eli. - white lies Lyrics

You sure got a lot to say for someone
Who never tells the truth
Would it kill you to be honest
If I asked you to?

We both know that this will fade it's only
A feeling in the now
Would you tell me how you do it
If I asked you how?

And I don't have the time
Today for that
You're a liar and cheat and that's a matter of fact

We spend all of our time
Changing our minds
I'm sorry if I change my mind
I'm sorry if I change my mind

We spend all of our lives
Telling white lies
And then we act surprised
When everything falls apart

[Chelsea Collins:]
You sure got a lot to say
Keep using your words
But you don't mean them
Yeah, your eyes they
Couldn't hide all of your secrets

You keep going till we break
But I just let it go
I love the feeling
Of never knowing if you're holding something dangerous

I don't have the time
No more for that
'Cause your heart was
Never there and that's a matter of fact

[eli. & Chelsea Collins:]
We spend all of our time
Changing our minds

I'm sorry if I change my mind
I'm sorry if I change my mind

We spend all of our lives
Telling white lies
And then we act surprised
When everything falls apart

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eli. white lies Comments
  1. ruby

    I love love love this song! I listen to it almost every day on my commute !

  2. Pazo

    anyone notice an difference in audio quality when Eli sings and then Chelsea does..? and then when they sing together near the end the quality is 👌🏼 , I think it needs a little remastering, but overall a great song 🤟🏼

  3. Keri Kramer

    This guy and song reminds me of my ex fiance.

  4. Eliana Melissa Ríos


  5. lenard tungol


  6. Niret

    Eli, el mejor cantante de la historia. <3

  7. Grace Harkins

    Oof u have an amazing voice and just your so talented!💜❤️I aspire to be like you one day

  8. cloutnap

    Blowing up soon my man and I'll be there when you do :)

  9. Juan Antonio Rodriguez Linares

    Cambiaste eli... Tu música era mejor antes

  10. Nev O.

    Who ever are the 6 people that disliked this... you guys suck 💩

  11. Saul Perez

    Cada cancion nueva, la escucho mil y un veces jsjsjs

    Love u Eli❤

  12. Jerson YT

    Beautiful Song <3

  13. Milagros 79

    Me encanta como cantas🖒❣❣

  14. Augusto Pinochet

    i follow you when you have 65k now, you have 100k, im so happy!! Congratulations Eli Lucas, the voice of The angels

    Saludos desde chile💕💕💕

  15. LIFE 000

    Such a vibe :’)

  16. Justin Branham

    You are the one I always listen to when I'm down love you music bub always brings me up. Keep making music you are awesome

  17. Jay Lord Garmino


  18. Kaliane Azevedo

    So amazing 💕

  19. Yass

    His foot

  20. 보라해

    I love your voice and your songs, you are a great artist, saludos!!!💜

  21. 보라해


  22. Wallace Alves

    Amo demais suas musicas espero que um dia vocÊ faça um SHow No Brasil

  23. Carlo uwuwur

    Go to 100.000 subscribers, I love you eli.. <3

  24. cayenne m

    this is new, and different, and fresh... and ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC

    Eli Lucas

    cayenne m thank you!!!

    cayenne m

    @Eli Lucas of course...you have been such an inspiration to me throughout my middle and high school experience and i've been listening to you ever since you released "i'm sad." honestly without your music i wouldn't have gotten through so many hard points in my life, so i truly thank you. all the love💗

    Eli Lucas

    cayenne m that means so much to me 💓

  25. Ancel Osses

    ^^ Colombia 🖤

  26. Dylan Cook


  27. Fernanda Leal

    Esse Cara tem uma Voz de arrepiar, Fora as Músicas são ótimas!! Sou fã.

  28. •ꪶ多Ꮯᴏғғᴇʀ多ꫂ• FF

    Eli is art eli is perfect eli is all♡

  29. Knee Lock

    May i use this song in my yt channel??

  30. I love WEBTOON

    WOW! Your so close to 100k! I've been here since 70k 💕 Much love 💖

  31. SadieandMick

    Your songs never disappoint me.

  32. Shotaro Stauber

    cara, muito bom

  33. Leiluu

    Argentina love you bby ❤

  34. farah izzati

    I love you

  35. josiah stoney

    this song is nothing like him,its always slow sad songs..this..is not that good to me

    Eli Lucas

    josiah stoney i’m not offended by any means, friend. you shared your opinion freely, as you have every right to do, so i responded with mine. those songs you just named might be your favorite songs, but it doesn’t mean those are the only type of songs i make or should make. if i made the same sad, slow song over and over again, wouldn’t that be pretty boring? i definitely think so. i personally really admire artists who experiment with their sound and genres, etc. and i do the same as well since it’s something i admire. i think there’s something admirable about experimentation and straying from the path. i could probably make the same song over and over again and they would all be as big as “i’m sad” and “worthless” but then i’m just chasing money, doing what is marketable to please the masses and i’m no longer being authentic, feeding my soul or conquering new challenges! i have diverse tastes and love so many genres. i express this through my own music. even if you don’t like this song or every song i put out, i’ll always come back to whatever sound and genre you like eventually. you have to realize that i release SO MUCH MUSIC (3 albums in a year) that it allows me to experiment and make completely different sounds before coming back to what’s familiar. many other artists only release one album a year, or maybe once every 2 years. i hope that you see my point of view and i appreciate your comment and kind words!

