Eli Young Band - Dust Lyrics

She's sick of this town, she's sick of that boy
Yeah she's sick of dreams that never take flight
There's gotta be more than the same old story
So she's gonna turn the page tonight
And turn the radio up (turn the radio up)
Roll the windows down
She got a full tank of gas (she got a full tank of gas)
Ain't no stopping her now

She's got the pedal to the floor in a hand-me-down Ford,
Yeah, the only thing that's left to do
Is catch a couple green lights and those baby blue eyes
Are leaving nothing in that rearview
But dust, nothing but dust

She's fighting back tears, she's fighting back years
Of the only life she's ever known
There's a future that's bright in the dead of this night,
And all she's gotta do is go
And turn the radio up (turn the radio up)
Roll the windows down
She got an open road (she got an open road)
Ain't no stopping her now

She's got the pedal to the floor in a hand-me-down Ford,
Yeah, the only thing that's left to do
Is catch a couple green lights and those baby blue eyes
Are leaving nothing in that rearview
But dust, nothing but dust
(Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)

She got the radio up,
She got the windows down,
No she won't look back
Ain't no stopping her,
Ain't no stopping her now…

She's got the pedal to the floor in a hand-me-down Ford,
Yeah, the only thing that's left to do
Is catch a couple green lights and those baby blue eyes
Are leaving nothing in that rearview
But dust, nothing but dust
Dust, nothing but dust
(Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)
(Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh)

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Eli Young Band Dust Comments
  1. Bernadette Franklin

    After a 31 year marriage this song hit me at a pivotal point in which there was no looking back any more. And I love my Fords 😁

  2. brnin60s

    Ok. This is the third song that has got me concerned. Watch this video 56 seconds, then watch this video to 37 seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NarubBoYBXA, then listen to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZokztm57mE. I would like to meet the guys writing these songs for you. I think we have a problem.

  3. Michala Dockery

    This is my favorite song by them. Wish they played the crap out of this on the radio. It should have been bigger than it is. They're so talented ❤

  4. Jessy Linden


  5. Brody Peele

    Anybody else think this sounded like a Luke Bryan song that he sang I don’t know which one though

  6. Felix Ferrari

    2019 and still listening in kenya

  7. SUSAN Scott

    My boyfriend hates this song!! Im sure I didn’t help much!

  8. msscamp100

    You are damned good!

  9. Melissa Kerns

    Good song for 2019

  10. Rachel Ford Cleveland

    i got the pedal down on my hand-me-down Ford! (2002 Ford Thunderbird)

  11. 8Otherwordly Adventurers

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  12. Nuclear Gamer

    Greatest song ever

  13. Camogirl warrior

    Once I graduate I'm leaving my hometown and gonna play this as I pass the goodbye sign

  14. Arianna Stewart

    I have a dream.. that one day I will be a successful musician, Some people don’t believe in me, but maybe you will <3 I'm an 21 year old singer/songwriter, i would be honored if you stop by my channel and give me a listen :) Thank you so much i appreciate it! <3 I hope you have a wonderful day!

  15. Tammy Faircloth

    I love that Mustang :):)

  16. Justin Melland

    best song ever

  17. dominique romero

    This song came on my raido literally right after I left my piece of shit Ex bf....It was amazing!!! Best timing ever!

  18. James Von Maxwell

    Get outta here. You don't have her cell.../hahahahah

  19. James Von Maxwell

    Nice work gents...

  20. Jeni Smith

    Pedal to the floor...hammer down south bound...didn't stop till I hit the gulf of Mexico. Didn't stop crying either.

  21. Tammy Faircloth

    I love that Mustang

  22. Justin Melland

    awesome song loved It first time I herd it

  23. Maprang Sundqvist


  24. ironcast

    Excellent band

  25. Jennifer Slocomb

    I love this song by Jennifer slocomb

    Anna Evans

    My names Anna Adrianna Helene Evans nice sweet kind woman im.just trying make friends

  26. Derek M. Theriault

    #ugottalisten2b4udie @1:56

  27. Vize Vintage

    That's my car

  28. Alex Cass

    Why does Eli look like Bam Margera in this video and his drummer looks like Johnny Knoxville?!?! Anyone else notice that?

