eli. - when i'm lonely Lyrics

I lay awake at night
Strugglin' to breathe without you by my side
Oh, my mind takes flight
Wanderin' through the universe for signs of life

What a short delight
Soul is out of body for an unknown time
Eyes open wide
Then I must remember that I'm still alive

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, what a life I live without you, yeah
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I'd do anything to have you

I still feel in love with you, but only when i'm lonely
I know I don't love you, I just want someone to hold me

I only wanna feel touch when no one else will touch me
How I wanna taste your lips, only when i'm lonely
Oh, oh, oh, only when i'm lonely, yeah
Oh, oh, oh, only when i'm lonely

Do you think of me, when you're wrapped around him
In his embrace?
Do you long for me? Do you reminisce when you see my face?
Have you let me go?
Or has my memory lingered?
Well, I bet I know
It only makes sense, best you ever had is speaking in past tense

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, what a life I live without you, yeah
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I'd do anything to have you

I still feel in love with you, but only when i'm lonely
I know I don't love you, I just want someone to hold me

I only wanna feel touch when no one else will touch me
How I wanna taste your lips, only when i'm lonely
Oh, oh, oh, only when i'm lonely, yeah
Oh, oh, oh

You should stay the night
Fuck me in the mornin', so I feel alive
Then you leave my sight
It was only for the moment that I felt alright

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eli. when i'm lonely Comments
  1. Reymark Yacap

    I really hope your time comes, we're here to support ko brotha ☝👍

  2. Derek V

    It's my birthday today and my ex wife (9years divorced) message me happy birthday and how do I feel today. So I linked her this because it's the best/only way to describe how I feel.

  3. LisaMarie Velez

    God Bless You Keep Your Head Up

  4. Carlos Vega

    Wow crack tu música me encanta, tienes demasiada y todas y cada una me impresiona mas y más jsjsjs

  5. KrippledBmx

    Man your music is amazing. I seriously have never vibed with anyone else’s music as much as yours. Keep it up❤️✊🏾

  6. Luis Humberto Padilla Cardoso

    I love this song :c

  7. Brandon Murray

    honestly i relate so much to these songs and i hope eli keeps on making these❤️

  8. Juuzou Suzuya

    I’ve been listening to him for like two hours I just found him lol his music is honestly jus amazing

  9. Ana Patricia Espinosa

    You´re magic.

  10. Princess Magic

    I have a lot of thinking and bad feelings when i am lonely
    And i can tell u after i hard this song i feel a lot better
    Thank you for your music❤️

  11. sm0kingxdreems 06

    Omg I love your songs so much❤❤❤

  12. Alexandre Cabanel.

    Eres muy hermoso <3

  13. Nataly Yanez

    When I’m lonely I listen to this song on repeat . You might even say that I’m attached to it and I might disappear if I don’t listen to it .

  14. literally nobody

    please don't get famous stay our little secret ❤❤❤

  15. Milo Same

    i wish you can be really famous, very emotional!

  16. Mario Sanchez

    Thx Eli I’m going through a break up and this helps keep up the good work 🙃

  17. SLENDER MEN 657

    I luv this song its sooo good💕

  18. Demi Sama

    Unlike Pluto and you should do a Ft

  19. Bertha Torres

    Amo tus músicas -3-

  20. TnTears

    Muy buena rola men, te felicito por tan exquisita composicion

  21. Frenz Rodriguez

    fresh from philippines I appreciate ur work bro

  22. Rafaela Neres

    Gente, sou muito apaixonada nesse carinha

  23. i am a sock and i need memevin

    good music after crying makes me feel better in an instant.

  24. Moisés leal reyes

    You need to be more famous,you have perfect voice and music :0

  25. J Nuy


  26. J Nuy

    You have the most beautiful voice!

  27. Ali Vocaloid Neko 04

    I really love your music ❤👌
    It's perfect keep it up Hwaiting!! (Fighting)

  28. Ovelha Swag

    olhei rápido e achei que era o gerard way

  29. itsANGEL Ghost

    Eres el mejor sigue así men 🤩

  30. Juan Marcos Soria Pereira

    😍❤️❤️❤️ The best

  31. Kishou Arima

    I love this so much amazing work ❤

  32. Karen Martinez

    I love you💓

    Eli Lucas

    i love and appreciate you!

    Karen Martinez

    @Eli Lucas omg I can not believe that you have answered me I love your music it transmits a lot and you have made me cry many times because it transmits me a lot I want a greeting from Argentina💓💓😭

  33. Caio Gabriel


  34. Nick ;_;

    I love you ❤
    Another perfect song

    Eli Lucas

    ily2 thank you!

  35. Alan Osorio

    Seria bueno que comenzaras a subtitular al español tienes muchos fans hispanos y tienes talento y tienes futuro Crack <3

  36. 俞ㄆ

    Love your song and voice make me feel very relaxing

  37. nou ran

    Your voice here is so sweet and warm ♥♥♥♥ this is my favourite song from now on

  38. Jəlly¡!

    No mAn alto arte :O

  39. Zero Lota

    Exxelent bro♥

  40. stzay __

    I feel empty😞

  41. melón sandía

    Amo tu música bro están sad ☺️💔 eres el mejor ....

