Ella Fitzgerald - What Is This Thing Called Love? Lyrics

What is this thing called love?
This funny thing called love?
Just who can solve its mystery?
Why should it make a fool of me?

I saw you there one wonderful day
You took my heart and threw it away
That's why I ask the Lord in Heaven above
What is this thing called love?

I saw you there one wonderful day
You took my heart and threw it away
That's why I ask the Lord in Heaven above
What is this thing called love?

[additional verses:]

I was a hum-drum person
Leading a life apart
When love flew in through my window wide
And quickened my hum-drum heart
Love flew in thorough my window
I was so happy then
But after love had stayed a little while
Love flew out again

What is this thing called love?
This funny thing called love?
Just who can solve its mystery?
Why should it make a fool of me?
I saw you there one wonderful day
You took my heart and threw it away
That's why I ask the Lawd in Heaven above
What is this thing called love?

You gave me days of sunshine
You gave me nights of cheer
You made my life an enchanted dream
'Til somebody else came near
Somebody else came near you
I felt the winter's chill
And now I sit and wonder night and day
Why I love you still?

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Ella Fitzgerald What Is This Thing Called Love? Comments
  1. Sahar Alkhelaiwi

    Thinking Allowed by Laurie Taylor brought me here!

  2. Joe Trump

    Ella !!!
    Class !

  3. Joan Mulhall


  4. Bonka Shay

    What is this thing called love?
    This funny thing called love?
    Just who can solve its mystery?
    Why should it make a fool of me?
    I saw you there one wonderful day
    You took my heart and threw it away
    That's why I ask the lord in heaven above
    What is this thing called love?
    I saw you there one wonderful day
    You took my heart and threw it away
    That's why I ask the lord in heaven above
    What is this thing called love?

  5. Imelda Ennis

    This funny thing...adorable song...❤️

  6. Robio

    Ahora el restaurante se me hace mas claro.... jajaja, ya me los imagino.

  7. Lawrence Hodge

    ...haha....PLEASE do not connect this classic tune to 50 shades!

  8. Ramazan İstanbullu

    bu da uyuyangüzelime

  9. Jet Stream

    This song is heard in the film "Infamous". Not sung by Ella.

  10. Alex Phipps

    Here cause school jazz band. Idk any songs in 50 shades of grey

  11. Tomás Wellmann Navarrete

    Anybody knows who plays double bass here?

  12. Sebastián Melchor

    soy el unico que nisiquiera ha visto 50 sombras de gray? Sinatra me trajo aqui

  13. Abel Jakc

    Im here because of a kids movie lol

  14. Leo Fish

    Who's the trombone?

  15. markmarktarmann

    surprised. such a light sort of ditty. didn't expect this after only hearing the jarrett version.
    had me dancing. thank goodness for old fashioned danceable swing. thank you Ella.

  16. Donna Kay

    I can't wait to sing this tune with the Spartanburg Jazz Ensemble (SJE) in Spartanburg, SC. Just read the chart last night, but who doesn't know Cole Porter?!

    Yuvraj Metrani

    Hi Donna, was it recorded? Link pls :)

  17. XxVampiregirl17xX

    I'm here because I heard a cover. I feel like singing this now.


    me too. i heard keith Jarrett's version. Very jazzy, virtuosic. mas profundo. deeeep.
    but this here is the hit . Ella, she makes me want to sing and dance to it. cheers.

  18. alextorresmusic

    I'm so glad to be here NOT because of 50 shades of @[email protected]$%! :)

  19. Eduardo Esposito

    Cómo que Tere no lo puede ver...?????...sonido reciclado....espectacular...!!!

  20. Dielonthug

    I could create a better soundtrack to this movie in 30 minutes.

    Donna Kay

    I'm not willing to watch it long enough to find a song. LOL!

    Corinne Bergeron

    Just go away... it is a good song🙄

  21. Alberto Palombarini Riva

    what is this thing called love ?

  22. John F. Hebert

    why are ppl talking about 50 shades of shit? Did they use this brilliant piece of music in their shit movie or something?

