Elliott Smith - Angeles Lyrics

Someone's always coming around here, trailing some new kill
Says I've seen your picture on a hundred dollar bill
What's a game of chance to you, to him is one of real skill
So glad to meet you

Picking up the ticket shows, there's money to be made
Go on and lose the gamble, that's the history of the trade
Did you add up all the cards left to play to zero
And sign up with evil

Don't start me trying now
'Cause I'm all over it

I could make you satisfied in everything you do
All your secret wishes could right now be coming true
And be forever with my poison arms around you
No one's gonna fool around with us
No one's gonna fool around with us
So glad to meet you

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Elliott Smith Angeles Comments
  1. Sideshow Tom

    i`m an unsigned syrian folk rock artist influnced by elliott smith check out my music you might find it intersting..

  2. Chris Sullivan

    Simon and Garfunkel but not as good;) But its good!!

  3. I Don't Know Elisa

    elliot smith <333

  4. Adrián Chávez

    Que puta NOSTALGIA, Rip Eliot :(

  5. Corinne Leroux

    J'adore 🙏💚
    Sublim...issime !!

  6. bla

    That's how I experience the world most of the times. How can I escape that bubble that blurs my life? :( I finally want to see and feel.

    Sebastian Fuentes


  7. Seth McSelehk

    Someone's always coming around here
    Trailing some new kill
    Says "I've seen your picture on a
    Hundred-dollar bill"
    What's a game of chance to you,
    To him is one Of real skill
    So glad to meet you, Angeles
    Picking up the ticket shows there's
    Money to be made
    Go on, lose the gamble that's the
    History of the trade
    Did you add up all the cards left to play
    To zero
    And sign up with evil, Angeles?
    Don't start me trying now
    Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
    'Cause I'm all over it, Angeles
    I can make you satisfied in
    Everything you do
    All your secret wishes could right
    Now be coming true
    And be forever with my poison arms
    Around you
    No one's gonna fool around with us
    No one's gonna fool around with us
    So glad to meet'cha, Angeles

    Sebastian Fuentes


  8. Random Awesome

    Sorry, I had to go see about a girl.

    Sebastian Fuentes


  9. nadia proboste

    por dios elliot, me salvaste y a la vez no, te quiero

    Sebastian Fuentes


  10. Janice Mvala

    Angela by DVSN brought me here

  11. Thibaut A

    Lomepal c'est mieux

  12. Sicarius47

    *« J’écoute Elliott Smith à l’avant du bus »*

    Amira Charles

    Je suis clairement venue pour ça mdrr

    Justine flo

    Je suis venue pour ça 😂

    the1 Bey

    Ça me fait sourire comme si j'avais pas si mal...

  13. Barry Power

    One of the greatest, brings so much joy!

  14. patryk michalski

    real skill

  15. Devon De Vos

    Lego 2...brought me here

  16. Niccolò Canal

    I love you

    um... take care

  17. jezusmylord

    This sounds like Life is Strange soundtrack.

    Lily Ben

    It's called indie-folk music =)


    @Lily Ben thats a ridiculous name.

    Lily Ben

    @jezusmylord for such good music haha

  18. Doron Goldfarb


    im tiny rickkkk!!!

  19. axaxaxa

    This is what my trip on Datura looked like. Never again.

  20. dan_nunes__

    Minha terceira música favorita dele.
    O cara era único ❤💬

    pedro pedrinho

    E nois Br

  21. Talli syan

    Exactly the scene I'm having in my cab.... thank you

  22. New Wa

    No one brought me here... I found this song by myself.. Timeless song... i love u Ellioth

  23. Константин Куприянов

    One of the most beautiful songs. One of the most beautiful voices. I can listen it again and again every day. Hello from Russia!

  24. Hiruma

    Batman brought me here

  25. drunkenrockstar23

    Will see you soon XX

  26. Italo Diblasi

    go on and lose the gamble

  27. Jessica Anderson

    I couldn't make you satisfied In everything you do

    Italo Diblasi

    no one's gonna fool around w/ us......

