Ellie Goulding - Keep On Dancin' Lyrics

People like to talk because they don't know what to say
Running from the truth because the truth's too much to take
I keep raising glasses cause I only got today
I just keep moving, I just keep moving

You can hurt me, I'll find another
You can love me, you'll be my lover
Happy, in rain or thunder
Baby I keep
I keep on, I keep on, I just keep on dancing
I just keep on dancing
I just keep on dancing

Can you see my, see my headlights
You can come ride shotgun with me
Whatever you like, ever you like
Every time I look at those stars
Know they ain't got the answers for me
But I'll be alright, I'll be alright

You can hurt me, I'll find another
You can love me, you'll be my lover
Happy, in rain or thunder
Baby I keep
I keep on, I keep on, I just keep on dancing
I just keep on dancing
I just keep on dancing
You can hurt me, I'll find another
You can love me, you'll be my lover
I just keep on dancing

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Ellie Goulding Keep On Dancin' Comments
  1. Luiz Medeiros

    Brazil!!! lol

  2. Leeann Elisha

    Wow, amazing song, thank you...

  3. Enkhjin Tumurbat

    I thought this was the barbie’s keep om dancing

  4. killibom ar

    Debería relanzarla como remix como en un momento se dijo que iba a ser lanzada como single. Pero al final no fue. Hubiera tenido más éxito que con on my mind. Debería relanzarla como regalo para sus fans...

  5. maria clara

    brasil love yooooouuuuuuu xoxo

  6. ตาม วิถี


  7. Boris King B

    Worst crowd ever!!!!

  8. Ritik Theeng Tamang

    Wow Ellie Goulding

  9. kanika Johnson

    What's she wearing

  10. Neto Mendes

    Algum brasileiro por aqui?🤔🇧🇷😍

  11. Rohit Prajapati

    And you just keep on...

  12. Ariel Ariel

    Hallo Guten morgen

  13. Desiree McCoy

    S10+ Investigstion under finger

  14. Jeirick Luke

    I love this song

  15. Seaco1988

    Laredo te ama :D ❤

  16. Benjamin Zhao

    Hum, need to set up a "Just Do It" Book to accuse someone. Feels like I'm dancing in your mind, dear Britain.

  17. angie velasquez

    saludos desde honduras❤

  18. Rafael arantes

    Top demais

  19. Mr G Productions

    so fit ahah

  20. Murylo Motta

    we love you ❤️🇧🇷

  21. Chamanlal Mahajan

    She looks beautiful in that dress.....and the song is amazing

  22. Chamanlal Mahajan

    OMG what a song.....amazing beats

  23. Naty Zat


  24. Elbert Goulding

    Ellie Goulding love to visit Thailand for the Music Video for the 4th Album.

  25. Roberta Ritter

    Sorry, but it's amazing the lack of animation from the gringos fans. Ellie comes to Brazil that you will NEVER regret! will have fans of first and super animated. ❤

  26. maddy faith

    I love this so much! I was at the concert in Christchurch New Zealand at the start of the year! :3 I Couldn't have been happier.

  27. Aman Bhasme


  28. Aman Bhasme

    nice song....

  29. Hassan Raja junjua

    We want you to come in Australia and sing burn

  30. Adam Seymour

    she rocks! if ya short on a favorite album of all time = try delirium by Elle Golding

  31. Gabrielly Rangel

    queria a musica original!!! sem ser em showww, alguém sabe onde eu posso achar?

  32. Andreas Hartung

    Ja, Freunde der Sonne! Ellie wird nach mir die Welt bestimmen! Sie checkt das noch nicht, wird es aber! Und dann kommt Helena! Die genetische Perfektion! Sie macht Euch so richtig alle! Definitiv das genialste Paradies auf Erden was es jemals gegeben hat! Helena will be the biggest one ever! Und das schöne: Ihr könnt nix dagegen machen! Na Ihr Loser, noch irgendwas zu melden? Ihr habt alle verkackt! Liebe Grüße!

  33. ZukoTheGamer

    i really wish someday i can meet ellie goulding :) <3

  34. Мухамед Ташкенбаев

    You cool Ellie. And we like your music. We like for you!