  29. Erika Russell

    I'm gonna leave this town one day this song and some other songs too everybody gonna be hearing it

  30. LOLFlyingPotatoes

    I hate this song. I don't want it building up in my home.

  31. Michael Chakurian

    who is the girl in this video

  32. Katy Perry

    Ive always loved Eli Young Band, this is one of my favorite songs from them, but sadly most people don't know what this song is 😭

  33. Kristie Abignale

    Tomball/Magnolia... 90's thang

  34. Alyvia Foster

    they desurve way more credit than what they get❤😍❤

  35. Jocelyn Rodriguez- Tellez

    0:06 Chris Stapleton is that you?!

  36. JARS

    Love this song.


    I've never heard it before.

  37. Joyzee X


  38. Isaac Detweiler

    Love this song to bad it didn't get popular

  39. Ryan Gollihar

    And why I guess I Chyna should thank him and Michelle and I but I didn't want to tiedown, life specially with some friends kids that I did for lab yeah I did and I didn't and I did and I didn't and I did what I don't want to somebody that just so easily and thought list that isn't good at all

  40. Unstoppable YouTube

    wow nice 65 mustang

  41. Ryan Gollihar

    I'm proud of her I would have set myself to fail from beginning I don't know why!still I was into cheater did not cheater time too get started

  42. Michael Norwood

    Man what a great beat the cool thing is I would be like go for it

    Anna Evans

    My names Anna Adrianna Helene Evans nice sweet kind woman im.just trying make friends

  43. Edgar Vargas

    wow that girls gorgeous and that mustang ohh dream girl😘😚😎

  44. TheKaikeIsALie

    This actually one of my favorite Eli Young Band songs, but it never really got super popular.

    Alex Mills

    TheKaikeIsALie me to

    Jared Mullin

    TheKaikeIsALie I agree my favorite

    Aisha Braun

    My fav Eli young band song!

  45. Emily Nicole.

    This makes me want to pack up my bags and leave! I am a wife and a mother. I don't have the luxury. I'm happy with my husband but some days I just want a day to myself.

    Donnie Kachikis

    then come over to me

  46. Anthony Maher

    Pensacola fair 2015!!

  47. Jennie Ramsey

    luv this song

  48. Bill Ward

    I really enjoy your music. when you were at lakefest in Atchison KS last year the memories are still there like yesterday. thank you

  49. Machiav

    I h8 dust! - dad

  50. Brandon

    I love their songs they sound so awesome. I'm not sure if they just suck in concert or if the lead vocalist was sick the one time I got to see them in concert. From how they blared the background music and you could hardly hear the words that sounded very off I am guessing the vocalist was ill. Any one else experience this with them in concert? I want to know if it would be worth my time to listen to them again live or not? because I could listen to them all day on YouTube no problem.

  51. Kim Wood

    Already done left this town been heartbroken had my life turned upside down falling for a guy who turned out to be a player this song was on my playlist on repeat for 18 hours from tennessee to kansas ☺

    Amanda Clarke

    Kim Wood so true girl hope your happy

  52. Meredith Brazeal

    I love this song but I don't really like the video

  53. Maddy Guinn

    Still my favorite song ✊🤗

  54. Alyssa Sneddon

    I love this band  . keep making awesome music :]

  55. Pat

    this video editing is terrible!! good band though!

    Dave T

    +JONATHON SEAGULL Yeah, it is too bad because the video is very well shot. Could have been great.

  56. Ileyeni Wolfe

    Best video ever it is so true when he says she is sick of that boy so true

  57. Janelle Digennaro

    I'm gonna leave my hometown one day and I'm gonna blare this on the radio when I leave

    Anne Little

    Janelle Digennaro I played this the day my ex mother in law was cremated.


    Janelle Digennaro did you leave yet?

    Ciará Castex

    Don't forget "Runaway" by Love & Theft

    Sofia Oliver

    Janelle Digennaro same

  58. hopehubbard1993

    love this song sounds like me

  59. GoodOl'Boy01

    This song should've made it big

    Katherine Janeway

    it's big to me!?!!

