Ella Fitzgerald - Heat Wave Lyrics

We're having a heat wave,
A tropical heat wave,
The temperature's rising,
It isn't surprising,
She certainly can can-can.

She started a heat wave
By letting her seat wave
In such a way that
The customers say that
She certainly can can-can.

Gee, her anatomy
Makes the mercury
Jump to ninety-three.

We're having a heat wave,
A tropical heat wave,
The way that she moves
That thermometer proves
That she certainly can can-can.

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Ella Fitzgerald Heat Wave Comments
  1. J Johnston

    It’s lousy outside where I live & this song came to mind. “Hey Dickhead”

    Ryan Seay

    J Johnston so true I think of a lot of snow on the ground then you got a dickhead for a Neighbor

  2. heatherbaki

    113° brought me here today

  3. George Williams

    The current heatwave where I'm from known as Atlanta Ga brought me here.☀

  4. Tom Gaunt

    An unprecedented 38C in the UK and I thought of this one

  5. Tom Vernon

    the uk like right now

  6. CJ Phillips

    what a great movie, they should make more classic movies

  7. Jedi862001

    Looks like Chuck's taking the skin boat to tuna town!

  8. Jedi862001

    Looks like Chuck's gonna bury his boner!

  9. Jedi862001

    "Looks like Chuck's about to put the hot dog in the bun!"

  10. Jedi862001

    "Looks like Chuck's about to enter the Holiest of Holies! Coitus Uninteruptus!"

  11. Jedi862001

    "Looks like chuck is about to ride the wild boloney pony!"


    Hes about to take ole one eye to the optometrist

  12. Jedi862001

    "Looks like Chuck's taking the old log to the beaver!"


    2019 Summer?

  14. RoCCo CarmeLL

    It's hot in here... We're having a heatwave indeed

  15. Edgy Username

    Bruh everyone comin here from some bitch ass old man movie

  16. Non Yah Business

    Marilyn Monroe brought me here

  17. Gordon Hammond

    Global warming MY ASS!!!

  18. CRF FilmZ

    this came on the radio and the first thing I said was hey moron hello putz

  19. Roy Allen

    -40 here in MN. This song just seem to fit.

  20. Coloring with Shaughna

    It’s currently 7° outside so yes I’m posting this on Facebook

  21. Amtrak Traveler911

    -64 windchill in Minnesota this song sounds good right now.

  22. Mysterious Phantom

    Grumpy Old Men.

  23. Togo Burrows

    Johnny Mercer brought me here

  24. J Johnston

    I love Grumpy Old Men especially Burgess Meredith


    Im.at 4 houses from the film was in 1993 in saint Paul minnesota..I buy my house in 1997 4 years afther the movie grumpy old man...now that house it's sold..

  26. Luke Bhawk

    Grumpy old men😂

  27. teddy G

    Now THIS is quality music.

  28. Kelly Parks

    How do I share this on Facebook?

  29. Daniel Adams

    Intro to "Grumpy old Men". Underrated comedy.

  30. Jimm Hughey

    I LOVE ELLA'S VERSION! Ethyl Waters did a fine version of this in 1933

  31. Georgia Smith

    Grumpy old men "whose that knocking at your door?, putz you better tie your shoe, gonna fall on your stupid head"

  32. elleboucher

    My mother...I can hear my mother singing this. She was the woman with a song for every occasion. A phrase or a word would set of the singing of some of the best music every...although I didn't know it at the time, my mom was soo cool (she would have been surprised to hear that) Miss her so...but, music like this keeps her close in my memory. Thank you for posting.

    Frank Paya

    I'm the same way. I don't know too many people that do that- when they hear a word, it reminds them of a song And they start to sing something From memory.

  33. Lucas Lasso

    Marilyn Monroe , There's no business like show business ..

  34. Tomas Bradee

    Those eyes, though!!! Original woman!!!!!! Sorry Giselle lol

  35. Darius Villa

    Every time, I hear this song in White Christmas, I thought Bing and Danny were singing "were certainly can Ben 10!"

  36. Progressive Talk


  37. Jon Stefanik

    19 people fell through the ice

  38. Jon Stefanik

    Grumpy Old Men brought me here

  39. Smarty The Pants

    Sing it Ella you swingin babe!

