23. Friquido

    For some reason this speaks to me, a ex-heroin junkie. Especially the; "drink up with me now and forget all about the pressure of days, do what I say and I'll make you okay, drive them away, the images stuck in your head"

  24. Freddie Mercury


  25. Diamant

    Am I the only one that heard this song while watching "Stuck In Love" ???

  26. Mayank Bisht

    Listen yo kids no one cares who tf brought you here

  27. Scorpion

    I lost my cat now I'm listening to this.
    God, please bring her back :(

    elyan w

    BlackCr0w I lost my pet crow now I’m listening to this 😭 I hope we will find them


    @elyan w yeah sorry for your pet :(

    elyan w

    BlackCr0w I’ll wait for him for ever

  28. Tanvir Ahmad Akash

    Hey, Scarfaced Girl! I know, I have done stupid things. I shouldn’t have poured my heart so fast. I should have been patient, should have let you recuperate from your break up. I am sorry for being selfish and always will be even if you love me or not!!!

    PS. I love you!!!

  29. Ali Moaid

    From stock in love 😂🖤

  30. Ana Andreea

    Listen to it on 1,25 speed ,it s awesome

  31. მარიამ დავლაძე

    How can this short song make me so sad and hurt my heart?!

  32. aymen mouhamed

    Stuck in love . one of the best ever

  33. WhiteLotus

    "How could someone so talented die so young. what is being young, i didn't ask to be born

    Anonymous Alcoholic

    @Rionach Reid omg season 4 is here?

    Rionach Reid

    @Anonymous Alcoholic ya! If you are from the UK or Ireland, not sure about the rest of Europe give it a try though, it is on the all 4 player... In America it's on the normal tv or Netflix I think.

    Anonymous Alcoholic

    @Rionach Reid well before i started drinking at age 26 to cope up with us govt ptsd from having to 0 casualties eliminate my own govt with 0 casualties i had gray hairs from age 19 to age 26, now they have turned red, its the irsih in him

    Rionach Reid

    @Anonymous Alcoholic ? I don't understand.

    Hrushikesh Gouda

    I see what you did there, mate. I see you.

  34. Doron Goldfarb


    im tiny rickkkk!!!

  35. foxi

    Çok güzelsin

  36. Andrew Andy


  37. Mundo Simpsons Tv

    Whenever I listen this song, make me cry I don't know but is too powerfull for my heart

  38. fieka rahman

    Sept 2019 🙋

    Dum Spiro Spero

    Oct 2019

  39. Umar Bashir

    the politician bring me here....

  40. jan mee

    such a special song. always gets me in my thoughts (and feelings)
    btw i made a cover of it on my channel ♡

  41. Dula Pathirana

    I have a beautiful memory with this song. But right now the person who made those memories with me is not wanting me anymore. But its ok. It hurts but it's ok. Id still have that beautiful memory. 💔


    is it rick?

  42. Caoimhe Hussey

    rick and morty brought me here best show tbh

  43. Mine Öztürk

    No! God! Oh God, what is life? How can someone so talented die so young? What is being young? I'm not young. I'm old. I'm gonna die. My body isn't real. (Tiny Rick broke our hearts)

  44. Andrei Constantinescu

    is there any problem if i use a few seconds of this song in one of my videos without getting any kind of economic benefits?

  45. Paul

    My name is Paul and I'm an alcoholic.

  46. Stop it with the moth memes

    Good Will Hunting brought me here

  47. Diyar GJ

    Belki bir gün bu şarkıyı dinlersen aklına ben gelirim umarim..

  48. Theophania Rarakou


  49. Prazilva S

    One of the best for me, this song really fits on that scene. <3

  50. melike delikan

    Kuş ölür , sen uçuşunu hatırla.. güzyarası💜

  51. Andrea Stojanović

    he was brilliant
    and I still hold it against him that he didn't make it through

  52. Muhammet Çelik

    we are all gonna die

  53. Sol Gomes

    "Do what I say
    And I'll make you okay
    And drive them away
    The images stuck in your head"

  54. Mimi Brd

    Good will hunting brought me here too :)

  55. See You Then?

    I'm here because wattpad author used this song in their book. I never ever regret reading that book

  56. tugy ca

    2019 still

  57. Illumi Zoldyck

    I didn't ask to be born.

  58. Mislav Barišić

    All these Stuck in love movie lovers, but i dont see a single Good Will Hunting reference... such a shame, awesome movie

    Not quite my tempo

    I'm very fond of that movie but I honestly can't remember this song in it. Can you tell me in which scene does it play?