    Heather Lynn

    Best Band , I don't know Why there Not more popular! I ♥️ them.

    Stieger_fx 1

    the sad part is that i have NEVER heard this song on the radio stations in my area, its sad really, its such a good song, there are unfortunately more songs like it that never get attention

    Justin Matherly

    Just seen these guys with chris young a couple weeks ago. Idk why they didnt make it big. Sure can put on one hell of a show 🤘

  60. Brandon Richhart

    No more ads for me, I have YouTube Red :)


    +Brandon Richhart (y)


    +Brandon Richhart (Adblock)

  61. Brandon Cropper

    Who is the girl?

    Kim Wood

    i wish i knew i wish i could be in this video country music variety for life

  62. John Kelly

    love it!...

  63. Liz In Calif

    I love this song... this song I would like to dedicate to my EX .. you are just dust on the road, You hurt me tooo many times , I am better off without you.. My foot is on the gas , I'm gone !!!

  64. Trevor Sommerfelt

    isnt that hot chick agent borin from ncis?

  65. Shannon Harden

    This is my favorite song!!❤😍

    Holli Green

    Shannon Harden mine 30 times over already, just today! :)

  66. Shannon Harden

    This is my favorite song!!❤😍

  67. Madison Skomski

    I love this song it is osom

  68. thefladaddy

    Who's the bad ass chic

  69. Caleb Jones

    Why is this song never on 99.5 or 96.3 anymore

  70. Bailey Dzeskewicz

    That's going to be me one day.

  71. Jeje Elias

    Love this song awesome

  72. Hillary Rockwell

    Love this song

  73. Tia Michele

    Love the Eli Young Band

  74. oceantracks

    Damn what a great record ....vocals, guitars, drums...the works....great stuff.

  75. PastaOverseer

    No toms on the drum set? WTF?

  76. Chantel Parish

    @Shane Monahan it says "she's got the pedal to the floor in a hand-me-down Ford" so it makes absolute sense. Look up the lyrics before you go trashing them. You make yourself look like an idiot.

  77. Infinitez

    The video had too much camera panning for my likes but I absolutely love the song!

  78. shane monahan

    She's gotta the peddle to the floor I'm a heavy down poor, but she sees dust in her rear view??? How does that make sense... You can't have dust when it's pouring rain... Just goes to prove that songs don't sell because of their lyrics...

    Evan Kerr

    @shane monahan "She's got the pedal to the floor in a hand-me-down ford"

    Jacob Lewis

    Before you comment something stupid, look up the lyrics.

  79. Shoaib Saeed

    well the song is awesome just dunno why so less views

  80. Aerosmith_177

    This song deserves more popularity!

  81. Depp99ful

    That is a badass "hand-me-down" Ford

    Hannah Gove - Lewis

    My hand-me-down ford is an 05 F-450 with a western hauler bed

  82. Wildcat Jackie

    This song 100% described my life right now 

  83. AnimeDubs

    I'm sure I'm the only one that knows that's a Freightliner FLD 120 in the background ^~^

  84. Ally Lambert

    My #1 country song :) I play it every time I drive :)

  85. Xtinaa94

    Can't believe this awesome band is coming to my small town:) I really hope I get to go!

  86. M a

    The BEST song 💋

  87. Tabitha Coleman

    this is how i feel right now i want to leave my life behind but i know i cant id miss all my friends even though some of them do not deserve to be missed i would still miss them 

  88. Natsumi Endou

    I will never know why I love Country songs but it's my life ^^ :)) <3 Eli Young Band !!

  89. Tierra Reay

    This is my go-to song right now, it's an awesome tune that perfectly describes my life!! Thanks eli young band, keep on keeping on :)

  90. Stephanie Adams

    This is exactly how I feel right now

  91. Elisabetta Marino

    buona domenica a tutti voi!!!

  92. kelly ramirez

    everytime i listen to this I can't help but smile dance around and feel satisfied to be a country fan :)

  93. John schnieder

    there coming to my school tomorrow can't wait

  94. samantha jones

    Love it lol #thissongrocks