  42. Roxy L

    im so in love with your music :,)

  43. zôm #

    việt nam chắc có mình thôi quá

  44. Ba-lonely Sandwhich

    I love that you're releasing these on YouTube cause I love this album. Forget might be my favorite but man they're all so good

  45. carolina torres

    Eres perfecto😍

  46. Lis 7u7

    I love the song bro❤️

  47. Tonatiuh De La Rosa

    Como me encanta su voz uwu 👌🐸💖

  48. Yoxxeth

    Que hermoso, eres un grande!

  49. Galilea duarte flores

    I loved it, I fell in love with your voice is cool!! 😻👌❤️

  50. stranger *

    Lonely :,)

  51. VIDAL

    So damn good


    PERFECT 😢😢😭😭🔥🔥

  53. Lee Larrabee

    Thank you for giving me a new obsession, this is amazing.

  54. Jules Smith

    please come to the long island collisium i would be so happy

  55. nathalia prada

    Omg 💜💜♥💜♥💜

  56. Chaxx

    He’s killing it ♥️♥️

  57. madu ;3

    Oh god ♡

  58. Anna Clara U.U Ferreira otaku :3


  59. Kaleigha

    this song is quite literally everything

  60. Daniel Miguel

    Amo tus canciones...

  61. Raibu

    This is really beautiful, the invisible onion cutting ninjas are at it again :')

  62. El Amor d tu vida

    Vas a llegar muy lejos tienes un talento enorme :)

  63. D4t444 *

    Apenas estaba el inicio y sabía que me iba a gustar, gracias por hacer esto, te quiero♡.

  64. Millamiaahh

    Sua voz é tão boa de se ouvir aaa 💕

  65. javmoo

    Good music bro, this talent 🥰❤️

  66. THAILY Stylinson

    if you made a song in Spanish it would be great ❤️

  67. Adrian Yesid

    Eres el mejor Eli. Amo toda tu música, sigue asi.
    Un saludo desde colombia y un abrazo ❤❤

  68. loli flamer

    Eli ,siento que es una cantante que tramite todas sus emociones ,lo admiro mucho ,me ayudó mucho a salir de la depresión ❤💓😊

  69. Azul Mendez


  70. solitary season

    Fã d+++

  71. Que Onda Soy Pandy


  72. daniela de la cruz

    tu voz es espectacular uu sigue asi <3 vas a llegar lejos

  73. Chris

    This song is hitting me too hard right now. Fuck... 😢

  74. Moraima Choquehuanca

    Me da gusto que sigas creciendo, algun dia te vere en los grammys estoy segura <3

  75. Ernesto Daniel

    Es la mejor voz que he escuchado denle un premio a este hombre, sus canciones son como el aire si no respiro sería un suicidio

  76. Fire Fenix

    Your songs are amazing man and put my feelings into words better then i could tell anyone. Quick question though, would you ever put the rest of your music on Napster?

  77. Franco Ariel

    Te amoooo! 🌹♥🇦🇷

  78. KazutoZ

    Desde que escuché tu album en spotify, no podía esperar a que subieras las canciones a esta plataforma solo para decirte lo grande que eres y pfff, cada día te superas a ti mismo, en lo personal esta canción y la de "routine" son mis favoritas, gracias por nacer <3

  79. Audra Wilbur

    This is rly cool👍

  80. YoonGi Prroz

    Me encantó desde el principio, las mejoras cada vez. Eres mi ejemplo a seguir, no te des por vencido. Te amo ♡

    I loved it from the beginning, the improvements every time. You are my example to follow, do not give up. I love you ♡

  81. Arcoiris Moco

    Love it kdndndbsw

  82. Janis Montenegro

    O sí💌

  83. Eric Lopes

    ❤❤❤❤ musicas boas

  84. Blood Red Rose

    Wow I love this song so much 💛💛💛 thank you eli for blessing us with this piece of art! 👍🏻🙏🏻
    Edit: dude u r sooo underrated u deserve more as a singer cause ur voice is awesome 👏🏻!

  85. sixxx

    Vine re tarde:((( te amo eli♡

  86. Elpachis7w7 xd

    Tu Música Es Increíble Me Inspira En Días Malos! :') ❤️

  87. el mata mojados

    I was looking for an artist who sing these kind of things not and surprise i found you Try to come more pronunced you're a pretty good singer

  88. Dreamz

    Eli<<< flops

  89. Troccayoli Priscila

    Me encanta :c

  90. a d r i . .

    Me encanto ❤❤ ..aunque entendí un poco, quisiera subtitulos en español xDD


    He subido los subtítulos ,puedes pasarte por mi canal❤

  91. patricia kependeja

    Me encantó <3

  92. Loliz Reyes

    Me encantaaa ❤

  93. oni Civho

    i love u eli <3