eli. - my lover, she sleeps Lyrics

Oh, my lover she sleeps tonight
Her head on my chest, getting in her rest
While I lie so awake, seeming restless
I can not escape

Oh, my lover sleeps peacefully
Lying next to me, her skin glistening
In the moonlight that seeps through the curtain
Into my room

Oh, my lover is loved back tremendously
She is all I see
How I can not be
For months, or for moments or days away
From my lover, I can not be led astray

For months, even minutes or half a day
From my lover, her loving does not decay

For years, I have longed for a love like hers

Oh, my lover, she sleeps tonight
With her back to me, she does not seem pleased
Oh, I wonder how I let you down
My darling

Oh, my lover won't speak to me
She seems so angry, but I'm not sure why
Oh, what I would give to look into
Your mind

But my lover is loved back tremendously
When she's mad at me
I can hardly breathe
Cause I know I'm not good at recovering
But I'm trying

It's been a month and a week and a couple days
From my lover, she said that she needed space

For years, I had longed for a love like hers

Oh, my lover, she sleeps tonight
In another bed, with another man
How he cares for her not like I could
He does not treat her how he really should

But I guess we have something in common
I know I mistreated her often

He doesn't love her like he should
But neither did I

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eli. my lover, she sleeps Comments
  1. Daniel Dsouza

    waow such a beautiful peace of art. it's so sorrowful that its so underrated. Haha it feels so fit for the anime, Mushishi.

  2. Not important

    What are the chords

  3. juuh duuh

    this made me so sad, but wholesome, but.. wow. this song. im just. :'( 💞

  4. Stephen C. Beltrán

    116 fanáticos y 1 ignorante, la letra es completamente hermosa...sorry for be the only latin in the comments :,v

  5. Larry es real,Shawn Mendes es mi boyfriend :D

    love you so much, really.


    Does anyone know any tabs for this? I'd love to learn how to play this on my ukulele

  7. Gary Nolan

    fabulous. GREAT work once again. WOW

  8. Paolo Giovanni Bravo Cervantes

    I love this music

  9. Khi Mos

    sooo underrated

  10. foxi

    His voice from heaven

  11. foxi

    This is so beauty

  12. Piwm

    Best song on the album. You have a unique voice that speaks to me. I hope great things happen. Your time will come soon.

  13. Zaira Padilla