    Mislav Barišić

    @Not quite my tempo it is the last song in the movie, last scene after he puts mssg in the mailbox

    Anirudh Babu

    @Mislav Barišić wrong. That's Miss Misery.

  59. Rodrigo Prado Quispe

    Like quien la quiso cantar en ingles !!!!?
    Mini rick!!!!!!!!

  60. _- GHOST FPS -_

    How could someone so talented die so young

  61. Luana Lago

    i haven't seen stuck in love but I guess people liked it

  62. ricardo morillo

    is a licuor bottle singing to a alcoholic person

  63. Directioner Anne

    Stuck in love 💙

  64. ricardo morillo

    it's a beer bottle singing *-*

  65. M K

    Precious song! May Elliott Smith, a really great singer, rest in peace

  66. Gissela De León

    LOUIS :C

  67. Hannibal Lecter

    tiny Rick brought me here

  68. dulce Souza

    how does he died?

    Imaginary Love

    dulce Souza he committed suicide

    dulce Souza

    Imaginary Love really? it's sad , cause your voice is so beautiful...it's very sad

  69. CANNIBoy

    Elliott's genius: this song can be about whatever the listener wants it to be about... that's genius, especially when the lyrics are not ambiguous or cryptic... the song works on many, many levels. It's meta.

  70. Un Vlog

    3 days ago i have decided to kill myself and i wanted to hear elliott's voice one more time and i played this song and it was like he was singing to me...i changed my mind after the first note

    Loli x

    Un Vlog I’m glad u didn’t! :)


    how are you now?

    Nefeli Frikoulo

    That is very good, that you didn't give up!! I'm glad you're still alive! Stay brave, everything will always turn out good, I promise, whatever it is

  71. Zainab Zainab

    stuck in love :)

  72. Myriam Husna Syahkarim

    good will hunting brought me here

  73. Demonic Gamers

    if you came here from rick and morty give it a like

  74. axel velez

    no me canso de esta cancion

  75. Luis Perez

    the best song T_T !

  76. Jehad Abdelbaqi

    Just hanging with my grandkids. TINY RICK!

  77. Selina Gok

    Tiny Rick brought me here and this song makes me want to cry and I listened to it for hours yesterday. I researched Elliott Smiths life while listening to this song on repeat and it's so sad. I just want to die...

  78. Dahiana Hernandez

    Stuck in Love

  79. Ananya Seetharaman

    stuck in love!

  80. Ashley Reinhardt

    Listen to Elliott Smith, Rick. Feel what he's feeling ..


    Theo Cobb

    @Swedish Enigma ok boomer

    Aiden Brooks

    What’s being young…I’m not young I I’m old

    Escanor 1729

    @Swedish Enigma ok boomer

    Selda Gümüş

    Ashley Reinhardt haklısınız

    Greg Flook

    I came here right after watching that episode

  81. Daniela Amaya O.

    stuck in love

  82. Mr. Glasses

    someone can tell me a good one movie like stuck in love? Also I recommand to watch "the art of getting by" and "the perks of being a wallflower".
    Those guys are like me and the drama is a gold one.Special Thanks for Elliott Smith for that wonderfull song.


    Good Will Hunting


    submarine, death of a superhero, its a kind of a funny story

  83. kamilgituwa

    Stuck In Love is this what help me when my girlfriend broke with me I love this song and this film I am a boy but a cry when i saw this movie ;)

  84. Abhay Singh

    You just cant hate this song. ❤️❤️

  85. Little Monster 4 Life

    I think that Chris Garneau cover is better :)

  86. Falensia Salim

    Wubba lubba dub dub

  87. Stezy

    Kristian Tanev ???


    I love this song, I feel I belong to this song...words fall short.

  89. Ella Rys

    Stuck in love ( Lily Collins) brought me here...

  90. Sirah San Miguel

    Stuck In Love brought me here

  91. chadz Wastra

    Samantha and her bf brought me here.. love it

    lucia trever

    the song feels better in the car with someone you love

  92. Agent420


    Swedish Enigma



    @Swedish Enigma Lol you replied to every Rick and Morty comment, get a life you fucking boomer.

    Yavuz Aslan

    OK boomer ,ok

    Yavuz Aslan

    @ghostie dude I just,,, u know..

    You made my day I still laugh so hard that it affects my writing axxaxaxaxsaaxxaxaaxazaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaz