eli. - over you Lyrics

Sometimes it gets harder to breathe
When you're not here beside of me, yeah
But this ain't no way to live
Oh, something's gotta give

Ooh, I'm gettin' over you now
Ooh, I'm gettin' over you now

Sometimes you make me feel so weak
Like there's a part of you that lives within me
But this ain't how I wanna live
Oh, something's gotta give

Ooh, I'm gettin' over you now
Ooh, I'm gettin' over you now

Maybe I'll just kill myself
Maybe blame it on my mental health
Maybe blame it on my parents
And see to it the rest of the world can go fuck themselves

Ooh, I'm gettin' over you now
Ooh, now I'm in the ground

I'm in Hell, I'm in Hell
I'm in Hell, I'm in Hell
I'm in Hell, I'm in Hell
I'm in Hell, I'm in Hell
I'm in Hell, I'm in Hell
I'm in Hell, I'm in Hell

I'm gettin' over you, I'm gettin' over you now
I'm gettin' over you, gettin' over you now
I'm gettin' over you, gettin' over you now
Gettin' over you, I'm gettin' over you now

Gettin' over you, gettin' over you now
Gettin' over you, I'm gettin' over you now
Gettin' over you, gettin' over you now
I'm gettin' over you, gettin' over you now

I'm gettin' over you, I'm gettin' over you now
I'm gettin' over you, gettin' over you now
I'm gettin' over you, gettin' over you now
I'm gettin' over you, gettin' over you now

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  1. Gdania GF

    I love 😍😘

  2. alex

    i think i just fell in love.


    Holy shit

  4. Raven Sabah

    Truly amazed by your Talent, and the lyrical composition you are able to make.

    This song is a great Help to me, and many others of yours (to be honest), but this one in particular right now.
    The person who has been my partner of seven years, has recently decided they no longer wish to be with me.
    It came as a hard shocking/stabbing revelation, but I am trying to work through it and "Get over" it now.

    Thank you for all that you do.
    You inspire more people than you even know.

  5. ka.wa. pix

    #elilucas LYRICS

  6. Jullah Urquiaga

    Story of my life= your songs

  7. Tysh -

    Empiezo a seguirte y ya te amo💖

  8. Jatziry Loreley Fuentes Gonzalez

    Ozuna sube nueva cancion asco
    Badbonny sube una nueva canción asco
    Paulo londra
    Eli lucas
    OMG quee hermosooo

  9. Michael Cassio

    Sou do Brasil e curto muito essas músicas

  10. Jaisson.S tudo?

    Mano vc canta d mais

  11. Jennyfer Lorrana

    💜💜💜💜 eu amo tanto suas músicas

  12. hola que hace

    Uuh, me encantaaa, no se como le haces para sacarne al menos una sonrisa :')

  13. Iris Otsutsuki

    I love your music so much I'm attached to it already 😍💓

  14. Shweta Yonzon


  15. Doesnt Matter

    fun fact this is my current ringtone...one my coworkers introduced me to your music not something i would normally be into but i really do love the stuff you put out and the video for this is great love from arizona

    Eli Lucas

    Doesnt Matter thank you so much!

  16. Bobie

    Esto me ayuda demaciado ♥️:(

  17. Shontay Crane

    Why am I just now seeing this?!?! I love the way you dance omg!! It makes me so happy for some reason you’re just too adorable!

  18. Min Min

    Es hermoso ✨✨✨✨✨🌻...

  19. Justin Branham

    I love this video so much!!!

