Ella Eyre - Comeback Lyrics

Caught out, sleeping around
He says it's nothing with her lipstick on his mouth
And you might think he doesn't care that much at all

But they always come back, yeah they always come back
When he returns he puts you in a situation
But it's too late to have that kinda conversation
It's not your job to show this boy some education, no
Now ain't it funny how we never seem to work it out

We've all been played, we all get hurt
Just take that pain and let that motherfucker burn
And you know that in time you will find
That they always come back, yeah they always come back
They're all the same, they never learn
So dig their grave, and let that motherfucker burn
And you know that in time you will find
That they always come back, yeah they always come back

Dry your eyes Mr. Wise Guy
But take a picture, it's the last that you will see
Let's see how far this guy gets walking on his own feet



We've all been played, we all get hurt
Just take that pain and let that motherfucker burn
And you know that in time you will find
That they always come back, yeah they always come back


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Ella Eyre Comeback Comments
  1. kitten pie

    Exactly that's my ella let the mother f***** burn

  2. jose morillo

    2020 !!!

  3. Aderos90

    🥺are you going home for a while to get your hair done today and then I t a

  4. Aderos90

    Comeback eiia eyre remix banx ranx

  5. Ruuux S

    Underrated, brilliant song. I adored this when it came out & still do now. It should’ve gone to #1 at the time.

  6. 박수빈

    통쾌 상쾌 시원ㅎ

  7. Altea Shehaj

    2020? :3

  8. Richard Price Elliott

    You go girl, you go, you go, then you go some more.

  9. teslaia musk

    Such a childish move...

  10. Openvisor

    Now Let That Mfucka Burn! 2019

  11. toyzbg

    What eyes behind the makeup? No value here

  12. toyzbg

    Too much pose nothing in useless

  13. Avocados Nest

    2019 anyone?


    still here)

  14. ernesto luna

    la mas toxica del mundo .......n_n

  15. Anya -


  16. Natasha Holbrook

    I’m in love with this!! Omg! My fav song on repeat!!❤️😍

  17. rahma manai

    anyone 2019???

  18. Ali Alhela

    2019 ????????????

  19. JONA! !

    Fav All time❤️❤️❤️Ellaaa

  20. gdyong8 지디영8

    BEST SONG OF ALL TIME. FACTS PEOPLE FACTS. My high school anthem literally

  21. gdyong8 지디영8

    I have been trying to find this song for 3 months. i used to listen to this when it first came out. but then got into other stuff and forgot the name of the singer and song title. 😭😭😭 This was my favorite song. still is. and after searching for 3 months EVERY DAY! typing in every possible title. i found it again. 😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Sophia Tyler

    The beats in the song I 💕 especially!. I Love your voice. Don’t stop Ella! You about to get a BLESSING.....Deep song.! Shows the true emotion involved when played. That’s why we shouldn’t court in an emotional state....ever! Because their Agenda will escape you & next thing you know.... played! But Ask GOD... HE knows & will reveal!

  23. Amna Adm


  24. Bailey Zack

    it's 2019 and this song still slaps

  25. Rico Essence

    Listening on Sept 9, 2019

  26. albi poga

    Still loving this

  27. Lil Shounen

    Finalmente, depois de anos, eu consegui achar essa música.

  28. Gideon Jabali

    Why am i knowing about her now ?😭
    This is just sooo damn amaazing and yea she ain't a sexist ! Cheating knows no gender
    That guy is definatelly me

  29. Mike Spiegelhalder

    Chavez a Luther

  30. mulattoraver

    1. If you care about your black male friend, don’t ask him to vandalize your white boyfriend's house.
    2. When you do vandalize the place, wreck everything EXCEPT the art (this includes 1960s model Mustangs).

  31. Rafael Navarros

    So much violence on the video. You really need tohave his house destroyed because of cheating?

  32. Ivy's Music Radio aka IMR

    Dry your eyes Mr Wise Guy😂

  33. Aimee Thomson

    ...because, we all want to come back

    Aimee Thomson

    What ever form....I'm not putting up with being with barbie

    Aimee Thomson

    Find us that planet nasa

  34. Casie Graham

    Still listening in 2019 ❤

  35. Dimitris Mallios

    I got a better idea. How about dont burn him alive and just move on with your life? XD

  36. castto Dz

    I came back in 2019💕

  37. Kakeru Jushi

    Still in my playlist 2019 !!!!