  28. Elvin Bağırlı

    fuck, too hard to take this shit

  29. Michael .Collachagua

    Que legado dejaste pocos te conocen pero tus canciones de la pm

  30. Peter Loid

    Gracias ellliot 👏👏

  31. James M1079

    RIP dude

  32. David Bone

    habia una vieja en primer año de derecho hace 4 años que me lo queria chupar y hasta ahora me doy cuenta

  33. David Bone

    me encanta el intro antes de que suene la voz

  34. Elane Pimentel

    Que bad hein :(

  35. Da Bossman

    This version or Mac Millers cover? Only answer if u heard both pls

  36. Wennes Mota

    I’m here e because Simon VS homo sapiens agenda. ❤️

  37. Dom Givanne

    Alguém sempre vem por aqui 
    Someone's always coming around here 

    Arrastando alguma nova matança 
    Trailing some new kill 

    Diz "Eu vi sua foto em uma 
    Says "I've seen your picture on a 

    Nota de cem dólares" 
    Hundred-dollar bill" 

    O que é um jogo de azar para você 
    What's a game of chance to you, 

    Para ele é um De habilidade real
    To him is one Of real skill

    Tão feliz em conhecê-lo, Angeles
    So glad to meet you, Angeles

    Pegando o bilhete mostra que há 
    Picking up the ticket shows there's 

    Dinheiro a ser feito 
    Money to be made 

    Vá em frente, perca a aposta essa é a
    Go on, lose the gamble that's the 

    História do comércio 
    History of the trade 

    Você adicionou todas as cartas restantes para jogar? 
    Did you add up all the cards left to play 

    Para zero
    To zero

    E assine com o mal, Angeles?
    And sign up with evil, Angeles?

    Não comece me tentando agora 
    Don't start me trying now 

    Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
    Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh

    Porque eu estou bem, Angeles
    'Cause I'm all over it, Angeles

    Eu posso te fazer satisfeito em
    I can make you satisfied in 

    Tudo que você faz 
    Everything you do 

    Todos os seus desejos secretos poderiam agora
    All your secret wishes could right 

    Mesmo estar se tornando realidade 
    Now be coming true 

    E fique para sempre com meus braços venenosos
    And be forever with my poison arms

    Ao seu redor 
    Around you 

    Ninguém vai brincar com a gente 
    No one's gonna fool around with us 

    Ninguém vai brincar com a gente 
    No one's gonna fool around with us 

    Tão feliz em conhecê-lo, Angeles
    So glad to meet'cha, Angeles

  38. YEMIL

    so i dont know why, but i feel like theres a song i remember of a similar melody and tone to it but i forgot the name of it, i do not believe its elliot smiths singing or one of his songs, but the melody is stuck in my head but i cant remember the god damn lyrics, i think ive heard the song used in movies too.

  39. the sodium lights

    angeles d.

  40. Matheus Teles

    This music is perfect to wake up, travel, solve problems, feel sad, it's perfect to do everything basically.

  41. Matheus Teles

    Essa música sempre me leva pra várias viagens

    Renan Gonçalves

    Faz eu ir longe tbm.

  42. David Bone

    La sopla pollos me hizo reír pero lo de loa falsos positivos si me dio asco

  43. David Bone

    No hay dignidad ni espero hacia los abogados y con justa razón es que este país es muy corrupto es algo que ya esta arraigado en la cultura colombiana

  44. David Bone

    La corrupción en este país se respira desde la facultades de derecho y dígamelo a mi que mi u esta llena de pelmazones

  45. PS paint

    magnifique.. on me l'a fait découvrir il y a 10ans... et dans 10 ans encore.. je la ferai découvrir à droite et à gauche... J'adore.. Il faut faire découvrir les belles musiques, ... pour les maux moches d'aujourd'hui

  46. Mario Junior

    O Nordeste agradece pela água.