  20. AJ 0

    This is by far my favorite song it has honestly helped me through a lot of shit

  21. maria José VG

    Me encanta esta canción no paro de escucharla 😍 sigue así

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    Euuuuu teeeee amoooooo❤🇧🇷

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    nice song dude

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    Q broo mas otro pd brother jaja te vale verga todo eres muy buena onda

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    Cantas hermoso aparte estas bien guapo <3

  26. Happy And Sad Songs

    This video made me feel so happy and I don't know why... Thank you so much Eli <3

  27. Chise _

    Hermoso :(💛


    If I had ur ass I would shake it 2

  29. Felipe Campillo

    Escucho todas tus canciones desde Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

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    Just discovered you today, very cool songs dude! Stay alive, you're gonna change the game soon

  31. sofia ghazali

    that mcr tshirt duuuude i live

  32. Abigayle parker

    I love how you're wearing another bands shirt good band though and I love you're voice listen to you all day during my 9 hours shifts

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    Great Be Safe

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    I recently discovered this acc and his music and personality makes me laugh and smile! I love it oml

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    Wow you're wearing mcr merch :o

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    I actually adore you so much... 💕💕 voice is breath taking...

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    Wait, how do you not have more subscribers? I just recently got into your music and I can't stop listening. You deserve more ,you're so underrated SMH.

  39. Carlos Pastrana

    Wow que tema💓😄🙏🏻✊🏻 Me encanta 🥰

  40. Astrit Erick

    I love so much Eliiiii 7w7 !!! ❤

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    ugh your music is literally amazing 🔥❤️

  42. Lisa farmore

    Me high asf in my feels at 4am

  43. Zoey Tongusi

    I really like your music😍❤️💙💯

  44. bubble

    This video literally made me adore you even more thankyou darling😂💞

  45. Stephen Garlan

    this man isk chucky feeling old yet?

  46. maca battistessa

    I’m in love with your voice like OMGG❤️❤️❤️

  47. EmoTrash

    buenas vibras esta musica es de todo felicidad tristesa momentos dificiles das de todo eli y muy unico das amor en tu musica

  48. Chelsea Reneé

    Eli please post more often! I’ve been listening to your music for a while now and I really like your style and use of words!

  49. Sophia Baur

    I wonder what his neighbor hood was thinking

  50. HaVe yOu sEeN mY sON

    I stay playing all his songs on repeat

  51. HaVe yOu sEeN mY sON

    This is my shit

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    Fan Eli from Cambodai 🇰🇭

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    I like me nice you song and you talent
    Sorry i dont speak inglish😂
    Tu música suena hasta Panamá 🇵🇦😌🤟🏼

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    I just started listening to your music and it’s all so good!

    Eli Lucas

    Khloey Fisher thank you so much!!

    Khloey Fisher

    Eli Lucas you’re welcome!

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    Hermosa Canción 👌 Sigue Asi Bro:3❤

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    Oh yeah love this

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    Those shoulders tho😍

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    Eli Lucas

    thank you!

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    Bro you need to get on American idol

    Eli Lucas

    haha no way

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    I’m very disappointed in myself for just watching this. This is my new favorite music video other than the loafers are cool. I literally could watch this on repeat and it could never could get old. I love the little clip were it gets slower and it’s just you smiling. You’re so fricken cute I stg 😤❤️

  74. Anna Clara U.U Ferreira otaku :3

    ou apenas disfarçando a dor interna ;-;

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    Creo xd

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    do you have an IG I cannot find:(

    cody spradling

    It's in the description of the video

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    eli is awesome
    The music is perfect with you😍😍😍

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    Every day trying to be better 💜

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    idk why but the way you "dance" is funny for me lmao.

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    I love your smile :3you have me so happy (↑ω↑)

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  99. Eli Lucas

    best video we've made yet

    come see me LIVE in LA!

    Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/track/4Kg5thghXQXwIkbsjpRIQK?si=_fuu4CnIT7GnOIcpcHrnAQ

    Apple Music - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/over-you/1447704688?i=1447704699

    Blood Red Rose

    eli. I wish I could 😢

    justin principe

    Obviously I mean look what it starts with


    I hope you can come to the Philippines.

    Tåńîä Rîvêrä

    Y...... No hablo ingles:(

    Not Creative

    Eli Lucas come to manchester my dude