eli. - worthless Lyrics

I'm always so alone even when surrounded
By people that I know, I'm always so astounded
By my ability to ruin everything
Losin' friends and starting fires, everyone thinks I'm a liar

I always stay at home 'cause I'm not good in public
I sit here on my phone, I'm always disappointed
I watch them live their lives, I wish that I were happy
Victim of my generation, time machines can not erase it

Who am I supposed to be? When will I be complete?
When will they be proud of me? It's getting harder to see

Slit my wrists, bloody fists, questioning why I exist
Pain persists, evil gifts, fucking up my life to shit
I'm worthless, I'm worthless
I'm worthless, slit my wrists until I bleed out

I try to stay strong no matter what I do
I'm always in the wrong, it never gets easier
But maybe that's the point, it's part of growing up
Messing up and learning from it, that's just life, it's necessary

Clinging to hope, what else is there to live for?
Got nowhere to go, what else is pain good for?
I am confident that your life has a purpose
It's okay, you will get through it
Don't give up 'cause someone needs you

Who am I supposed to be? When will I be complete?
When will they be proud of me? It's getting harder to see

Slit my wrists, bloody fists, questioning why I exist
Pain persists, evil gifts, fucking up my life to shit
I'm worthless, I'm worthless
I'm worthless, slit my wrists until I bleed out

Please, don't give up, gotta stay strong
Gotta move on, gotta know hope, when you feel low
Please, you gotta know that someone needs you
Please, don't give up, gotta stay strong
Gotta move on, gotta know hope, when you feel low
Please, you gotta know that someone needs you

Slit my wrists, bloody fists, questioning why I exist
Pain persists, evil gifts, fucking up my life to shit
I'm worthless, I'm worthless
I'm worthless, slit my wrists until I bleed out
Worthless, I'm worthless
I'm worthless, slit my wrists until I bleed out

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eli. worthless Comments
  1. Humble Dragons

    why i feel so alone 😭

  2. Jovelyn Endrina

    Worthless asf! 😢

  3. Autumnndcodykunze 1214

    I listen to this way to much so much comparison in this to myself

  4. Analease Sandoval

    Im wrthless
    can relate alot
    this whole song is like the story of my life....:(

  5. choi sannie;

    There was a time in my life that I felt too identified with this song. But now I'm so happy that I passed that and I found reasons to be happy and continue with my life. I suffered depression and anorexia. Maybe no one would read this but I just wanna say that your life is good. You are doing nice! Keep going!♡

  6. Kaylee Woodman

    I slit my wrists every night. It's not that bad cause would u rather have me just kill myself? Like at least were not trying to kill ourselves!!!

  7. ζ͜͡Sensei

    Sana dinletmek istediğim ama panik atağın yüzünden arkadaki sesler yüzünden dinleyemedin bu şarkıyı , halbuki senin için bi şarkıydı bu be güzelim neyse.

  8. E d e n

    if i could make someone feel like they have a purpose, even if its just for five minutes, id do it. honestly nobody deserves to feel how i do..

  9. Marwan Kaa

    Someone needs you:
    Believe me nobody does

  10. Lexy Kimura

    Let me just say, if you don’t think anyone cares about you, you’re wrong.

    I can prove that using 2 words.

    I do.

    Yeah I’m just some random person on the internet telling you that I care about you, and that may seem unbelievable in your current mental state, but you gotta trust me.

    I care about you. And if I didn’t, why would I use my time typing this message out at 12:00 at night on a school night, risking getting in trouble by my parents, if I didn’t care about you? I wouldn’t be. So just trust me.

    Now, if it’s daytime right now, just go breathe. Go get something to eat. Go get some water. Just relax for a second.

    And if it’s nighttime, just breathe and try to fall asleep... If you’re self harming, put it down. Clean up, get some sleep.
    And if you’re planning on ending it all, stop right there. Don’t. Get down from the chair, or put the pills away, or put the knife down, or stop doing whatever method you are about to attempt, and just hear me out.

    Stay here. I know you think nobody cares about you, but they do. And you don’t want to cause people pain by being alive, but if you were to end it, you would be causing people pain.

    I know you just want relief, and this is cliche, but you will get it. Just trust time. It will get better.

    If you need someone to talk to, I will be your online therapist! I can give you my accounts to my social media. And if you’re thinking of suicide, get your suicide hotline! I can get that for you too... I’m your new best friend. Now go either slay outside like the queen/king that you are, or if it’s night, get yourself some rest and then go and slay.

    I believe in you, alright?

  11. John Rhey Torio

    I'll be back in

  12. hhj Djj

    the song sooo good that making me cry like a stupid baby 💔💔💔

  13. Selena Webb

    i am worthless i will never find someone to love me

  14. Chon Soibam

    Wow, someone been stalking on my life and made a song. Unbelievable -_-

  15. Ryland Alexander

    I have never related more to a song in my life and this actually scared me
    Also, you could alternate the line to "when will I be proud of me" and it wouldn't change a damn thing.

