Elle King - Somethin Lyrics

Please don't, send me a postcard
Makes the weight on my heart
To get heavier
I know there wasn't much to you
But you couldn't love, could you?
I guess it was just me

If love should come, it's sure to go
Say it's nice but I wouldn't know
How it feels to be something to someone

Under... we'd be so lonely
The morning will show me
How to hold my breathe
If I should die from the empty
I hope that's what's left of me
Will just get blown away

If love should come, it's sure to go
Say it's nice but I wouldn't know
How it feels to be something to someone

Nah nah nah...

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Elle King Somethin Comments
  1. Brandi Guzzo

    Ha my girl....those willing show themselves will be seen ☯

  2. Ruby Woods

    You're voice is amazing!! I wish I could hang out with you, I feel like we'd be great friends!!

  3. Julieann Berg

    this is my favorite Elle live

  4. Whitney Bennett

    That's hard loving

  5. Bonni Stark

    This. This voice of hers.... Close your eyes and listen... *sigh..

  6. Kristy Adams

    Beautiful voice and beautiful lady❤

  7. l Braun

    Elle, i definitely think you are Something, Something very special to a lot of people. Thank you !! Love you.😍

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    I love this.Very soulful!

  8. lajemac

    Truly beautiful

  9. erkmonkey2

    god this is great

  10. D oritos

    You are so lovely and beautiful, your voice gives me thrills. Please remember that you inspire people and help them

  11. Tran Quility

    Absolutely Wonderful my favorite why can't I find this

  12. Felicea Moyer

    you are the epitome of what music is supposed to represent. I adore your voice and eclectic variety of each song. You're amazing!

  13. Sickfit Mindead

    Loved it! .....thank you :)

  14. everysamthing

    I wonder how your life might be changing with ex's and oh's blowing up right now. I also wonder why this doesnt have more views and if people know what work you must put into your music

    lynn collver

    share if you care

  15. Ranae Blake

    yah she does sing from her soul, a lot of wisdom in that young girl she's got talent for sure!

  16. Mike Landslaids


  17. craugusta100

    Great voice, good soul words, good heart sounds...

  18. marshallowns

    I am quickly falling in love with you, stop it! lol jk 

  19. Angelica A


  20. Mike Odonnell

    I love you

  21. DannaGoat


  22. nkolas hughes

    We got to see you open up for DKM last night and let me tell you, you just got another fan loved every minute of it.

  23. Jessica Bergeron

    I feel like I've been waiting for her album for an eternity.

  24. Kattana Walker

    Your voice is A M A Z I N G ! Your my new favorite artist! ive litsend to almost all your songs and I have to say each one is pure PERFECTION <3

  25. Jasmine Shanice

    keep strummin that banjo girl!