    Carina G Sørensen

    haha agree, I uploaded this song because I love Ella and this kind of music, but apparently the song is mentioned in the book or something hahaha i dunno 

  23. dawn marie carroll-leckie-murphy

    so how about some real oldies....love them true music........when it began big bands,trumpets ,horns,bass,strings,all these make great music

  24. Hollow Man

    I like the version from the show "Chemistry" on Cinemax better

  25. elliehair

    the fifty shades books are brilliant, and I'm sure people are going to have a wider appreciation for different music because of them.  I'm currently getting all the music from the trilogy (as listed on google) so I can have a 50 shades playlist like Anna, and although not included I think 'dark side' by Kelly Clarkson perfectly sums up Christian Grey and his relationship with Anna

    Jackie .S

    ...50 Shades of grey changed my music taste...since a week I only listen Frank Sinatra , Aretha Franklin , Eva Cassidy , Nelly Furtado ,Coldplay and Snow Patrol.ok the first I called I hear the most..

  26. Philippe Mergan

    The great Ella!! I looove her! thank you for this post, didn't know this song from Cole Porter had been sung by Her! great ! thxs Carina!

  27. yulifer85

    jajajaja todos lo que han venido para escuchar la cancion y comentarla ha sido solo por Christian Grey y Ana Steele (me incluyo)

    Katerine Valencia

    me incluyo!

    Victoria Andrews

    @yulifer85 existimos gente que sí ama a Ella y no estamos por un estúpido libro para calenturientas adolescentes

  28. Florencia Vicentin

    Fifty Shades♥

  29. Lajo Peñaloza

    Quiero mas de Christian y Ana!! para los que ya terminaron la triologia , no sienten un vacio??

  30. Fenderr77

    jaaa! creo que todos los que estamos leyendo 50 sombras oscuras (el 2do libro de la trilogía) hemos venido a escuchar el fondo muscial de aquel bar de paredes rojas...

  31. loonatic

    50 50 mi 50 cancion perfecta para aquel reencuentro <3 entre christian y anastasia

  32. Hernalisa San Jose

    Fifty! :)

  33. Sakura K

    Ana y Christian :3 <3

  34. Carina G Sørensen

    Tbh; I have never read any 50 shades of- books. I don't even know they are about. WHO IS CHRISTIAN GREY? 


    Christian Grey es el protagonista del libro 50 sombras mas oscuras.


    a noncommittal rich and successful deeply disturbed man who's into sick kinks meets an average woman who changes his ways and in the end she does sick kink shit to him and then they both ride off happily into the sunset. to put it bluntly the story is about a man who comes with a lot of baggage. its like a Women's Lifetime movie but on a crack. :)

    Val Berry

    No idea what are they talking about but love Ella and love this song! Thanks for the upload

  35. Claudia Marin

    Manito arriba si viniste por Gray y Anastasia :$

    Leao A.

    Vine por ellas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ_26ehOFTo

  36. Fredd Ramirez

    El restaurante se veía bien para mí. Sillas de madera, manteles de
    lino y paredes del mismo color que el cuarto de juegos de Christian

    rojo sangre

    con pequeños espejos dorados colocados al azar, co
    n velas y
    pequeños floreros con rosas blancas. Ell
    a Fitzgerald canturrea de fondo
    What is this
    thing called love?
    Es muy romántico.

  37. asher ben-or

    fuck yea

  38. Den Saucedo

    Suena muy bien!! Jajajaja... lo que hace Mr. Grey =P

  39. Hylvia Núñez

    Y vine por CG pero bailar éste tipo de música es una delicia... 

  40. diego rodriguez

    Simply the best. I have no more words! from Mexico.

  41. Jonas Schirmer

    Sr. Grey está me fazendo ser outra pessoa. I LIKE.

  42. Nicolle Marcela Gómez Lastra

    Efecto Grey <3

  43. DannyChama

    en verdad por "50 sombras mas oscuras" XD

  44. Vanesa De Santiago

    Christian brought me here! <3 Love it!

  45. L Freegurl

    from 50 shades but songs doesnt impress me lolll sorry

  46. Deilyn Urdaneta

    Definitivamente la busque por Christian Grey... YEIIIII!

  47. M_D P

    christian me trajo aquí <3

  48. Carina G Sørensen

    haha it's funny 'cause i didn't even know what FSD was when I uploaded it ^_^''

  49. MsWhiteWitch67

    My boyfriends parents are always dancing to this kinda stuff, its so cheerful and care free.