  16. hfidnd pdjdjdd

    "Slit my wrists" and "fucking up my life to shit" basically how I feel last time I told my mom I relapsed she grounded me for a month so I won't tell her about the 8 other times I relapsed she only know about the second time. I don't want to be sent to the mental hospital because I want to be in the army but if I handle my mental health I can't do that anymore I can't complete my dreams so I just suffer in silence.

  17. Madi Bear

    I'm here before this song gets popular.😄

  18. Wolfalynn

    Someone needs you.

    Suicide hotline:
    Call 1-800-273-8255

  19. kei

    *When eli said **0:31** , **4:25** bitch i felt that*

  20. A Fujoshi

    "I wish that I were happy"....felt that in my soul

  21. A Fujoshi

    When will they be proud of me?
    //When will my family,teachers and friends see that I'm trying why can't they accept me?//
    I sit here on my phone always disappointed
    //why can't people act like they do online in real life here we are giving pep talks to strangers when we have friends and family who are struggling why can't we trust people close to us when we trust people online what has earth became all the danger and pain?//

  22. samantha parsell

    This song is so relatable I listen to it all the time

  23. JV and JP

    I keep telling my friends that they are worth it. But me, myself, thinking that I am worthless.

  24. Twerking Panda

    Everyone gets sick of things at some point... U get sick of ur lives, but u don't know people get sick of bullying u.

  25. Zarenツ

    0:39 i felt that :(

  26. kiia järvinen

    Didn't know that there's a song inspired by me.

  27. Sam Vfj

    Hey you! Yes, you

    I love you UwU 💕🤗

  28. angrygamrgrl 420

    i watch them live there lives, i wish that i were happy.
    that got to me

  29. peachy


  30. Xxlxser._.chayxX UwUs

    This song is so me.

  31. alfonso sentillas

    Fuck im tired

  32. unknown

    I'm crying like an hour front of my Girlfriend and she's ignore me and using her phone chet with other people this is to much hurting why she don't understand. she say she loves me alot every time but why she ignore when i cry?

  33. alexis morrison

    I felt that "I'm always alone even I'm serenaded"

  34. Taylor Scoville

    I have been through a lot of shit and I can relate to this song cause I have felt everything in this song....

  35. MURK CLAN Gaming

    Man this songs hits me hard! Always feeling alone when surrounded! I’m worthless and even though I have my family and kids I feel like I can’t make them proud! I work my ass off and have barely anything to show for it! What’s the point anymore! No one loves me! No one needs me!

  36. intentionally__offensive

    you all should look up my spotify playlist Sad Rap For Ya Sad Boi. has this artists and tons of others. constantly adding new songs and already has 600+ would be greatly appreciated if you all would check it out❤

  37. Kemal Pasya

    its me all of the lyrics.... 10000% ITS FOR ME :(

  38. DarkFlame_Luna

    I relate to all of this...

  39. Insane Marauder

    Would anyone care if i didnt wake up tomorrow. I need to know if at least one person cares

  40. Alec Knight

    How do you tell your family that you think you need to be tested for depression..?

    kiia järvinen

    Good question... Been thinking about that too.

  41. Chloe TheCoolone

    some people seem to be happy but.... some of them isn't happy it just fake smile... they always say that their life is perfect.. but it isn't it's always have to be about abuse bully and worse.. I just hate seeing people fake smile seeing people suffering with depression is hard... and is hard to save them from the darkness... any one of you are bully please stop bullying people... it's not right... you don't know what their life is... you always seemed to be happy with your life but what about them are there Lite perfect...?

  42. That weirdo That likes Gacha Life

    The people who hit the dislike button were crying so hard that they acidentaly hit the dislike instead of the like button..

  43. Trill Lyris

    who hurt this man

  44. Austin Emre

    Perfect song for today. I hate holidays. I am so alone.

  45. Avocado


    Are on the screen uwu

  46. Ave Snell

    'Fucking up my life to shit'

  47. Julia The Loser

    Just a every day mood. 💜

  48. look at sushi

    This just explained my whole life. I am so happy I found this song.

  49. Mian Hna

    Im literally crying while listening to this especially in the bridge part bc before i was really in depression and i really had no one. I was alone in my world i was alone in my pain.
    But today im getting better..
    The lyrics tho(bridge part) thats the only thing i want to hear but no one- no one come up to me.
    The only person knows me died 1yr ago that sucks u know ahshahah
    But yeah im doing fine now but i hope i can go back 2 yrs ago and comfort myself say that "u can do it kid im here"

  50. Lance Stone

    This song was made for me! Each line hit me right in the soul!


    That first verse always hurts

  52. Sunflower Mochi Rainbow

    𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚂𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚝𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚜 𝚖𝚢 𝚕𝚒𝚏𝚎 ☹

  53. pbj qween

    ik if i died people would just forget about me because they would realize i didnt contribute anything to society and i just made everyones lives worse

    pbj qween

    and ik my family would finally stop fighting because i just ruin everything by being the way i am

  54. Joroxus

    The most relatable lyrics for me were I'm worthless.

