Elle King - Under The Influence Lyrics

Just another morning
With shaky hands, pounding head
I guess I did it again
Try to leave, but I can't stand
Start to think that I'm better off dead
I'm sick of this condition
Your kiss is my addiction
I can tell you cast a spell that knows no moderation
It's dangerous, the things we do

Under the influence, I got no defense
It might be criminal, but still I just can't quit
Under the influence, I'll take the consequence
Well if it's poisonous, let it take my last breath

Under the influence

Temptation, creeping up on me
Gets under my skin, won't let me be
Haunt my days and haunt my sleep, viciously unrelenting
I'll lay down again
I'll give in again
And I'll feel good again
Begging for another beautiful sin
It's dangerous, the things we do

Under the influence, I got no defense
It might be criminal, but still I just can't quit
Under the influence, I'll take the consequence
Well if it's poisonous, let it take my last breath

Under the influence, the walls are closing in
It's inevitable, but I can't seem to live without
The destruction of your love
Oh, oh

Under the influence, I'll take the consequence
Well if it's poisonous, let it take my last breath

Under the influence, I got no defense
It might be criminal, but still I just can't quit
Under the influence, I'll take the consequence
Well if it's poisonous, let it take my last breath

Under the influence
Under the influence
Under the influence

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Elle King Under The Influence Comments
  1. Professional Ape

    she is gay barbie

  2. Hot Mama

    Still can't believe Rob Schneider is her father 💖

  3. chas reg

    EON Studios: you need to change the title of the next Bond film to "Under The Influence" and use this as the title sequence, or you can kiss my $10 goodbye.

  4. William Magui

    I like this song ☺️👍🏼🎵🎶

  5. curt butler

    I love how underrated this song is... My secret little go to

  6. Ademar Díaz

    Demasiado buena !

  7. Blue Marvel

    I kept hearing this song at my job thank you so i googled it and the rest is history I'm under it

  8. Kelli Chaffin

    She's extremely talented, & I love her style, I agree about another comment, that she's extremely under rated by far. I think she's one of the best female artists of today.

  9. Lorenzo Hernandez

    This is brilliant, everything comes together, voice, lyrics, orchestra, timing and instruments. Her voice penatrates the senses and gives a feeling of unguarded calm.

  10. M.C. Reher

    This lady can REALLY belt out the tunes! AMAZING.

  11. Blues Rain


  12. Sam Smith

    I read a comment that Elle was another Adele ..I agree with that ... Another very much needed breath of fresh air, just like Adele was, in a very stale American music scene. Thank God for Utube, or we would never hear this music. FM radio sucks these days. Same old, worn out , lame ass music on the radio.

  13. Dylan Englund

    2017 anyone?

  14. F B

    In a mood. Just going to drink my ass off. Hopefully i go quicker

  15. Blah Blahhh

    She sounds like a more country Alessia Cara

  16. Charley Blankenship

    Mitch, that was my very first thought! It's spot on for a Bond movie track!

  17. Carlitos Adkins

    This instrumentals somehow reminds me a little bit of Amy winehouse's song "you know I'm no good"

  18. the.legit.family

    You are so cool

  19. eye sea

    Brilliant lyrics


    love her

  21. RonPaul2008dotcomluv

    This song is massively better than her most played song Ex's & Oh's.

  22. nike ryan

    love this song....great voice!

  23. PJ 2.0

    i heard this in a bar on a carnival cruise… wanted to google it but there’s no wifi in the ocean

  24. ByBridgett Murray

    Just the influence of the consequences I'll take the last breath under the influence!!!

  25. ByBridgett Murray

    It's dangerous the things we do

  26. ByBridgett Murray

    Know no moderation

  27. Winston Carter

    The first time I heard this song was on TCM, I've been trying to find out the name of this song now I finally got the name of it thanks for posting it.

  28. Paul Mahan

    She has such a sexy voice

  29. Brad Moberly

    Love that voice

  30. ByBridgett Murray

    I love this music from Elle King

  31. ByBridgett Murray

    Elle King is the best Singer I've heard in a very long time.
    Great music and great voice....

  32. jo 124

    As always keeping me going. Love this song. Keep up the good work.

  33. Alex Of light

    This song makes me want to have passionate sex

  34. Sarah Oconnor

    Awesome song! Nobody compares to Elle

  35. ZPB Studios

    This is absolutely perfect for the next Bond film! Eon and MGM! Please include this as the theme song for Bond 25!

  36. Maryam Barksdale


  37. Chan Marie

    Hate I'm just now finding out about her.


    Under the influence

  39. BloodTypeAPlus

    What an amazing artist...

  40. Elrod Hendrix

    Not enough o's in smoooooth to describe this girl. She got some soul and got the shit goin on. Go, elle, take it!