    I just got cheted on this is my favorite song


    Missed up i got cheted and this is my favorite song


    So i don't know whos house this is but its not the mans

  40. Ateta Brown

    I think she’s trying to look like and sing like that young girl from the voice. She is different but I hate wen singers make their voice in a way they would never sing naturally

  41. Listen to my stories

    A guy i like was nonstop flirting with me last night. I woke up to find that he had texted "sorry i like (other girl) more im sorry". Texted him the link to this song 😝

  42. Abby Alvarado


  43. Миравлад Владимир

    The best voice

  44. Zzhur


  45. Linda Morr

    Peel of

  46. Elza Wony Nsiloulou

    wow love your voice😍😍😍

  47. Fatma Sayed

    I'll sit and watch your car burn..

  48. Renan Silva

    Algum brasileiro??🇧🇷❤

  49. Antonio Junior

    The glass was full right before she got the cup

  50. beautysensitiveKK뷰티센서티브

    2:00, 2:15  깨똑! 하는 거 저만 들리나요~?

  51. YOP PIE

    This song so much hated and revenge. I love it

  52. Katarzyna P

    LOVE. Love your art girl, and your message!

  53. Fabian K

    this god damn voice catch me

  54. Caitlyn Loftis

    Who else is here from “HELLO AND WELCOME TO MAKEUP” on TikTok 😂😊

  55. babbz6

    Nobody see that some of the scenes inside the house is like "cry me a river- Justin Timberlake"?

  56. Sonette van Niekerk

    Girls do everything but leave

  57. Stephanie dalida

    2019? Anyone?

  58. Oscrow Animates

    I wish I had friends like that, a true bond

  59. György Sárközi

    An very biggest pig!

  60. György Sárközi

    Tisztelt Facebook man! You are an animal? You not normal? Many for everliting? You are very biggest pig!

  61. György Sárközi

    Befejeztétek az idegesítést szarházi majmok? Jó lenne, ha néha belenéznétek a tükörbe, és látnátok, mekkora barmok vagytok a pénzetek mögött!

  62. György Sárközi

    Elmentek a picsába az idegesítő, fostalicska reklámaitokkal! Baromi erőszakos, és kiábrándító! Meg akarjátok útáltatni magatokat? Én profi vagyok a médiában! Alázzak, vagy elveszitek a képből a szart?

  63. Léa HOARAU

    What ?🤭

  64. Lwando Bhuqa

    she looks so badass here!✨💕

  65. shikyla

    - she's so pretty
    - I love her voice so much
    - 3:12 is beautiful

  66. Pharohtime

    Dig that grave and let that motherfucker burn, but they always comeback.... ZOMBIES!

  67. Lobna Mahmoud

    They all the same, they never learn.

  68. jamie

    talented amazing incredible showstopping spectacular never the same completely never been done before unafraid to reference or not reference

  69. Suspiriorum

    2019 anyone?

  70. Alice Ruane

    Man I really feel bad for that guitar tho

  71. A A

    So underrated

  72. Nguundja Tjamburo

    her voice is really classic

  73. czaplowska

    Still hot😈

  74. Elta Quito

    Love this song🎶😍

  75. ali viceroy

    Love this song but the poor girl that got splashed did anyone prepare her. Or was it like oh crap I think we hit someone

  76. Elle Lloyd

    Helps me through so much let that motherf*cker burn!

  77. Tea King

    I remember the good days ❤️

  78. Una Mas

    Is the some of one taylor songs

  79. donutandsoda

    ¡La canción más chingona de la vida! I love her

  80. arielen machado jaymes

    I adore her since 2015.
    Pena que no brasil ninguém a conheça ainda :/

  81. Gaby Lipa Kawai arigato gozaymas

    Hay ella

  82. Famo Goodlove

    This is actually way better than any song by Ella Mai 💯

  83. SasaBobby

    Now imagen you destroyed the last memorie he had from his mam.... Ye this video is nothing for my anxiety xD

  84. Maheen Majeed

    Song Starts at 0:40

  85. ria morgan

    Oooo this song giving me chills ❤️

  86. Isc Salinas

    i love your hair

  87. Jacky Deguera Dacula

    First time i heard her song just got paid im now starting a fan of her😍😍❤❤❤

  88. Kira H

    me on my period...

  89. Dramatic Scar

    So why do haven't I heard this song once in the radio... but yet despacito...
    I hate the media

    Liane Welch


    Liane Welch

    Well I think baby shark is better than this

    Liane Welch


  90. AnonUnited

    She sounds just like Amy Winehouse

  91. M O O N c H I L D

    I love this song !!😍 and ....my name is Ella too 😭❤️😍

  92. Katherine Wood

    Lol my name's Ella

  93. Sara Vartak

    who else replayed the part when she throws the water on him