Ellie Goulding - Flux Lyrics

Remember me in a simple way
Not what I did or said
When I think of you now
I just think of the day we met
Don't forget me, like I didn't care
Yeah, I stole from myself
Just to make you complete

(Flux, flux)
I don't think you have the patience
I don't think you know the difference
(Flux, flux)
And I don't want cute imitations
I know you wanted to save me

And I'm still in love
With the idea of loving you
It's a state of flux
But it's not enough
And I'm still in love
With the idea of loving you
It's a state of flux
I just keep holding on

Would you be taking me higher?
Would we be living as liars?
I wanna know, I wanna know

When the memories pack up and leave
It will set me free
All those days on the beach
Will be washing away from me
I will keep it secretly just to keep the peace
Keep steering this ship
Through the dark and the stormy seas

(Flux, flux)
I should be counting my blessings
Staying safe in confusion
(Flux, flux)
And maybe I'm learning my lesson
I know you wanted to save me

I'm still in love
With the idea of loving you
It's a state of flux
But it's not enough
And I'm still in love
With the idea of loving you
It's a state of flux
I just keep holding on

Would you be taking me higher?
Would we be living as liars?
I wanna know, I wanna know
Would we be living in Camden?
Getting a ticket to your band?
I wanna know, I wanna know

Oh, I'm still in love
With the idea of loving you
(Oh, with the idea)
It's a state of flux
(It's a state of)
But it's not enough
(It's not enough)
I'm still in love
With the idea of loving you
It's a state of flux
I just keep holding on
(Oh, I just keep holding on)

I'm still in love
With the idea of loving you
It's a state of flux
But it's not enough
(Oh, I'm still in love)
I'm still in love
With the idea of loving you
It's a state of flux
I just keep holding on

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Ellie Goulding Flux Comments
  1. Adolfo Mendez

    Debería tener más visualizaciónes, es un excelente video y canción.

  2. Philip Walsh

    Brilliant song and performance love the video very emotional I can relate to you look gorgeous as usual EJG 💯💋❣️🌷🥀🌹🌹💐

  3. RedRiddin Hood

    My lunar tune’ w/ a scotch old fashioned ❤️
    lunar eclipse- My clue (ish) tarot cards say life grows even busier but ... a beautiful but(t) will be most balanced ⚖️ (balanced busy life) thereafter the Wolf Full Moon Eclipse,” the first of full moon of the decade, and the deepest lunar eclipse of 2020. Not visible in the US tho🧐. nooooo offensive but I need a slow down in life. We’ll see how this plays out. 😅 01/09

  4. Corie Michael

    Damn did Someone write my heart for me.

  5. merouane berguiga


  6. Irsa Hidayah

    I love her voice so much!!!

  7. seiji iwaguro


  8. Natasha Walia

    This song is underrated for no reason!!

  9. Nyny Hv

    This song is absolutely beautiful. I can really relate to it and I'm sure a lot of people can too, whether they've gone through heart-break or a relationship where they felt emotionally conflicted for whatever reason. This song is so profound.

  10. Thelma Murungweni

    Been on repeat.....

  11. Russell Griffith - Chandler

    Ellie goulden needs more promotion. Her latest album is fire.

  12. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: 🤨

  13. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Okay I didn't mean it Ellie.


  14. Insouciant Disturbia


  15. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Catholic hour a day.

  16. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: 🔽♋♾

  17. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: It's not your birth, it's your place in this world.

  18. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: 1-12. Cancer is number 6.

  19. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: That bully AB is the English language/new child.

  20. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: That bully Africa is talking about ♋, only drew me to the conclusion. You were all just talking shit about me the whole time.

  21. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: 😎 still here Ellie.

  22. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: I can't see what you can.

  23. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: You might feel racist for listening to this, but that whole Egyptian history of being cursed among the livestock, is just what your soul is attached to.

  24. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: I'll could erase everything. It's all good, but you know that feeling and thoughts you get when, they are gone.

    That's the only reason, they're around. I don't want anyone to remember me anyways.

    I'm doing this, because you all seriously consider, thinking that black people will be the last ones walking this earth, like it says in the bible and everyone just had their way with all of us.

  25. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: It's not because I have HIV, because they all tried to give me HIV, when I was sleeping Ellie.

  26. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: There's no resurrection. It's called birth.

  27. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Death stroke.

    Look nobody cares or believes that anymore unless they have the power to do something.

    You know what you assholes do. Let those guilty people who molested me, try to keep me in my place. Playing gods power on me.

    I don't give a damn either.

    That's how it is.

  28. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: God killer.

  29. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: If your soul is immortal, why don't we have a body of light anymore and why are white people thin blooded. Where's my white whip?

  30. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: As a matter of fact China killed and took gods throne an made everyone a slave.

  31. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Greece slaved the immortals.

  32. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Black people will never have gone through what white people have. Staked from ass to mouth the worst punishment, next to dismemberment and burning in a bull.

  33. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Re-ligion.

  34. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: ☺

  35. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: I'll stop, before you send me Persian chickens.

  36. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: 🌲: Ass as sins. Hmp. They got all the rewards.

  37. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: It all started with, thy father not giving a damn about me being thrown off a roof and I seeked my own revenge at age 10, the way they were molesting me.