  41. Melissa Carrillo

    my a dedicated this song to me . thought it was cute but he could have had me but he cant keep his shot in his pants if ya know what I mean. mind u I'm 16 yrs younger 32-47 wow

  42. Colbee Barrett

    This is stupid

  43. Babu Turtle

    The beginning sounds like Clint Eastwood from Gorrilaz xD

  44. Singing Tree

    She is awesome

  45. Matt Purdy

    Beat is smooth asf, this would be a good instrumental

  46. Amir Ka

    The beginning of the song reminds me of Amy Winehouse's song - You know I'm No Good - Love it 😍

  47. Chris Miller

    Thanks Whole Foods Market!

  48. Nicole Hernandez

    heard this song for the first time in a Marshalls store while looking through piles of makeup and loved it, got home and couldn't get it out of my head, now a day later here I am. Damn, funny how you come across music....

  49. True Avox

    Who's here because of iZombie 😂😂

  50. Aymen NM

    When I listen to this and then listen to the mainstream music.. I wonder what standards are we judging talent on!

  51. Michael Robles

    love love love this tune!!!!

  52. Dr Kevorkian

    Sounds like a James Bond theme song.....Awesome

    Dr Kevorkian


  53. bujintao1

    first hear. good song

  54. Nick O' Teene.

    Imagine to Adele singing this. 😻

  55. Brian Garrigan

    This could be the theme song for a Bond film. I hope she does one!

  56. Melissa Stegall

    I simply ADORE this song!!

  57. Hop

    There is no good reason this song wasn't a blockbuster. Sure, some of us have found our way to it, but it utterly blows away 99.9% of what is far more popular. Oh well ...

  58. Suzanne Taiman

    What a raspy, and unbelievable voice. This is a song that you want to make out with someone you truly love . A very romantic song. Love you Elle.

  59. sean __

    This isn't d12?

  60. _Stevie_can't_Draw

    This should the next the James Bond moive


    Movie not moive

  61. Ralph Widmann

    Adele, watch your back!

  62. Ralph Widmann

    Wow!!!" nuff said..talent is almost criminal!

  63. Israel Reyes

    @ sokrvt    SHe is awesome!!!!  Great voice and song arrangements

  64. Michael Branham

    finally, a real singer. not that taylor swift, ariana grande, demi lovato overhyped, autotuned crap

  65. zuhail abdullah

    This song is dope it's amazing how she changes upcoming notes !

  66. Daniela Arias

    ven a Mexico por favor 😭💘💘

  67. Jerry Boley

    Moy mother passed away the 25th of Oct. 2016 at age 63, She loved this song... I found a tape recorder with a few ramblings and several attempts of recording this song...

    chinze bo

    Sorry for your loss...

    Du Garcia

    I cried reading this, man. My condolences

  68. SOKRVT

    Who is this! wtf why am i hearing her just now?

  69. 69ragster

    Sounds like a James Bond theme song!

  70. ma mari



  71. Game 2nd Playthroughs

    Definitely not a that Chemical Brothers track I searched for...

  72. Sara C.

    this is a probably Bond's song

  73. Rosa Dei Ventuno


  74. JHarley17

    this song had to be written for a Bond film. maybe it just wasn't picked but it would be great for that.

  75. serdar winehouse

    Hiçmi Türk dinleyicisi yok bu kadının sesi harika amk bakın görün çoook ünlü olucak

  76. manola melis


  77. Nature Owl

    Sooooo ... there is no video 4 this awesome song ??

  78. Fabio Tiranti

    Love love

  79. Melonie Hodge

    This sound like of a mix of Adell and Amy Winehouse.

  80. Silvia Moro

    Muito bom !

  81. Royce Eveland

    id hit this gir hard.

  82. SirSirupy

    Sounds like a Bond song to me.

  83. stroock6394

    holy shit didn't realize she was rob schneider's daughter


    WTF? oO

    Dylan Charman

    Holy shit lol

  84. Mohnish Rajpal

    Reminds me of Amy Winehouse. ...

  85. Trust Bmt


  86. Paul Roman

    Searching for you love. Very interesting.l

  87. Mark Excell

    Im going with sounds like Hard-Fi - Cash Machine

  88. Maya

    Thought this was Paloma Faith singing when I heard this on the radio

    James XD

    Lol so did I

  89. Brad Hinburg

    I heard this in the radio this morning and genuinely thought it was Paloma Faith singing

  90. WithLove

    What an amazin vocalist Ella King is !!! Wow

  91. Nan Ponton

    best catchy tune av heard for ages its now my ringtone x nan

  92. nigel jones

    love it

  93. KaylaSupperRainbow

    i <3 dis song

  94. Stanslous Agabu

    Sounds like a 007 theme song