  40. Barbara Elovic

    Ella Fitzgerald is one of the greatest vocalists this country has produced. She worked so hard to make her singing sound effortless!

  41. greaseitandsqueezeit

    Negative degree temps brought me here.

  42. uneedanagent

    this lady is the boss

  43. Sean Guidero

    Certainly can, can can.

  44. TangalineKombo

    Here comes Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon (Two grumpy old men, at the same time they are best friends). What a lesson people...! ``Friends don't have to agree on everything``

    Jon Stefanik

    TangalineKombo Morning putz

  45. paul coxe

    real music with a great vocalist

  46. BDT Trance

    grumpy old men again lol


    We are Grumpy old men and we love Ella 😜

  48. Chortle Chortle Chortle

    This song makes me laugh at the boiling lava heat we're having today.

  49. Chenee Thompson

    Such a lovely voice! sje and Billie holiday were awesome jazz singers!

  50. Night Surf

    Grumpy Old Men brought me here.

  51. Daniel Bochner

    M*A*S*H brought me here

  52. the enchanted creeper

    me to my #1 movie at all times

  53. The Toxic Gopher

    Man almost can't wait till winter. The heat this summer is killing me. Thank god it's like 55 right now. Perfect open window weather

  54. Nancy Senechal

    Heaven received an angel 15 yrs ago on this day...RIP dad...you and uncle Walt are together

  55. kornfreak78

    EVERY TIME I hear this song.. I ONLY think of Grumpy Old Men.... one of the greatest movies of all time. :)


    Lol yup.. whenever its cold i think of this song and that movie lmao

    Google User

    I love this movie, you re right about that.



    George Williams

    Yeah I know right.😄

    AL From Russia

    A pure classic

  56. Seth Maerker

    phoenix rn

  57. NuroMusic

    Burn Baby Burn

  58. Jazmine the fox

    Grumpy old men..hehehe

  59. Brady Wraalstad

    Grumpy old men soundtrack, one of the best.

    Rich Thomas

    Looks like Chuck's takin the log to the beaver!

  60. Freeney Giddings

    Ella is my real name❤❤❤😘☺😂😁

  61. Rosie Melo

    Como não Amar. ... Nas nuvens aqui.💓


    A great song to start off "Grumpy Old Men".

  63. Divinity Quartz

    this is wierd

  64. St. Clare

    global warming theme song

    ambroz palir

    V. St. Clare ha ha ha :) :)

    George Williams

    I know right.

  65. Candi Cooper-Towler

    Remember it from MASH

  66. Waltraud Kindslehner

    Grumpy old Men - Soundtrack   :-)  

    Matthew Wilson

    Done LONG before Grumpy old Men

  67. Jacques Montague

    Grumpy Old Men brought me here. Great song, love the beat.


    Love the movie

  68. As Buzz Sees It

    Yes Grumpy old men brought me here

  69. Ryan Cikovsky

    Song makes me laugh,, I love it


    55 degrees in MN today!!!  thats a frigin heat wave thats right!  omg it's grand.  Were taking another plunge!  back to normal... it was nice.

  70. Drago Kwan

    Grumpy Old Men.

  71. Anthony Gumbrell

    Its too darn hot!


    turn down your A/C it's december!  head to the shanty

  72. Jeff Jaegly

    love it

  73. Jannet Phares


  74. only1pinuchi

    The first classy rendition I've heard so far. And with lyrics like "the way that her seat waves" ....it ain't easy

  75. liz nickelson

    1000 thumbs up, im here because of Grumpy old men!!!!!   will be singing this at work on Monday dec 16.  it will be 60 degrees out that afternoon

    Joseph Cyr

    +sealifeliz Always comes to mind when its blizzard like conditions

  76. DJ Biskit

    Perfect song for this negative degree weather!

  77. globalman

    Beautiful quality, thank you.

  78. GablesStarlett

    Apparently Tropical Storm Chantal brought me here....

  79. Spencer Hensley

    Thumbs up if Grumpy Old Men brought you here :)

  80. asmodeusdan

    Everytime something unexpected pleasent thing happens, this song pops into my mind ^^