  50. Elizabeth Marte

    50 sombras Más Oscuras! :)

  51. Taniuska Escobar Ruiz

    definitivamente... solo escuche la canción y sabia que se trataba de mi GRey!!!!

  52. Grigori de Jong

    It's in G major (although the first four bars are in C minor).

  53. The girl with the dragon tattoo

    Fifty Shades Darker!

  54. Anna Victoria Sc

    Ele nos arrasta com seu gosto musical refinado Sr. Grey o bastardo preferido do mundo *-*

  55. Tina Ireland

    I come because I love good music -- not stupid books. Go Ella!

  56. Shanel Sparr

    Does anybody know what key this is in?


    G major

  57. Mariana Soriano

    Oh Sr. Grey Jjskdasña Me encanta♥

  58. Maríanella Achüry

    Omg!! I love this song.

  59. Cynthia Perez

    Bendito Christian Grey

  60. Paula Fernandez

    50 shadows me trajo hasta aqui ! <3

  61. Marissa Salazar

    Aquí estoy por 5 sombras más oscuras :') <3

  62. xiomy08

    Fifty Shades Darker brought me here! :-)

  63. Amanda Santos

    me trouxe aqui também!

  64. Angely Andara

    Fifty Shades Darker brought me here! :P

  65. Luanna Kathlen

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Acho que grey trouxe pelo menos 50 porcento das q estão aqui !

  66. Ana Gomes

    Mr. Grey me trouxe aqui (;

  67. minelu tello

    todo lo que seduce Mr Grey ....

  68. Paola a

    like si viniste por el libro de 50 sombras de Grey!!!!!!!

  69. sauron5eva

    stfu about fifty shades of grey and listen to the music, and btw you might as well just go watch porn or some shit

  70. Cleo-Antoinette Hampson

    applemartini2 ....I came here for the same reason as you guys. What instruments you play?

  71. Val AR

    love it

  72. perarchanggab

    I came here for the same reason as you applemartini2. I never heard this song before and found it helpful to know the tune I was improvising on.

  73. postlove

    Gary Burton's Improv class brought me here! Well, indirectly :)

  74. Dayris Cullen

    50 Sombras Mas Oscuras!! Brought Me Here !! *-*

  75. carolina ortega velasquez

    es un libro se llama 50 sombras mas oscuras.. de la trilogia de cincuenta sombras.. esta cancion hace parte de la banda sonora... yo tambn estoy aca por el libro y me parece super genial la cancion :)

  76. edthewave

    What is this "FSD" everybody is on about? You know what brought me here? Good music.

  77. Liliana Velásquez

    Buenismo, entra -> goo.gl\nlMnl

  78. Emanuelle Simas

    Uma das melhores cantoras de Jazz <3

  79. Aster T

    Holy crap i love her voice <3

  80. Marcela Rodriguez

    im right now reading,. ready 50 shades darker,,,,

  81. Justiene Mates

    Yeah right Fifty Shades Darker brought me here

  82. Nittacci

    Hot House brought be here. (it's a jazz contrafact of this song).

  83. Rahma Ayed

    Ella Fitzgerald brought me here :$

  84. angiieOC

    best trilogy ever <3

  85. angiieOC

    A lot of coments sayin "50SD brought me here" lol guess what?
    me too!!

  86. Veronica Aracena

    its 50 Shade's song

  87. duncanparsons

    I brought myself here

  88. Invisiblegirl26

    fsd brougth me here :D

  89. TheLya31

    50SD !;D

  90. CarolineCupcakes

    Me too, LOL!

  91. Giuseppe Mastrolonardo

    the song is great i love it :D

  92. Kenneth Sjöblom

    Cole Porter, great melody!!!

  93. Gabrielle Miranda

    todo mundo veio aqui por causa dos 50 tons

  94. Julia Fraire

    Fifty Shades Darker♥

  95. alexa acosta

    50 shades of Grey brought all of us here. Me too. Really good trilogy. I loved it.

  96. Karen Muller

    me tooooooo lol

  97. Valerie Hernandez

    no fifty shades brought me here nope

  98. Paloma Nascimento

    50 tons ! :D

  99. Laura Trujillo

    50 sombras.... *.*

  100. Maria Thalita

    50 tons de cinza!