  38. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Then he found out what it was like to get his ass beat in his chair sleeping by the police and went through what I did for a day.

  39. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: I don't honor my father or mother. They both disowned me and my father said, he should have killed me a long time ago as well. He thought he was better than me, just like everyone else, who wanted of me.

  40. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Do what you have to. They're all lying. It's all about the teeth.

  41. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Now I'll expect you to not care what I have to say and start over again with, the people changing the focus on wanting me dead a long time ago again.

  42. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: The Discoverers by Daniel J. Boorstin.

    Merry Christmas Ellie.

  43. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: The bible is just the nicest way to say you're going to die, I have ever read in my entire life.

  44. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Don't worry about the illuminati. I have all the half assed information, the bible is trying to say in 800 pages right now.

  45. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Already seen signs of the illuminati humiliating Juice.

  46. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: You might be tired of my torments like everyone else, but heaven is saying this isn't what you want and their has to be someone to keep doing this or their will not be a language.

  47. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Even though everyone got cursed out in blood. When was the last time you were asked. Are you positive?

  48. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: We're cursed in blood.

  49. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Now I know, English is at the bottom of the pile and Africa is there getting all the information about all of us.

  50. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Secrets are not secrets. They always want to know where it came from.

  51. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: If they don't know this stuff and didn't bother to want to know. Then they should die.

  52. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: I'll let you in on a little something about what it's like to be [FFF]. When they say this is gangster shit. What you think heaven is?

  53. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Not very many people make it through schooling before they die. Coeding student learning oppression.

    I think the question for people against English, when it comes to Stonehenge is, why is it that everything is underscored and separated with this Albert Ienstien mathematical solution. When the Labyrinth is what it is and the English language is half assed information.

  54. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: I would be 324 years old, by my first year.

  55. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: You see pornhub's umbrella? Can't join in, even though most of them are how many moon years? https://youtu.be/0Lu4Uvc5EhA

  56. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Two nothings and still love only one entire side.

  57. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: ABO influence.

  58. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Yin Yang 🔥

  59. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: White you might not come back, black you don't know if you'll make it out. 😎

  60. Insouciant Disturbia

    @Elliegoulding: Couldn't forget you if I wanted too. You hit me, everytime I look at you.

  61. Gary Owens

    This should have blown up this song is fire

  62. Rajratna Salve

    माझ्या आयुष्यातील सर्वांत सुंदर गाणं.

  63. Licah Howell

    December 2019?

  64. Paweł Stalończyk

    2:40 this moment love !!❤️

  65. Jerimy Vernon

    Love this song 2019

  66. Mario Alberto Gerardino Fajardo

    Ellie I love you!!! Your voice is so beautiful and your songs are so deep and heartfelt. I thank Life for having the chance of enjoying all your creations and your light! Thank you Ellie ❤️

  67. kleinhopi

    It’s beautiful

  68. VR REAL O

    I remember when this came out i literally played it on repeat for about a week. Non stop. Only a few songs can do that for me

  69. Sakinata

    I wanna know...
    I wanna know...

  70. Mahlatsi Jones Makamo

    "Dont forget me ,like I didnt care" I felt that😫

  71. Ziga Sajtegel

    Love love this song ❤ Underrated 😭

  72. themissingmile

    Welcome back, Ellie. A return to form after getting lost in Delirium.

  73. Lucas Souza

    Definitely this song deserves more visualizations...


    Ellie always touches my heart

  75. {PARK AYA}

    ليش ما في دعم ؟
    اصلن احبها 😭😭

  76. rahul vinayak

    Just 5M views? I have heard this masterpiece for like hundred times, what other subscribers are doing? Sleeping?

    JeaN DeSinclair

    As someone said: for some reason her deep and meaningful songs doesnt really get any recognition
    Like the cliché and mainstream ones

  77. Arus Chandran

    Beautiful music !

  78. Dimas Deleon

    Ellie Goulding 😍

  79. María José Maldonado

    loving this song!!..

  80. Amai Schroeder

    i'll keep on too.

  81. Alisson Vargass

    5 milhões 🖤

  82. iiNiteLxt E

    I can’t-

  83. Julia-Marie Barrieau

    " Is It Not Enough? " . ~ <3

  84. Yazan Khatib

    I was searching for Facebook's flux and suddenly I'm here.

  85. Nikh Beghzr

    So nice!

  86. Someone Else

    Nobody :
    Absolutely nobody:


  87. Sayani Das

    Every comment is 6 months ago . Everyone is dead I think 😬😬😡. This song deserves minimum 140Million views 😬😬😡

  88. Rafa Campanón Fdez

    This remember me to Halcyon Day’s Ellie. Good job ♥️

  89. Lucas Martins

    why is this song so underrated? Better than most of her hits

  90. Alex Stewart

    This song deserves more views!

  91. turtlestan

    I was really surprised tbh by the number of views this got. Really didn't expect it to get only these many views. This is such a great song what is wrong with people smh

  92. Zn Ddx

    Remember me I can't wait for you 😭💔

  93. Michael Schuur


  94. Alice Ann

    Keep making music with lyrics and sounds like this, it’s the best 😍 Thanks Ellie :))

  95. Alice Ann

    Seriously loving this tune

  96. King NUb


  97. minik

    The more I listen to this masterpiece, the more I appreciate it. It feels so emotional!