  35. Martindaniel Romo


  36. Sweet Mari Galdino


  37. Diego RRC

    i remember that experiencie when ellie sings dont need nobody

  38. Mikey Parkay

    Best music lady ELLIE.. <3 your wonderful face

  39. Ashley Goldsmith

    and there goes another artist cuz they are too greedy to put their shit on YouTube. quick fast bye bye

  40. alexguerrero VEVO

    Honduran we love ya ❤️❤️

  41. lovely goulding

    pls make a delirium tour DVD

  42. Stefano Caser

    tu turuttu tu tu tu, fiu fiu fiuffiu fiuffiu fu,

  43. Andre Fabian Vargas Navas


  44. Jkswrmx A

    my fav from delirium

  45. Em Dawg

    i love how she doesnt wear skimpy outfits..

  46. Saúl Cunningham

    Ellie looks so cute dancing, omg i love her

  47. Emmy

    I wish this was a single!

  48. Bush Baro


  49. JUSTIN luna

    ellie goulding es hermosa

  50. Ned Jackson

    Don't stole Jp's Doremon beat

  51. Cheata Mom

    love u my idol

  52. Magic Shine

    I love this perfomance!
    Go, queen.

  53. Denisse Flores

    Ven a México por favor 😣

  54. Jassmin González

    nunca etenido la oportunidad de ver te t.q.mte mando un abraso y muchisima suerte 😄

  55. Jake Toffen

    fkin slayed it

  56. Vikash Kumar Ray

    i really love this song.

  57. busebseis 13

    She looks so beautiful in the whole video especially between 3:00-3:07 😍😍😍😍

  58. Paulo Eduardo


  59. After Laughter

    I really need the full show!!!

  60. Autumn Glenn

    I live your music I'm 12years old I live in ashland though

  61. Chariya Laghari

    She is pretty from other singers

  62. Rebeka Matejcikova

    where can I find this song in audio version?

  63. anna sinndy

    is it just me or does ellie look a bit more chubby

  64. Ned Jackson

    Doremon Opening OST

  65. Ingrid Sousa

    Ellie please come to Brazil!!!!!

  66. artofTZU

    Ellie is not much of a dancer, but she just need to do those slow hips swaying movements.... and wow......

  67. Max Charles Alperstein

    Sexy and one point like a widows peak


    I LOVE!!!

  69. Hazzaz Bin Talib

    just love her..amazing :* :* :*

  70. Lulu Puffz

    I wish so bad I could see you [email protected]@[email protected]! Love you Ellie

  71. 92alff

    you lose your essence

  72. Steffany ferreira

    love love ellie goulding

  73. Inês Simões

    Just one thing to say...your the best Ellie💝Portugal love you🇵🇹

  74. Steffany ferreira

    love delirium

  75. Daniel abcdefghijkl

    México te ama y te espera Ellie!!

  76. Aidan Anchaya

    The background music is a little different than the one on the album

  77. bøu chrã


  78. Nicole Montes

    I really love the way she moves. <3


    there's probably something in the way she moves...

  79. Sabrina Romano


  80. Artifice

    Ellie's songs are drugs <3

  81. ilariathearistocratic

    This perfomance and the song absolutely killed me, I'm glad I've seen her live. Anybody knows where she got that outfit?

  82. Albert Tran

    Wish i was there

  83. isabela Miranda

    linda a muisa

  84. Ksusha Goulding

    My lover Ellie!!💜💜💜💜💜💜

  85. Sarah Fernanda

    cadê os Brasileiros? Você é demais Ellie goulding ♥

  86. Nandini K

    Ellie, you are... Good...

  87. Joebie Kong

    The creepy piano noises at the start creeps me out...

  88. Melody Kee

    Love you, Ellie!

  89. Lynnie Heal

    Brilliant   musician

  90. Obvious Bambi

    Her lips are fake as he'll.

    [disgusted noise]

    and ur mom but this lips look professional

    Obvious Bambi

    +Lets Play (srpski) What about my mom?

    [disgusted noise]

    ur mam is fake as hell

    Obvious Bambi

    +Lets Play (srpski) Not as fake as Ellie Golding's lips

    [disgusted noise]

    @Obvious Bicycle ask ur mam she will tell you the truth kid

  91. Anirudh Patel

    keeps me dancing too!!!!

  92. eduardo pires

    Bits ellie

  93. Arnaldo Ramos

    Brazil loves you

  94. Gabriel Santos

    Brasil te ama <3