Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine - 8:47 (Outro) Lyrics

I've been so down
Count the minutes till you come back home
I count the minutes till you come back home
The more I say it, yeah, the more I choke
I'm where you left me on the ground
Yeah, this house it starts to fill with smoke
Tried so hard to fix the shit you broke
You make my heart feel like a fucking joke

I hate it that you're running from me
We're screaming but I don't even hear it
Fighting and the words cut to bleed
I scream them but I know I don't mean it
Open up your eyes and you'll see
Open up your heart and you'll feel it
I think that it's my turn, I should leave
You're afraid to say out loud that you need that

So I walk these streets alone
I left our home because I know that
There's no saving us from what we know
Will tear us apart and rip our soul
8:47's a little early for a strip club
You're searching for the feeling when our lips touch
Take your seat and watch the world
Numb the pain with pills and girls

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