    Eli Lucas

    for anyone reading this and wondering why it’s “edited,” i made a typo and didn’t place the word “not” before “offended” in the first sentence. that is the only change made from the original message i typed and sent! i meant to say that i’m “not offended by any means”

    josiah stoney

    @Eli Lucas i get that you don't wanna stick with the same kind of songs,i know that now..i'm so sorry for saying anything like that and ik you told me you wasn't offended but i feel like you have to struggle with haters and people that just mess with you fro no reason. i'm like your biggest fan here and i love all of your songs. lt's just that this is the first song that i heard that sounded like this,and your singing with another person now?..its surprising to me to know that,usually you sing by yourself and you made a big change..so if you wanna go to other kinds of music,i'm right here supporting you in every song you make..SO KEEP ON ROCKIN ON!!

    Eli Lucas

    josiah stoney it might be the first song you’ve HEARD like this, but it definitely is not the first i have released like this before... my last album had a TON of different genres, including rock and screamo. anyway, thanks for your support and your comments show me that you care about what is happening with the music regardless of what your opinions are, so i genuinely do appreciate it! i’m not upset with you by any means, i was just sharing my thoughts as you shared yours. thank you!!

    josiah stoney

    @Eli Lucas your welcome bra! NOW GO ROCK ON!!!!!

  36. Nαυʂιƚ


    Demasiado talentoso✨

  37. Alan GR

    Sigue asii ❤❤

  38. Ana Paula Da costa

    Es hermoso, me encanta, i love u eli ❤❤❤❤

  39. Taquito Express

    I think Is late :(

  40. Big Boy

    Know I'm a bit late but I'm so excited for the next album! It's so great to see you keep growing and growing!

  41. Gigi M


  42. Tåńîä Rîvêrä

    Cute 😍😍
    And hi 🙃💛💛💛

  43. Eddison11

    OMG That's a Hit
    I love this song

  44. Leonardo Soria

    Ya me gustó tansolo con el comienzo

  45. Youtube Kumar


  46. Luis冠

    this version is more amaizing <3

  47. ilse mendez

    Me encanto😻😻❤

  48. Juliette Marquez

    It sounded great live!! Been listening to it on repeat, you and chelsea did so well😭😭❣

  49. Shweta Yonzon

    Melodious= Eli❤️..thank you for all the songs

  50. June Nakasone

    Damn I love your music ❤️

  51. Violet

    I love this, but the first version is my favourite :>

  52. Aoi Gabe

    check out the lyrics video i made for this, would really appreciate it!

  53. Dennise San Miguel

    Waoo me encantó la musica al igual que todas tus músicas que sacas.. tiene un sonido de fondo expectacular..!! Me encanta tu voz sigue así Eli Lucas 😘🙋 exitos !!

  54. Lili C. R.

    Me encanta tu música ❤️

  55. SHY BOY

    Big fan my brother keep the good work up.

  56. kike :3

    solo tu música hace que se me erice la piel, sigue así bro eres fantástico :3

  57. Figo X Codfish

    Aaa This song:(❤🔥
    Eli I Love You❤😇

    From INDONESIA🇲🇨🇲🇨🙏❤

  58. Arturo

    A fucking bomb, as usual❤

  59. • 【ᴅɪsᴛᴏᴘɪᴀ】

    _Amé la canción, my god, hermosa<3. Salu2 desde Argentina_

  60. Okyanus German

    Ahhh beautiful!

  61. Giselle Martinez

    I loveeeeeee!!❤❤



  63. Jorgi Belle T Toloy

    Love your songs keep up the good work

  64. PeePeePooPoo


  65. Girlie Ocaba

    what happened to ur foot?

  66. c00L kidZ

    I just got into your music and i love it 🤙🏼❤

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  68. omg, clout demon.

    Your vocals sound really nice in this song.

  69. Gravity

    Que gran voz

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    you're so close to 100k holy shit!! Your voices sound so good together *chefs kiss *

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    Sos un crack,amo todo lo que hacesss😭😍

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  73. F1L1P0 :v

    I love the drums

  74. brianna

    Your voice is so good! 😍😍

  75. Abnerlight


  76. Lazy Wolf1u

    My "first" serious boyfriend broke up with me today. This song is great, the voices go good together......

  77. Pall & Mall

    🖤🖤💙💙exelent song I am happy with lisen 💙💙🖤🖤

    Perdón por el inglés no es muy bueno

  78. JECA Games

    Im from Colombia and loved your songs i don't speak very good you lenguaje but i send you all the better energy and lucky ⚡️⚡️⚡️🔥

  79. Alberto Tenorio

    Exelente canción, siempre haces calidad de musica

  80. Joshua Obando

    Por dios pero que hace el aquí debería estar tocando en las grandes ligas debería ser fomoso que todo el mundo escuché y cante su música por qué es la mejor

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    Ame esta canción ❤

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    what a beautiful song, just amazing😀

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    🇧🇷❤ you

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    I really like this song and i really lije your voice. Great song 💙

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    Had to put this on watch later for a few hours, but wow this is amazing like always <333

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    You are doing amazing sweetie.

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    Great song
    As always! ❤️

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    Bro you are the definition of underrated

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    Hermosa canción, podría escribirlo en inglés pero no lo hago quiero que sepas que tu musica cautiva a más naciones de las que podrías pensar bro.