  48. Andrei-Ioan Cirnu

    Reckful brought me back to this song FeelsGoodMan Clap

  49. Jacqueline Chun

    The Girl Next Door

  50. What The?

    Tiny Rick brought me here


    actually, me too.

    maggot. 90

    😂Same, mich auch. Gestern gesehen und neugierig geworden


    Morn Between the Bars

    The Fook

    me 2 mate! =D

  51. Foroogh Jabbari

    Love u forever 😊😊😊

  52. Ashley Bach

    Simply beautiful

  53. andrea oliveira

    Vim pelo ep de rick and morty, que menciona esse cara.

  54. Non je ne saisierai pas de Prénom

    Rick and morty

  55. Stephen S

    I haven't listened to this in ages and I've got the goosebumps just thinking of the 2 best friends I've lost.
    One through suicide and the other murder.

    *I do hope, someday we will all meet again!...*

    m. x.

    Your 2 friends are named Elliott.

  56. Sniper 231996

    Why does this make you cry?

    kkk kkk

    who knows maybe good songs not appear too much on this society

  57. Bruno Deusdará

    não tem como eu esquecer dessa música

  58. Lalfona fona

    2019 like it

  59. PRIM

    Bert McCracken teleports me here.. thank you..

  60. KNAINE ゴミ

    tristeza do caralho bixo pqp

  61. PlankeGast

    San kreas nûmerke

  62. eal shed

    Beautiful music

  63. Lasse Ekstrand

    Saknar den här killen.

  64. J O R D A N

    From Good will hunting and Call me by your name

  65. Gabriely Godez

    Eu amo muito isso

  66. Cian McCarthy

    Anyone here after re-watching Good Will Hunting in 2019?

  67. chemistryset1

    reminds me a bit of Nick Drake

  68. alaiinbardevideo

    Très joli mais un peu cafardeux; à écouter quand on est en pleine forme… :)

  69. Camomila

    agora que tenho miopia entendo perfeitamente Janela da alma :/

  70. Antônio Augusto Almeida

    I`m here because Rick and Morty

  71. Ryan Jonestown Massaker

    How is it possible not to like this? Clearly there are 197 mongs out there.

  72. Şule Çalışır

    I saw a movie in the comments, 10 mins ago i've been watched that movie; "good will hunting" and i am here AGAIN. I thought my life when i watched that movie. Elliot's songs were in a harmony with the movie. Oh lord... What a weird night.

  73. David Bone

    muy buena intro joder

  74. adda abdlattif


  75. Chelo Flow


  76. Dr. Lester Sheehan

    why i didn't found that earlier ? so beautiful <3

  77. 孫悟改 Son Gokai CA90272 Pacific Palisades

    Each year I put some flowers on his memorial located 4334 sunset blvd!

  78. David Bone

    Excelente intro lastima que la canción sea mierdera

  79. David Bone

    El.intro es muy bueno pero la canción no tanto

  80. kurtcobain & elliottSmith

    Angeles what a marvelous song and always a joy to listen to it makes me shiver.thank you ELLIOTT

  81. daniel godwin

    Addiction sucks , my heart goes out to anyone that is suffering this terrible pain , please pray for me to find a way out of this mess

    m. x.

    I will I hope your situation is better now, don't give up I send love

  82. Carol Wonders

    Que música fofa

  83. Johnny Sharon

    This track is an ode to Elliot ... its wonderful


  84. Kieron B

    They just don't make music like this anymore it's sad. :(

  85. Grecia López

    Now I understand why Simon likes Elliot Smith so much <3

  86. aboobacker siddique

    paranoid park

  87. Lucas Lima


  88. SammyTV

    is this his best work ?

  89. rio operá

    Elliott, Elliott, Elliott...

  90. Artemisss1

    I just can't get over how good this song is.

  91. Tramp Stamp


  92. João, o perdido

    I need someone by my side

  93. Frank Diodati

    Elliott, you make me feel less alone

  94. LethalAscend

    I love you papa bern