  55. Missy Mckay

    It's so sad

  56. Sweet_Sugar :p

    "Slit my rist bloody fists questioning why I exist"
    *I can relate* 😔💔

  57. Vitória Channel

    The start was good but then it started listening about hope and all that shit of not giving up so i left

  58. Vitória Channel

    The start was good but then it started listening about hope and all that shit of not giving up so i left

  59. - svftaestheticXx

    take my life away, please ?

  60. SDW Panda

    Look im 13
    I understand life can be shit but u gotta keep searching and dont resort to self harm
    There are people out there who will love you
    you just gotta put urself out there 💖

  61. Blue [64]

    So relatable

  62. mood af

    "fucking up my life to shit"

  63. tyler

    Were all depressed kids/teens helping each other

  64. Orion's Arrow

    I thought this video was a parody on teen music, but judging from the comments- nope

  65. gean sanchez

    alguien tiene las partituras

  66. Kaitlyn Vermeesch

    This song is my only friend 😢

  67. Ralph Vlog

    Im worthless.

  68. Elleanna Hoffman

    Talk to me about it : 540 541 842, in the mean time here are some songs:
    I'll be there by walk off the earth
    hold on by Lecrae
    Time by NF
    Hold on by Chord overstreet
    All you need to know by griffin
    Start a riot by banners

  69. Mikayla Bigeye

    This describes my whole life lol😶

  70. Natily Raney

    "Fucking up my life to shit"
    "When will they be proud of me"
    Owch- that there was a bit to relatable
    Such a underrated song 😔🤘

  71. Callastrophic 1222

    When my “friends” say I didn’t do anything wrong or they aren’t mad at me

    But they still decide to ignore me

    An Anxious Imbecile

    Been there.


    Get new friends.

    Callastrophic 1222

    Wolfalynn you don’t think I haven’t tried

  72. Montana Armel

    Does anyone else get mad at people for being happy, for having normal lives....like unacceptable I want to trade

  73. Lucy Heartfilia

    Heavy on the "questioning why I exist"

  74. CS _

    I finally found this song lol. I used to listen to this when I had depression. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I still have it. Maybe I don't know my purpose yet and I feel worthlesss, but I'm gonna live my life to the fullest since we only live once. So I'll try my best to be the happiest I can be.

  75. Karis Marshall

    I can relate to this song a lot. I feel every word.

  76. Jack Schaffer

    This kinda fye tho on gekyume cuh 😳👌🔥🔥🔥

  77. theresey g.

    i just like the song

  78. Trevor Herberg

    this is like 1000000000000% relatable

  79. Pocket Mochi97

    "Questioning why i exist"

    I wonder why everyday since i can't ever do anything right and have no friends

    Im Crying

    Because its like, they are famous, and you are not. So it means, we need to be with the people we are belong. Maybe its not yet our time to meet them. :(

    Im Crying

    And you are not alone. Because being alone with alone, is not alone hahaha

  80. shinb ismine

    hey, can someone cheer me up?

    not me bye

    Stay alive my friend someone needs you plz dont give up. Even though it might be hard to smile and stay happy one of these days you will find happiness trust me. I know this because I did indeed find happiness but I ignored it and I regret it so much. Plz dint give up. Stay positive even if it's very hard.

    shinb ismine

    thank you my friend❣️

  81. barkan akmal

    "im worthless"<3

  82. Cosmicツ

    When he said ** I felt that

  83. Mara Rose

    Funny how some of the most caring people are found in the comment sections of the most depressing songs

    random mess that i call myself

    I know right. That shows how much this community suffers. We are kids that want to kill ourselves telling others not to. We help those who are like us.

  84. Sunlitlife Studios

    I can relate so much

  85. Charmaine Cavestany

    I feel this. I'm worthless too😥😥

  86. Mydee

    "what else is there to live for?" donno m8.

  87. Death Wing

    I am Worthless and no one needs me in this world💔🔪🔪

  88. Wolfalynn

    *I love eating tears.*

  89. 100 subs with no videos lets try

    Can someone tell me how to possibly tell my dad i need help and im depressed cuz its hard i have to be happy but i give up its hard to be happy

    Hinata Scarlett

    I'm not sure what to say I think maybe try sitting him down first eish thats the easy part now actually saying what u want to say just try pouring out your heart
    Sometimes its better to not always pretend like u happy but I understand

    Talk it out for yourself

  90. Amy King

    Dear people that sees this comment, I love you. I used to be this way myself and I’ve finally gotten over it. You’re not worthless, you are sooo valuable. If no one else has said it to you, just know I’m proud of you. It’s gonna be okay, babies. It’s gonna get better

  91. XxAdri EditsxX

    this resembles my life rn 💔🖤

  92. Larissa Landeros

    This song is my life story

  93. Tommy Sugiarto

    This song same as my life

  94. Kanneky

    nice 👍🏻👍🏻

  95. I'm Worthless

    *Lmao. Hi.*

  96. Aurora Vibes

    Deep and relatable lyrics, as expected from someone as talented as Eli. 🖤

    Josie Vital

    These lyrics are so relatible. I do feel worthless most of the time. But it will get better... right?

    one fat gay

    The dislike Buttion ?

    Eli Ham

    Talented... please.. I’m worthless 😕😭

    Monique Salinas

    Aurora Vibes I feel this so much